With the aim to connect more with and reward all our active readers and supporters, we are excited to launch the CryptoSorted Content-Sharing Contest which will run EVERY WEEK starting from Monday, June 29, 2020, until further notice.

Please read and follow the steps below carefully in order to win.

Good luck!

Here’s How to participate:

  1. Retweet this twitter post
  2. Follow on Twitter >>
  3. Join Telegram Community >>
  4. Go to the Website >>
  5. Pick your favorite contents on the blog and share on all “your personal social media accounts” (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).
  6. Submit the links to the shared articles (including Retweet link) in This Google form >>

Contest Rules & Guideline:

  1. Ensure to follow all the steps above in order not to miss your spot.
  2. Feel free to participate in the contest every week with an equal chance of winning every week.
  3. Don’t bother submitting old links. You will be caught and penalized. Only links shared in the current week will count. All shared links will be manually checked and vetted for compliance.
  4. If there’s a tie for the top spot, the earliest submission based on date and time will be picked as the week’s prize winner.
  5. Links must be submitted the latest on Sunday at 11:59 pm UTC each week. Links submitted after this time would not be counted at all.
  6. You can only share one article to the same social media account per day but one article to multiple social media accounts is accepted.
  7. You can only submit the form once per week with all the links. Multiple submissions in a week are invalid.
  8. CryptoSorted reserves the right to pause, stop, and/or adjust the terms of this contest at any time. You will be updated on any changes on our Social Media channels. So stay tuned in.

The more posts you share, the more your chances of being the top sharer to win our $5 in ETH prize EVERY WEEK.

Sharing is caring. Let’s keep ❤️ going around!