l need to successfully create your KuCoin Exchange account in under 5 minutes and have it ready for business.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency you need to first have a place where you can easily and securely buy bitcoin or any of the thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market.

One such place that’s available to buy crypto is cryptocurrency exchanges. One out of every four (4) crypto investor is on KuCoin –the people’s exchange.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that was launched in September 2017 with offices in China, Thailand, Philippines, Bulgaria, and soon –in emerging markets like Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

The exchange is backed by established institutional investors such as IDG CapitalMatrix PartnersNeo Global Capital, and LFG Global, with currently over five (5) million global users in more than 100 countries.

KuCoin is one of the most secure, easy-to-use and highly efficient crypto trading and investing platform for all types of users. Check out our Complete KuCoin Review for everything you need to know about the KuCoin Exchange. 

How to Create Your KuCoin Exchange Account: Step-by-step Guide

This practically takes less than 5 minutes to execute.

Step 1: Click to Sign Up

You will be presented with this simple Sign Up form as below. How to Create a KuCoin Exchange Account

Enter your best email address and click on Send Code. A unique verification code will be sent to your email. See the example below.

How to Create a KuCoin Exchange Account

  1.  Enter the code into the registration form as seen in the first screenshot above.
  • Provide your desired password –make sure to use something that’s difficult for a stranger (hacker) to guess but easy for you to remember.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and then hit the Submit

Once you hit submit you will be taken to the dashboard as below.

How to Create a KuCoin Exchange Account

And your new, fresh and hot KuCoin Exchange account is ready. That was really simple and fast I guess.

You can go straight ahead to make your first deposit or buy crypto with Credit Card all directly from your dashboard as can be seen from the above screenshots.

However, first, we will to properly secure your account.


Securing Your KuCoin Exchange Account

This could mean the difference between losing your hard-earned money to faceless scammers and keeping your crypto wealth safe.

In this section, we will walk you through the steps necessary to give your KuCoin Exchange account the security it deserves.

Recommended security settings for maximum account protection:

  1. Google Verification
  2. Email Binding
  3. Trading Password


  1. Phone Number Binding
  2. Trading Password

Step 1: Go to Account Security

Securing Your KuCoin Exchange Account

From your profile drop-down menu, select the Account Security option.

Securing Your KuCoin Exchange Account

This is the Security Centre of your account where all the security settings available on KuCoin can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

From the above screenshot, your account is already secured with a password and a verified email address.

So what we will do right now is set-up your Google 2FA, Phone Number Verification, Trading Password, and Anti-Phishing Phrase.

 NOTE: You don’t have to enable all the security options together. You can use the recommending security settings we suggested above or simply enable the ones you’re comfortable with.

But for comprehensiveness, we will walk through how to set up all of them.

Step 2: Set-up Google Verification

For this step, you will need to download the Google Authenticator from your App Store –available for iOS and Android. Install it on and join us in the rest of the steps below.

Click Set in front of Google Verification.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange AccountClick Send Code to have the unique verification code sent to your Email. Enter the code into the box and click Next.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account.png

Scan the Google QR Code with your App and safely write down your Secret Key(SK). The SK will be used to recover your account if you ever lose your phone or delete the App from your phone.

Google Verification is normally used account login, withdrawals, API creation, etc.

Step 3: Link your Phone Number to your Account

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange AccountJust like in previous steps, you need to click Send Code to have a unique verification code sent to your E-mail and click Next to continue the setup.Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account

Pick your country from the drop-down list; enter your phone number and click Send Code. A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Provide the code and click Activate.

Phone verification is usually used for account login, withdrawal, API creation, etc. You can easily switch between Google Verification and Phone Verification whenever needed.

Step 4: Set-up your Trading Password.

Click Set.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account

Enter your Google Verification Code from the Google Authenticator App your set-up in Step 2 above and click Next.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account

On the popup page, click Okay, I understand

Provide a six-digit number you can easily remember but difficult for a hacker to guess as your trading PIN and then click Confirm.

Your trading password will be required to initiate a trade session, make withdrawals, create API, etc.

Please ensure to use a strong PIN that you can remember to avoid locking yourself out of your own account.

Step 5: Set-up Anti-phishing Safety Phrase and Email Safety Phrase:

Set Anti-phishing Safety Phrase: Displayed in the email from KuCoin to prevent the visiting of a phishing website.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange AccounProvide a secure Phrase known only by you and click Submit.

Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account

Email Safety Phrase: Displayed in the login window when logging.
Secure Your KuCoin Exchange Account

Provide a secure Phrase known only by you and click Submit.

Congratulations! Your KuCoin Account is fully protected to keep your funds safe from hackers!

Proceed with making your first deposit and start trading, investing, staking and mining —all on KuCoin Exchange with one account.