This article is an updated list of genuine free crypto giveaway Twitter accounts you should definitely consider following for the chance to win some free crypto daily — if it’s your thing.

Everyone will love to have a share of some of this sweet crypto money once in a while — who doesn’t?

Personally, I do, and I actively seek out relevant opportunities to earn some free crypto wherever possible.

Thankfully, there several legit and genuine crypto giveaway twitter accounts you should feel free to follow for a chance at winning some of this free money that they rain on their members almost every day.

10 Genuine Crypto Giveaway Twitter Accounts to Follow

In no particular order, below is the list of some of the most legit free crypto giveaway twitter accounts I have collated.

This list will be updated accordingly as I find more of them, and if you know or run a genuine crypto giveaway twitter account, please reach out to me via twitter or the comments box below so I may include you also — no charges, only that you have to be legit!

So, without much ado, here’re the top 10 free crypto giveaway twitter accounts for you.

1. IrishGirlCrypto:

IrishGirlCrypto has 36.5k followers and over 14k tweets.

The account was created in March 2019 and is based in the United States as per the information on her Twitter profile bio.

IrishGirlCrypto follows a little over 1,500 twitter accounts and she’s followed by prominent accounts such as CZ (yes, the CEO of Binance),, Shapeshift,, Trust Wallet, Binance, Huobi and a host of others.

2. CryptoGuy:

This guy is a Bitcoin, $ZIL, and $BOLT cryptocurrencies lover, according to his Twitter bio.

As of the time of writing this post, CryptoGuy has 57.6k followers, 17.4k tweets, and the account was born in December 2017.

CryptoGuy follows a little over 4.3k other twitter accounts and is he’s followed by major names such as Binance.US, CZ, Huobi, ShapeShift, Zilliqa, among others.


VGORefs describe themself as the best place to get free CSGO skins & Crypto, with daily giveaways.

This account has 36.7k followers, 1,583 tweets so far, and was born in March 2017.

It does seem too old to have just 1,583 tweets — maybe the account wasn’t active until after a while — maybe.

They’re not followed by any major crypto Company or figure that I know as of the time I am writing this line.

4. PsycoGAW:

PsychoGAW is a proud Betfury promoter, crypto influencer & trader; Bitcoin, $CRO, $BNB, and $TRON lover going by their twitter bio.

The account was born in February 2017, has 15.8k followers, a total of 3,651 tweets so far, as of today — August 17, 2020 — and is based in Puglia, Italia.

They’re followed by CZ of Binance and Huobi among other prominent accounts.

5. Giveaway Contest:

Giveaway Contest hosts daily crypto giveaways, ICO and Exchanges promotions, etc. based on the information on their Twitter bio.

They are followed by 42.7k twitter users and have made 2,025 tweets so far since December 2018 when the account was birthed.

They’re followed by Huobi among others.

He said he’s located in the moon, and you’re free to join him there when Bitcoin hits $1m.

6. Clever Crypto Dogs:

CleverCryptoDog is an $MTXLT Ambassador, and host daily crypto giveaways.

The account has 13.1k followers and has made 3,653 tweets so far since the account was birthed in January 2020.

His profile warns you not to take anything he says as financial advice.

Because nobody actually gives financial advice in crypto.

7. Jan Dalmulder:

This account was birthed in April 2018 with 12.5k followers and 5,042 tweets made so far.

Jan holds daily crypto giveaways and shares crypto news with his followers.

The account is followed by TronWallet, Huobi, among other prominent Twitter accounts.

8. Crypto Adventure:

Crypto Adventure claims to be the best spot for an intriguing adventure to everything crypto.

From news, in-depth reviews of crypto projects, coins, beginners’ guides, giveaways, to airdrops!

They also have their website — — which you are free to check out if you wish.

The account has 68.5k followers with 8,070 tweets and was birthed in November 2016.

Do you love adventure? Enter the crypto rabbit hole with Crypto Adventure, and get yourself sucked up.

9. Crypto Virally:

Crypto Virally provides daily crypto-related content such as news, reviews of projects, ICO, coins, beginner’s guides, giveaways, airdrops, etc. with a caveat —no financial advice!

The account was birthed in September 2015 and has 11.8k followers and 425.3k tweets.

Now that’s super active.

Does this guy tweet more than 200 times a day?

10. Psychologist J:

This one may screen your brain for potential FOMO or FUD virus and phishing tools — pun intended.

Psychologist J hosts daily crypto giveaways, corporate promotions, and sponsorships.

And he is a professed lover of everything crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple XRP, according to information on his twitter bio.

The account has 45.5k followers and 941 tweets since its birth in May 2020.

Extremely fast growth there, I must confess.

They are followed by Huobi.

Additional Free Crypto Giveaway Twitter Accounts

Yes! we promised to update the list as we discover more of these legit twitter giveaway accounts with your help. 

And below are the names that have started coming up:

11. Scott Crypto Warrior:

This account was birthed in December 2013 and has 104.3k followers with 11.8k tweets as of today August 18, 2020.

Scott Crypto Warrior is an active promoter of Betfury and helps other twitter users gain followers by sponsoring his giveaways which includes physical products, cash as well as cryptos.

They’re followed by IrishCryptoGirl, Huobi, Zilliqa, ChangeNOW, and among other prominent twitter accounts.

How Did I Select my Top 10 Legit Free Crypto Giveaway Twitter Accounts?

Before, I go further; the accounts mentioned here may not be exhaustive of the number of truly legit crypto giveaway accounts on twitter.

It’s actually, nearly impossible for me to manually identify all of them once.

This is why I will be updating this list as we discover more of these accounts together.

Haven said that the accounts listed here made it based on the following simple criteria:

  1. Age of account
  2. Number of followers: >10k
  3. Total number of tweets and giveaway events
  4. Perceived transparency
  5. Followers feedback
  6. Background research

If you feel any of the mentioned accounts shouldn’t be on the list or you know or own a crypto giveaway twitter account you want us to include in this list, kindly comment below or ping me privately on Twitter @Crypto_Sorted.

What has been your experience with some of these crypto giveaway twitter influencers? Share with us in the comments section below.