Top 29 crypto news aggregator and analysis tools

You need the most current and accurate market information to make good crypto investment decisions, and that’s what crypto news aggregators provide.

What are Crypto News Aggregators?

Crypto aggregators are websites that offer you deep insight into the cryptocurrency market by listing, ranking, and analyzing every cryptocurrency and exchange in the market.

Basically, crypto data aggregators provide you with a live price feed of all crypto assets, their market capitalization, trading volume, trading pairs, available markets, liquidity, and rankings.

However, most crypto data aggregators today do a lot more than that. Some also track community growth, social sentiment, open-source code development, major events, on-chain metrics, etc.

Many of them have even evolved and added new features that help you organise and track your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Their aim is to provide you with a 360-degree view of the entire crypto market with all the data you need to stay current or form an informed opinion of any crypto project.

Crypto data aggregators are the best place to start doing your own research (DYOR) about any cryptocurrency, discover new coins or tokens, and stay current on what’s happening in the market.

Below is a complete list of the best crypto data aggregators that you can use with a high level of confidence in the accuracy and quality of data they provide.

Top 29 crypto data aggregators

  1. CoinMarketCap
  2. CoinGecko
  3. CoinPaprika
  4. CoinCodex
  5. WorldCoinIndex
  6. DigitalCoinPrice
  7. BitScreener
  8. CoinLore
  9. CoinLib
  10. CoinCheckup
  11. CoinRanking
  12. LiveCoinWatch
  13. OnChainFX
  14. BraveNewCoin
  15. Bitrates
  16. CoinPedia
  17. Messari
  18. ATHCoinIndex
  19. CryptoNewsFlash
  20. CoinCost
  21. CryptoWisser (Compare Exchanges)
  22. CryptoSlate
  23. CoinDataFlow
  24. CoinStats
  25. Nomics
  27. CoinToBuy
  28. CryptoRank
  29. MarketCap.Cash

Let’s discuss each of them below and highlight their most unique features.

1. CoinMarketCap (CMC)

CoinMarketCap is the first, largest, and most popular cryptocurrency data aggregator and market analysis tool founded in May 2013 by Brandon Chez.

CMC’s mission is to “make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions”.

In April 2020, CMC was acquired by Binance Capital Management, the blockchain company behind the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance.

This acquisition has raised many eyebrows and people now question the independence and transparency of the premier crypto data aggregator.

Many people are of the opinion that CMC will only serve what’s in the best interests of its parent company and owner.

CoinMarketCap probably has the largest collection of coins and tokens and the website is packed with really cool features and tools.

2. CoinGecko (CG)

CoinGecko is the second-largest and most popular crypto market data aggregator founded in 2014 by TM Lee and Bobby Ong with a mission to “democratize the access to crypto data and empower users with actionable insights”.

The website provides you with a fundamental analysis of the crypto market by tracking additional data such as:

  • community growth,
  • open-source code development,
  • major events. and
  • on-chain metrics…

…of the cryptocurrencies listed on the website, in addition to tracking their prices, volume and market capitalisation.

Through its trust score metrics for each trading pair it tracks, CoinGecko helps you to better measure exchange liquidity and cut through the wash trading noise.

3. CoinPaprika

CoinPaprika is a top cryptocurrency data aggregator founded in April 2018 with a mission “to provide comprehensive, reliable, transparent and objective access to information about crypto projects from all around the world.”

The platforms aim to leverage technology to provide the clearest picture of what’s happening in the markets by capturing and excluding or separating fake market data from its analysis.

This gives you confidence in using the information they provide to form an informed opinion of the market or crypto assets you’re researching.

Some extra features I find cool on Coinpaprika include the ability to:

  • filter coins based on their all-time high (ATH) price change,
  • find past, active, and upcoming ICOs on Coinpaprika,
  • view the global total trading volume of the cryptocurrency market in various timeframes, etc.
  • it shows the liquidity of each listed coin or token, etc.

