CryptoSorted guest post guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to CryptoSorted.

We’re teaming up with some of the best minds in the industry to inform and inspire successful crypto investors with actionable content.

By collaborating together, we want to showcase your expertise and experience in crypto while promoting your brand as a trusted resource in the space.

Being a community of active crypto investors your project and services would be well represented and promoted to the right audience.

Furthermore, we maintain both authors’ and partners’ pages to showcase individuals and projects contributing to CryptoSorted.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines and recommendations for your guest posts on CryptoSorted.

Preferred blog post topics you can write about

We accept guest posts in the following general crypto topic areas:

  • Project reviews
  • Guides and How-Tos
  • Fundamentals Analysis and Price Predictions based on fundamentals
  • NFTs
  • DeFi
  • Web3
  • Trading
  • Crypto investing strategies, tips, and advice for investors.

While brainstorming what to write about, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this topic be relevant to the CryptoSorted audience?
  • Will this post offer solutions and information (that don’t require the purchase of my product)?
  • Am I qualified to write about this topic?
  • What insight can I bring to this topic that nobody else can?

When in doubt, get in touch with Chris via mail ([email protected]) or Telegram (@christoshi) for clarification.

Note: We want content from people with hands-on experience in cryptocurrency investing and related topics.

CryptoSorted guest post content tips

The content on CryptoSorted is focused on educating, engaging, and inspiring successful crypto investors — not product-focused or promotional.

This is a community-owned blog with a focus on high quality, factual and unbiased crypto content.

Our members know and expect that we will never publish something that we don’t 101% believe is in their best interest, even if that means we leaving money on the table.

Being overly self-promotional destroys that trust, even if your advice is good.

Instead, use our blog to showcase your expertise to our highly active community of crypto investors. If they find your content valuable, they’ll research you all on their own.

Furthermore, we will recommend your project or service to our members when they ask for services and products that you provide.

And as already stated above, we will include your project on our Partners page for further publicity and visibility.

This ensures a win-win-win situation for you, us, and our readers (community).

Specific guest posting guidelines

  • Posts should be 800 – 1,500+ words in length. We find this is a sweet spot with our readership, and you’ll fit in with the rest of our blog this way. Longer is good too.
  • Break up your content, so it’s easy to read. This means including headings, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual elements to increase the readability of your articles.
  • Write in a natural, conversational tone. We want to share content that is authoritative, but not robotic. We’re producing blog content — not Wikipedia pages, so don’t shy away from showing off your sense of humour.
  • All content MUST BE ORIGINAL. We do not accept duplicate or syndicated content as guest posts. If your post has appeared anywhere else on the web, we can’t publish it on our blog. If you quote other content, link to it.
  • Always name your sources. We understand that you’re an expert, but our audience knows not to trust, but to verify. If you’re going to drop some stats (e.g. “99% of crypto investors are females”) link back to the original source of your data so readers can verify.
  • Talk about your real-world experience. Talk about mistakes you’ve made, plans you’ve built, and strategies you’ve executed. Draw on your own personal experience to speak authoritatively about what you know.
  • Take a position. If you disagree with common wisdom on a topic, talk about why the mainstream point of view is wrong or misleading. Back up your perspective with facts. Take screenshots. Include interesting data. Support your arguments with external references and verifiable facts.

Other things to include in your guest post

  • Statistics. Research shows that 73% of crypto investors are 95% more likely to buy an NFT that’s owned by at least 20% of CryptoSorted community members. (Okay, that’s made up. But try to include verifiable first or third-party research, statistics, and data in your post.)
  • Outbound Links. Does somebody else have a great point of view on a topic? Want to make sure people know a certain definition of a word or concept? Link to it. Make sure these links are to authoritative sites. Only link to your own site if it’s a highly relevant blog post.
  • Lists and Bullets. We’re fans. Readers are fans. Most people skim articles until they find the value. Bullet points make this easy.
  • Conclusion. End your article with a great conclusion highlighting the major points discussed, your position on the topic, and any call-to-action (CTA) you want t include.

NOTE: CryptoSorted reserves full editorial control and may edit or tweak submissions as we see fit. These tweaks include anything from removing too much self-promotion to optimizing for SEO, etc.

CryptoSorted guest post logistics

  1. First, run your article topic (or keyword) and settle on a title with the Cheif Editor @christoshi, before you start writing.
  2. Once we’ve agreed on the topic/title, give Chris a deadline for when you expect to submit the article for us to review.
  3. After you’ve written your draft, send it to [email protected] or @christoshi on Telegram as a Google Doc. file with edit access.
  4. We will edit the article accordingly, so make a copy if you would like to keep an original version of your content.
  5. Send a short, couple sentence bio. This can include a link to your preferred social media profiles and/or website.
  6. For regular contributors, you will get an author’s profile and you can submit your articles directly on the CryptoSorted blog, so step 3 to 5 is not for you.
  7. Your post will be published as scheduled and you will be notified accordingly.

Promoting your guest post

Please feel free to promote your post through your social media, newsletter, or link to it from your blog.

You can even include a snippet of the post on your blog, with a link back to the original content on our site (this is important so that we both avoid duplicate content penalties).