What is Revuto? The subscriptions payment management platform built on Cardano

Take full control of your subscription payments with Revuto —the subscription payments management dApp built on Cardano.

Revuto aims to be the one-stop solution for all your subscriptions.

The project makes it simple and easy for users to approve, block, or snooze their subscription payments for any service such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc.

How does Revuto work?

Revuto makes it possible for users to pay for their subscriptions using crypto through the Revuto wallet.

The Revuto wallet supports the storage and management of Cardano (ADA) coins and all Cardano-based tokens such as REVU and EURR stablecoins.

It also has specific functionalities that allow for automatic pull payments for your subscriptions.

Thus making it possible for Revuto users to subscribe to service providers using only their Revuto wallet address.

In order to pay for your subscriptions with crypto using the Revuto wallet, you will first need to approve the REVU or EURR stablecoin from your wallet.

This process is similar to how you approve AMM (automated market maker) protocols to spend the funds in your wallet when you trade or provide liquidity with them.

It is also similar to adding a bank card as a payment option for your online purchases or subscriptions.

Once you set up the wallet for recurring payments, it will invoke the smart contract which permits the server wallet to spend the funds (REVU or EURR) in your wallet at specific points in the future.

The added benefit here is that you have the freedom to define how long this access will last (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 10 years, etc.).

You can also set a limit to the amount of crypto the smart contract can spend on your subscriptions.

This adds an extra layer of security and gives you complete control over your money and subscription payments.

Revuto features and utilities

Revuto enables users to actively manage their subscriptions from a single dashboard.

It offers a one-stop, seamless subscriptions management solution that’s aimed at saving users time, energy, and money.

The following are some of the things you can do with your Revuto account:

  1. Approve subscription charges
  2. Block or Unsubscribe
  3. Snooze subscription charges
  4. Earn with REVU on Revuto

1. Approve subscription charges

With the Revuto App, you can set up multiple credit or debit cards, specify how much you want to spend for specific subscription services, and when this money should be deducted.

Thus effectively protecting yourself from unwanted subscription charges.

Whether you can’t remember which card you used for a particular subscription or you would like to know when your next subscription payment is due and how much, Revuto got you covered.

2. Block or unsubscribe from recurring subscription charges

Revuto believes that unsubscribing from any service should not take more than a single click.

When the payment is due, with the Revuto app you can block payment to any subscription or a free trial service using a single tap.

And whenever you decide to reactivate a subscription, all you have to do is, unblock it.

3. Snooze subscription charges

What if your subscription payment is due but you need money for something else?

Revuto makes it possible for you to postpone making (snooze) the payment for up to 7 days without losing access to the service.

4. Earn with REVU on Revuto

Revuto offers a micro-lending program with the use of REVU token that offers new earning and payment possibilities to users.

You can either lend, stake or provide liquidity with your REVU tokens and earn rewards.

Furthermore, you can enjoy up to 4% cashback when you pay for your subscription services using the REVU token.

The Revuto (REVU) token

REVU is the native cryptocurrency that powers the entire Revuto ecosystem and it has the following use cases:

  1. You can use REVU as collateral to borrow stablecoins from the Revuto micro-lending protocol and then pay for your subscription services with these stablecoins without selling your precious REVU tokens.
  2. Stake or provide liquidity with your REVU tokens and earn rewards. Staking requires locking up your REVU tokens for 6, 12, or 18 months. Each period having its own staking APR.
  3. Enjoy lower subscription rates and cashback when you pay with the REVU token.
  4. Vote for and propose changes to the Revuto protocol(s) with your REVU tokens through the Revuto community governance.
  5. 40% of all revenue generated by the project would be used for periodic REVU buyback and burn.

REVU has a maximum supply of 280, 125, 000.

The Revuto referral program

You can earn more REVU tokens through the Revuto referral program which aims to reward the existing users and promoters of the platform.

The platform pays 5 REVU for each person you refer who downloads, the Revuto App, registers an account using your referral code (hris243lqagnr), and completes KYC verification.

Furthermore, you earn 6% of all revenues generated by Revuto from your referrals use of the app.

Revuto earns 4% of any amount users spend on subscriptions through the app. You earn 6% of the 4% revenue amount Revuto gets.  

For example, if your referral is $100 on subscriptions, Revuto earns $4 and you get 6$ off the $4, which is $0.24.

For the Revuto Pro users, they get a 4% cashback on all their subscription payments and you get 6% of that cashback amount.

You can support me by registering your Revuto App account using my referral code: hris243lqagnr.


Revuto is a subscription management service and the first dApp to be released on the Cardano blockchain.

The app aims to help you control your subscription payments and prevent subscription services from stealing your money with free-trial traps, hidden or over-complicated unsubscribe procedures.

Some unique benefits of using Revuto to manage your subscriptions include:

  • Block and unblock to deactivate or reactivate payment for each subscription or recurring payment with a single tap.
  • Easily choose between your payment cards and protect yourself from unwanted subscription charges.
  • Unlock more features with REVU tokens such as Revuto micro-lending, staking, liquidity mining, etc.
  • Pay and subscribe for goods and services using tokens such as ADA and REVU.
  • Share or split subscription costs with friends securely and even transfer your unused subscriptions to another user.
  • Enjoy 4% cashback with Revuto Pro. 

Are you using Revuto to manage your subscriptions? Share your experience and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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