Coinpaprika also has an all in one crypto app named Coins, where you can store, invest, send and receive over 2000 cryptocurrencies.

4. CoinCodex

CoinCodex describes itself as “your window into the world of cryptocurrency” –tracking the live data of over 400 cryptocurrency exchanges and more than 17,965 cryptocurrencies.

You can closely monitor the performance of the cryptocurrencies you’re most interested in by adding them to their intuitive portfolio feature.

More so, you can stay informed about upcoming token or coin sales (ICOs) with their ICO calendar, which features information on the different ongoing, upcoming and completed token sales.

5. WorldCoinIndex

WorldCoinInex is one of the leading crypto data aggregators with a unique ranking factor.

Unlike most crypto data aggregators that rank assets primarily based on market capitalization, WorldCoinIndex ranks cryptocurrencies based on their 24 hr trading volume.

This is intended to show which cryptocurrency is the most traded or popular at the moment based on how much money is being exchanged through it.

Furthermore, similar to Coinpaprika, WorldCoinIndex also rank coins based on their ATH price changes and other filters that you can apply to get the kind of information you want.

6. DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice ranks cryptocurrencies based on marketcap but added a unique touch by displaying the 1-hour price change for those who’re constantly following price movements.

As of today, June 6 2022, the platform tracks 19,745 cryptocurrencies and 59,425 markets.

7. BitScreener

BitScreener is a crypto data aggregator with some very unique and advanced filter options to help you find just the information you want quickly.

The website gives you multiple filter options such as:

  • age of the coin,
  • maximum or circulating supply,
  • SMA50, SMA20, RSI (14) indicators,
  • price-performance over different timeframes,


This one has some really cool and interesting data points worth checking out.

Furthermore, Bitscreener has an Elite package that gives you access to premium features for a lifetime fee of $50. As an Elite user of the platform…

  • all Ads are removed for you on the platform,
  • you get to have unlimited watchlist items,
  • track coins with exchange/pair,
  • save customized screeners,
  • access more portfolios and functions,
  • get a real-time data watchlist,


If you’re a heavy trader or professional crypto investor, you might find their Elite service worth trying out.

8. CoinLore

CoinLore is a crypto data aggregator that also allows you to filter coins and tokens based on total supply, top pairs, and even a rank of the top influential people in crypto.

Furthermore, aside from the regular cryptocurrency and exchanges ranking, Coinlore provides you with a curated crypto news feed, list of events, latest crypto videos, etc, right on the homepage.

9. CoinLib

CoinLib is a simple crypto data aggregator that provides you with live and historic cryptocurrency prices and charts, a portfolio manager to organise and track the coins you hold, etc.

Some other unique and cool tools and features of Coinlib include:

  • Price alerts
  • Best price explorer (find the best (and worst) prices for the selected trading pair
  • Liquidity breakdown which lists and ranks coins based on whether they have good, moderate, low, or very low liquidity
  • Cryptocurrency converter
  • Crypto or Bitcoin price widgets

10. CoinCheckup

CoinCheckup is one of the best crypto research platforms that offer unique features such as fundamental, investment, and Github analysis of the cryptocurrencies listed on its website.

The website also maintains an ICO page where you can monitor and participate in current ad upcoming ICOs on the platform.

One more feature you will find interesting on CoinCheckup is their price prediction tool which tells you the potential price of each coin or token based on certain growth factors.

Currently, there’re 17,965 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinCheckup.

11. CoinRanking

CoinRanking is a crypto data aggregator that describes itself as a project that combines crypto expertise with software, and design.

The website currently ranks 14,211 cryptocurrencies and 178 exchanges based on marketcap and trading volume respectively.

12. LiveCoinWatch

LiveCoinWatch tracks and ranks 17,225 coins and 453 exchanges based on marketcap and trading volume respectively.

Thus offering you complete cryptocurrency market coverage with live prices and charts to stay current on market movements.

13. OnChainFX

OnChainFX is a crypto data aggregate that gets its listing and ranking data using Messari API.

