The simplest and easiest place to buy or sell the CryptoSorted Token (CST) or any other SLP token for that matter is on

What is

Memo.Cash is a decentralized social media network built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that rewards users with BCH.

The platform comes in both web and mobile App version to make it easily accessible to all types of users.

Memo.Cash is both a social media network and a marketplace for SLP tokens.

You can post text, image, and video posts as well as buy and sell SLP tokens with or to BCH.

You can also tip and get tipped with BCH and SLP tokens.

Important things to know about

Memo.Cash is a blockchain-based platform.

Which means that your posts and all interactions or transactions on is permanently recorded on the blockchain and cannot be deleted or altered afterwards.

And it is, therefore, censorship-resistant.

Moreso, your account is associated with a Bitcoin Cash wallet that can also store any SLP token.

So your account is both a social media account and a Bitcoin Cash wallet to store and transact with your BCH and SLP tokens.

That equally means that if I have access to your account, I can spend your funds.

So you will want to keep it private and confidential.


With that out of the way, let’s get you a account already.

How to create a account

This is very simple and easy. It takes only two steps.

Step 1:

Go to website or download the App from your phone App store.

Step 2:

Click the Signup button and fill the new account registration form. account signup form account signup form

The form only requires your username and your desired password.

And then you have to check the “Accept terms of service” box.

Even though I know you have no idea what the terms of service are (lol).

Once you have provided a username, strong password, and accepted the terms of service, just click Signup button below the form to complete your account signup. account welcome page account welcome page


You have successfully created your account.

Now, what next?

As you can see from the welcome screen.

You can begin browsing, liking, and commenting on other’s posts.

Set up your profile details, find new people to follow and start posting and earning BCH yourself.

Or which is the purpose of this writing, start buying or selling CST.

But before you start getting busy with all the above, first backup your private keys.

So that if by any means you forget your password or lose your device, you can easily recover your account.

How to backup your account

To backup, your account, click on your profile and select Account as in the screenshot below.

Backup your account seed phrase

Backup your account seed phrase

The next screen will ask you to enter your account password to unlock your private keys.

Exporting your account key

Exporting your account key

Enter your password and click the Unlock button to reveal your private keys.

Make sure nobody is standing behind you or looking over your shoulders as your keys are about to be revealed. account private key account private key

Copy and save all of those keys somewhere very secret. Nobody should know about your keys except the person you wish to give access to your money.

Because with them anyone can access your account even without knowing your password.


That’s that about that.

Finally, let’s look at how to buy and sell CST on

Funding your account

Sorry, we took so much time before getting to this stage but the above steps are too important to skip.

First, you need BCH in your account to be able to buy CST or tip anyone on the platform.

So the first step is to fund your account with as much BCH as you want to use to buy CST.

To do that click, click on your profile and select account again as shown previously.

But this time we’re only interested in picking your wallet address where you need to send the BCH to. account wallet addresses account wallet addresses


Copy either of the highlighted addresses as shown in the screenshot and send your BCH there.

Once it gets network confirmation, the funds will show up in your account.

The third is your Simple Ledger address where all your SLP tokens will be credited and store.

Once the BCH arrives in your wallet, the next thing is to buy CST.

How to buy CST on

Step 1:

Click HERE to open the CST listing page on

CST listing page on

CST listing page on

Step 2

Look at the list of orders and see which one matches the amount of CST you wish to buy.

Then click the buy button in front of that order.

You can buy multiple orders if you don’t find the exact amount you need in a single sell order.

Buy CST instantly on

Buy CST instantly on

Just click Buy Instantly and the correct amount of BCH will be deducted from your wallet and the CST credited into your SLP wallet simultaneously.


You have successfully purchased your first CST.

And will now get weekly dividend paid in BCH credited directly into your wallet every Tuesday.

There’s a noticeable shortcoming of buying and selling SLP tokens on there.

  1. Buying or selling orders on is “take it or leave”. You cannot negotiate the price or specify your own quantity.

How to sell CST on

You can also sell your CST on

All you have to do is click on the Tokens page link.

How to sell CST on

Sell your CST on

You will land on the page above with the list of SLP tokens ranked according to their number of transactions.

Click the Sell button as highlighted above.

How to sell CST on

Setting your CST selling order on

You can only sell tokens that are already in your wallet.

So from the list of tokens select CST.

Set the quantity and price per token and then click the List button.

And you’re done!

Just wait for a buyer who wants to buy the same amount of CST. And is willing to pay your asking price.

You can cancel orders and relist with new quantity and price as you wish.

Just note that every action costs you a fraction of a cent of BCH.


Memo.Cash is a decentralized, censorship-resistant social media network and SLP tokens marketplace built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

All SLP tokens that are worth anything can be bought or sold on

And neither the seller nor buyer has to trust the other party as the transactions are automatically executed on-chain.

The platform is picking up gradually as more people seek refuge from centralized, over censored social media networks.

Its growth is also being fueled by the increasing popularity of SLP tokens.

And also by the fact that more people want a safe, anonymous and non-custodial way to buy and sell their favourite tokens.

PS: Don’t just HODL your CST idly in your wallet all through the week. Trade it and aim to accumulate more ahead of the next payment (Tuesdays).

What’s been your experience in buying and selling CST on Share with us in the comments section below.

Click here to learn more about CST.