The CryptoSortd Leadership Network (CLN) initiative

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Grow your crypto project or personal brand by joining the CryptoSorted Leadership Network (CLN).

The CLN is an exclusive program where selected industry experts can reach our fast-growing and active community of crypto investors.

Become a recognised industry expert

By becoming a CryptoSorted contributor, you’ll have a platform to reach and educate our active community of crypto investors.

For over three years now, CryptoSorted has been a leading source of actionable cryptocurrency investment content for both new and experienced investors.

Our readers look to us as the definitive source for practical cryptocurrency investment information.

We invite you to apply now to join this elite network and help others while strengthening your personal brand affinity and reaching your target audiences.

Why we’re launching this program

One of our primary goals is to help our active community of crypto investors discover new, interesting, and worthy projects to invest in.

And one way we want to do that is by opening our doors to other crypto projects across all chains to publish actionable content about themselves or any related topic on for free.

We’re giving you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your respective market while also offering you the platform to promote your project for free.

This is compatible with our identity as a community-owned crypto media where everyone can publish interesting and useful content about any project or topic based on established guidelines.

Content requirements:

The content you submit to CryptoSorted must…

  1. be about your project, product, a feature of your product(s); or any general crypto topic that benefits the readers.
  2. not be overly promotional. You’re trying to inform, educate, and inspire, not sell something.
  3. offer practical guidance or actionable information about your project or chosen topic.
  4. be exclusive to CryptoSorted. We don’t accept duplicate content.

To apply, please fill out and submit this form along with at least one article you want to publish right away.

Approved projects or industry leaders will get an author profile on our site under which your content will be published.

We look forward to growing together with you.