AgeOfGods fast facts | Everything you should know about the game

Discover all the important facts about AgeOfGods that you can use to design a winning gameplay strategy and build a winning team of gods.

This post is an extension of the previous one, Here’s how to get a head start with the AgeOfGods NFT card game.

They’re both intended to provide you with the information you need to start well and advance successfully in the game.

AgeOfGods game characters or gods

All AgeOfGods characters or gods are available as rare in-game cards and NFTs.

  1. There’re 4 different classes of gods —Tank, Mage, Ranger, and Warrior; and 4 common cards.
  2. Warrior and Tank gods are close-range fighters that are best placed in front. Mage and Ranger gods are long-range fighters that are best placed behind.
  3. There’re 4 different mythologies: Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Chinese. But currently, there’re no Chinese gods available (yet).

Check out the table below for more on the god characters.

ZeusMageGreekMultiple targets
PoseidonMageGreekMultiple targets
HadesTankGreekSingle target
AresWarriorGreekSingle target
OdinTankNorseMultiple targets
ThorWarriorNorseSingle target
FreyaRangerNorseSingle target
AnubisMageEgyptianMultiple targets
OsirisWarriorEgyptianMultiple targets
RaMageEgyptianSingle target

AgeOfGods NFTs

AgeOfGods is an NFT game.

Even though you can play the game without owning their NFTs, you can only go so far without them.

  1. There’re 10 gods each with a fixed supply of 1000 NFTs. That makes a total of 10,000.

The NFTs are used to upgrade your in-game rare god cards or characters to god status, making them stronger and increasing their maximum level from 80 to 100.

Furthermore, in addition to the NFT, you require 3 rare god in-game cards for the upgrade.

So, 1 NFT + 3 in-game character cards of the same god are what you need to upgrade the cards to god status.

For example, 1 Zeus plus 3 in-game Zeus character cards will give you a god-level Zeus in-game character that’s more powerful.

Note that, in-game cards are not NFTs, they are just cards and can only be purchased in the AgeOfGods in-game store using gAOG tokens.

Furthermore, people that have NFTs always outperform those that don’t in the PVP tournaments. So, if you want to win in the tournaments, you need the NFTs.

Your AgeOfGods team

  1. You can have a maximum of 50 gods or heroes in AgeOfGods.
  2. You can only fight with a maximum of 5 gods and a minimum of 1 in each battle.
  3. It will take you 327,500 gold coins to take a god from level 1 to 100 as shown below:
    1. 7,500 golds to move from level 1 to 10 (750 coins per level).
    2. 30,000 golds to move from level 11 to 30 (1,500 coins per level).
    3. 60,000 golds to move from level 31 to 50 (3,000 coins per level).
    4. 80,000 golds to move from level 51 to 70 (4,000 coins per level).
    5. 150,000 golds to move from level 71 to 100 (5,000 coins per level).

That’s a total of 1,637,500 gold coins to take all 5 gods to level 100 and become a very strong contender in the PVP tournaments.

Earning AOG on AgeOfGods

AgeOfGods is a play to earn (p2e) game. As such, this discussion will not be complete without talking about how to earn crypto with the game.

  1. You only start earning some AOG tokens at Map 2.
  2. You will earn a total of 250 AOG tokens when you complete all 13 levels in map 2.
    1. Level 1 to 2 gives you 10 AOG each when you complete them.
    2. Level 3 to 6 gives you 15 AOG each when you complete them.
    3. Level 7 to 13 gives you 25 AOG each when you complete them.
  3. You earn bigger rewards, up to 16,000+ AOG every 2 weeks, by playing and ranking well in the PVP tournaments.
  4. The exact amount you earn depends on your rank and the total number of players in the PVP for that season as shown in their payout structure.

Free daily rewards

  1. You get 14,400 gold coins and 7,200 XP every 12 hours for free. But you have to login to claim them in order to continue earning more for the next 12 hours.
  2. There’s a daily reward chest you can open and claim random in-game items like gold coins, Etokens, or XP. Again, you have to login to claim this every day.
  3. You get 5 tickets for free to play in the PVP every day.
  4. If you want to play more than 5 games daily, you have to buy more tickets with gAOG. And 5 tickets cost 25 AOG.

AgeOfGods Gears

You can buy gears to equip your gods or heroes in AgeOfGods and make them stronger.

  1. Gears come in 2 rarities: “common” (green) and “rare” (blue).
  2. Only the rare or blue-coloured gears can be enhanced using Etokens.
  3. There’re 2 types of gears: “weapon” and “armour” gears.
  4. Weapon gears are used to enhance attack ability while armour gears are used to enhance the defence ability of the gods.
  5. Each gear is associated with a specific class of gods as shown in the table below.
TankAxeHeavy armourHades, Odin
WarriorSwordChestplateOsiris, Thor, Ares
MageStaff/WandRobeZeus, Anubis, Ra, Poseidon
RangerBowLeather armourFreya

Playing in the PVP tournaments

The main action (and money) in AgeOfGods is in the fortnightly player vs player (PVP) tournaments.

  1. The PVP tournaments run for 2 weeks or 14 days each after which rewards are distributed and the leaderboard resets for the next season.
  2. The more games you play and win, the more points you accumulate and the higher you rank on the leaderboard.
  3. Based on the level of your opponent, you gain between 16 to 9 points for every win and lose similar points for every loss in the PVP.
  4. The competition for the top position is very high. So, you’ll need to buy a lot of tickets to play and win more games to advance. The more you can spend on tickets, the higher you can rank.
  5. Pro-tip, if you want to win the tournament, fund your account with enough AOG tokens and go hard in the last hour(s) or minutes of the game.


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