It also seems to be owned by Messari itself.

14. BraveNewCoin

Brave New Coin (BNC) is a cryptocurrency data and research company founded in 2014.

The BNC prides itself as a highly transparent and reliable crypto analytics company and provider of standard and non-standard institutional grade, highly compliant, data solutions.

15. Bitrates

Bitrates is a cryptocurrency news and market data resource that was founded in 2017 after three years of rigorous research and development by the team.

According to the information on their website, Bitrates collects real-time data from all the major cryptocurrency exchanges to provide accurate pricing, trends, and market analysis to their website users via graphs and live charts.

The crypto data aggregator tool ranks cryptocurrencies based on the most traded or popular at the current time. So you would find a slightly different ranking from the top data websites.

16. CoinPedia

Coinpedia claims a trusted and transparent cryptocurrency analytics, a news website that helps you discover the best cryptocurrency and get real market insight.

Don’t expect too much from the cryptocurrency data analytics tool as only a handful of the major cryptocurrencies are listed. No sorting or any other meaning feature aside from the plain list of the coins.

17. Messari

Messari is an advanced crypto data aggregator, market research platform and infrastructure development company that’s on a mission “to bring transparency to the crypto economy”.

It aims to achieve this by giving individuals, institutions, and regulators the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions.

The Messari assets screener is just one of the many tools developed by Messari. It helps you track, filter and analyse 3989 cryptocurrencies ranked based on marketcap.

Messari also has a Pro package which gives you access to premium and advanced features such as the ability to:

  • create unlimited charts & screeners,
  • unlock advanced screener metrics & filters,
  • read exclusive long-form weekly research,
  • unlock advanced charting time series, and
  • download historical CSV market data.

You can try the PRO account for free for a limited time to enjoy these advanced features.

18. ATHCoinIndex

ATHCoinIndex is a crypto data aggregator that tracks and ranks 16,506 based on their marketcap and with a special focus on their all-time high (ATH) prices.

In addition to displaying the marketcap and current price of the listed cryptocurrencies, the website also shows you:

  • the ATH price,
    how far the current price is from the ATH price, and
  • how many percentage points it would need to increase for the price to reach the ATH again.

19. CryptoNewsFlash

CryptoNewsFlash is a cryptocurrency news and information website that was founded in 2019.

The site comes with a cryptocurrency market cap tool that lists the different cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization.

Nothing fancy here, except that you can choose to view the cryptocurrency prices in different fiat currencies other than USD, such as the EUR, and INR.

Only 5,000 cryptocurrencies are listed and tracked here.

20. CoinCost

CoinCost is a standard crypto data aggregator that tracks and ranks 13, 227 cryptocurrencies and 623 exchanges based on their marketcap and trading volume respectively.

21. CryptoWisser

CryptoWisser is a crypto data aggregator that boasts of the world’s largest collection of cryptocurrency exchanges. Allowing you to search and compare them on fees, deposit methods, supported cryptocurrencies, etc.

22. CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate is a leading blockchain and crypto media website that also operates a crypto data aggregator which ranks the top cryptocurrencies based on marketcap.

The site attempts to offer something unique by highlighting the number of “coins”, “tokens”, “POW coins” and “POS coins” listed on the platform.

Aside from that, there’s nothing special with those crypto data aggregators.

23. CoinDataFlow

CoinDataFlow is a crypto data aggregator that tracks and ranks cryptocurrencies, stocks, and exchanges based on their marketcap, prices, PE, EP5, and trading volume respectively.

The most impressive unique feature of CoinDataFlow is its price prediction resource for all listed cryptocurrencies. For me, this is going to be the main reason I will be using the site.

24. CoinStats

CoinStats is a crypto aggregator that also allows you to manage all your crypto assets from one interface.

The tool allows you to connect your wallets or exchange accounts and track all your crypto from one place and on one screen.

25. Nomics

Nomics is a crypto data aggregator that describes itself as “the world’s largest index of crypto assets.

