Crypto Airdrops – The Best Way to Get Them

The best way to “farm” crypto airdrops is to use the target protocol or chain productively. That way, whether you get any airdrop or not, you didn’t waste your time or money.

And if there’s nothing productive to use the protocol or chain for, then I wonder if it’s even worth going after its potential airdrop in the first place.

Otherwise, you may waste a lot of money mindlessly farming any and every potential airdrop due to gas costs, losses, and rug pulls.

There’s also the risk of getting disqualified from airdrops due to unhealthy on-chain activities that you must be aware of.

My point is, there’s no complicated formula for getting crypto airdrops; just use the protocols or chains productively and you’re good.

What is an Airdrop Crypto?

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a marketing campaign that draws attention to a particular cryptocurrency, protocol, or platform. That is, newly created cryptocurrencies are (partly) distributed to early adopters for free.

How to find new crypto airdrops

This page is your best resource for the most legit and valuable ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops. So, bookmark it and check back daily for the latest airdrops.

We hope to save you countless hours of doing your own research from scratch. So, we filter out the noise and scams to present you with only the best crypto airdrops.

However, some airdrops don’t require a full article for us to publish here. For those simple ones, we share them in our crypto airdrops channel on Discord.

Make sure you join us there to stay up to date with some of the most legit and quick crypto airdrops.

Outside of CryptoSorted, there’re hundreds of resources for ongoing and upcoming crypto airdrops you can explore. But we can’t cover them all here.

So, below are the best places you can look for more potential crypto airdrops to participate in.

  1. DeFiLlama: Lists protocols that don’t have a token yet but may launch one and do an airdrop in the future.
  2. Crypto Twitter: Search for “ProjectName Airdrop” on Twitter to see what people are discussing about a potential airdrop for a project. For example, “zkSync airdrop” will return top and recent tweets about zkSync airdrop.

Of course, there’re many more sources for new crypto airdrops information but these are a great starting point. And you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and risk getting scammed.

Pro crypto airdrops hunting tips

  • Use a different wallet for your crypto airdrops hunting activities to avoid losing your main assets if you mistakenly interact with a malicious or buggy contract.
  • Move your earned crypto airdrops tokens to a different and more secure wallet when you receive them.
  • Kill 3 birds with one stone by using a protocol without a token yet; on a chain without a token yet, but likely to launch a token later.
  • Be an organic user to avoid being labelled as a sybil and disqualified from the airdrops.
  • If you can’t participate in all airdrops, choose the confirmed or most likely ones and double down on them. 

    People are making life-changing money with crypto airdrops and you can easily be one of them if you focus on the most legit and confirmed airdrops discussed below.

    We will make sure you never miss out on any legit and valuable crypto airdrops again.

    So, bookmark this page and also share it with your friends and people you care about to stay up to date with the latest and best crypto airdrops.