We’re excited to bring back the CryptoSorted contests.

We started this in 2020 and we’re taking it to the 2021 level.

Our aim with these contests is to reward our most active and supportive community members like YOU!

These are what we have for you in this new year. More contests will be unlocked as the community grows.

  • Telegram group daily activity contest
  • Referral contest
  • Content sharing contest

1. Telegram group daily activity contest.

We will be rewarding the top 3 most active members in the CryptoSorted Telegram group for each day with 1 CST each.

By “active” we mean:

You’re engaged in the group discussions. Asking questions, initiating, and participating in meaningful conversations.

The winners will be the members with the highest number of messages in the group for each day according to Combot stats.

PS: Spam messages will not be counted. Repeating the same thing over and over and posting things that do not add to anyone’s knowledge just to increase your post count will get you disqualified.

Only meaningful conversations will be rewarded. hi, hello, good morning, good night messages; and other meaningless chats wouldn’t count. 

Payment will be made within the next day.

2. The referral contest:

Earn 1 CST for each qualified referral you introduce into the Content Sharing Contest.

Who is a Qualified Referral?

  1. Referral must actively participate in the Content Sharing Contest.
  2. Referral must follow the rules of the contest.
  3. Referral must identify you (with your Telegram username) as their referrer in the Google form.
  4. Referral must not be disqualified for trying to cheat or game the system.

You will receive 1 CST for each qualified participant you refer to the Content Sharing Contest.

Winners will be paid every Tuesday.


3. The content sharing contest:

How to Participate:

  1. Retweet this Twitter post
  2. Follow CryptoSorted on Twitter
  3. Join Telegram Community
  4. Go to the Blog
  5. Share your favourite articles from the blog on all “your social media accounts” (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, noise.cash, etc) throughout the week.
  6. Fill and submit this Google Form at the end of the week when you are done sharing.


  1. You are free to participate in the contest every week and you can also win the 5 CST prize every single week, as long as you’re among the top 3 sharers.
  2. Don’t bother submitting old links. You will be caught and penalized. Only links shared in the current week will count. All shared links will be manually checked and vetted for compliance.
  3. If there’s a tie for any of the spots the reward will be increased to accomodate the next person.
  4. Links must be submitted the latest on Sunday at 11:59 pm UTC each week. Links submitted after this time would not be counted at all.
  5. You can only submit the Google Form once per week. Make sure you are done sharing articles for the week before filling and submitting the form.
  6. CryptoSorted reserves the right to pause, stop, and/or adjust the terms of this contest at any time. You will be updated on any changes in our Telegram group. So stay tuned in.

Winner will be paid every Tuesday.