The exchange tracks over 56, 205 cryptocurrencies, out of which only 14, 514 are actively traded on an exchange.

That’s not all, Nomics claims to be an API-first crypto asset data company delivering professional-grade market data APIs to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.

Enabling it to offer products and services that allow funds, fintech apps, and exchanges to access clean, normalized, and gapless primary source trade and order book data.

This crypto data aggregator comes with some truly unique and awesome features that you’ll find interesting. For example, they track and rank different asset categories such as actively traded, dead, new, and not priced assets.

However, their most impressive unique feature is their 7-day crypto price predictions which give you the 7-day price prediction for each cryptocurrency listed on the site.

For each asset, it shows you the price that their machine learning algorithm believes it would be traded at 7 days from today, as well as the predicted percentage (%) increase or decrease.

26. is a crypto data aggregator that tracks and ranks 2306 cryptocurrencies based on their marketcap.

Some unique feature of this site is that it also shows you the percentage (%) change from ATH price,  ICO stats, and ROI (return on investment) since ICO information of 349 projects.

Furthermore, comes with some filters that allow you to search for crypto assets based on their marketcap. For example, you can search for crypto assets with a marketcap of $10 to $100 million.

27. CoinToBuy

CoinToBuy is a cryptocurrency data aggregator and analysis tool that aims to help you find the coins to buy today.

The website allows you to filter crypto assets by high, medium, and low marketcap and then rank them based on their safety score.

You can also filter the list by the current price, potential profit, and potential price of the assets.

This tool is very useful as an additional tool or a second opinion when evaluating the potential profitability of a coin or token.

It simplifies the research and decision-making process for you by combining and distilling both technical and fundamental analysis with social activity and other metrics into a single safety score.

Furthermore, CoinToBuy also ranks cryptocurrency exchanges based on a  safety score. And the list of exchanges can be filtered by launch year or office location.

28. CryptoRank

CryptoRank CryptoRank is a regular crypto data aggregator that tracks and ranks over 8, 000 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalisation.

The site comes with a handy filter that you can use to search for coins based on their marketcap, circulating supply, 24 hr volume, position on the table, etc.

In addition, CryptoRank ranks assets based on their all-time high (ATH) and all-time low (ATL) price data.

Furthermore, the website also tracks and ranks spot, decentralized, and derivative exchanges based on their reported and adjusted trading volume.

Other display filter options include market share, available trading pairs, parent chain (for DEXs), jurisdiction, etc.

That’s not all, you’ll also find the most comprehensive information on current and upcoming ICOs or IEOs across all exchanges, including their current and ATH returns on investment (ROI) on CryptoRank.

29. MarketCap.Cash (MC)

MarketCap.Cash is a cryptocurrency data aggregator that tracks the prices, liquidity, and market capitalisation of smartBCH (SEP20) tokens.

The platform was created and launched in September 2021 by an anonymous developer named Webeli with the aim of becoming “the CoinMarketCap for SmartBCH projects”.

Prices of tokens listed on the platform are based on on-chain data from the various decentralized exchanges on SmartBCH.


Crypto data aggregators are some of the most fundamental crypto tools every investor needs to stay current and learn about various cryptocurrencies.

These platforms are built to provide you with the most detailed, current, accurate, and reliable information on the crypto market to help you do your own research better.

One thing you will notice with these crypto data aggregators is that they list almost every crypto that’s tradeable on an exchange, including the shitcoins and potential scams.

As such, don’t go assuming that any crypto asset you find on a popular crypto data aggregator is legit or good for you to invest in.

You should only use these platforms as part of your crypto market tracking and research tools to discover and learn about the various cryptocurrencies in the market.

Furthermore, notice that some of the less popular crypto data aggregators try to offer one or more unique features that set them apart from CMC and CG.

Therefore, you may want to use multiple platforms for your research to get the various type of data you want.

Which is your favourite crypto data aggregator, share with us in the comments section below

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