Blockchain analytics tools and cryptocurrency investigation, transaction tracking, and monitoring solutions were developed to help combat the use of cryptocurrencies for criminal purposes, provide investors with insights into the market so that they can make better-informed crypto investment decisions, among others.

Though bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were developed to be anonymous and private, the creators never intended to be the de facto currency for nefarious use and illegal activities.

Due to their anonymous nature, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and recently Monero and other privacy coins are being used by criminals for various purposes such as money laundering, terrorist operations financing, ransomware monetization, trading of illicit goods, etc.

The following blockchain analytics tools were developed to aid law enforcement agents to track and crack-down on these criminals and help businesses and retail crypto investors to be able to effectively analyze the crypto market and manage their risks accordingly.

We have tried as much as possible to identify all the blockchain analytics tools out there. However, this list is by no means “exhaustive” neither do we “endorse” any of them.

So without much ado, below are the list of the top 13 blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency transaction monitoring and tracking tools:

  1. Chainalysis
  2. Elliptic
  3. WhiteStream
  4. CipherTrace
  5. Santiment
  6. CoreChain
  7. LookIntoBitcoin
  8. CryptoMood
  9. BittsAnalytics
  10. CrystalBlockchain
  11. TheTie
  12. Augmento
  13. TwitterCryptoSwarmAnalytics

Top 13 Blockchain Analytics and Cryptocurrency Investigation Tools

1. Chainalysis

Chainalysis is the most popular blockchain analytics tool and cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solutions provider that enables banks, businesses, and governments to understand how people use cryptocurrency.

As at the time of writing this line, Chainalysis services are being used in over 45 different countries, supports more than 87 different leading cryptocurrencies and services over 270 organizations.

Chainalysis has four different products and software solutions:

  1. Chainalysis Reactor: “The investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities. Enabling you to combat criminal activity on the blockchain”.
  2. Chainalysis know your transaction (KYT): Helps cryptocurrency businesses comply with local and global regulations, detect high-risk activities, intercept and seize illicit funds, etc.
  3. Chainalysis Kryptos: Provides complete profiles of cryptocurrency businesses based on KYC details and Chainalysis data.
  4. Chainalysis Data: Access blockchain big data that aids your research or investigation into blockchain transactions.

2. Elliptic

“Financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies rely on Elliptic’s blockchain analytics to manage risk and meet regulatory compliance worldwide”.

Elliptic helps financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, and regulators to understand and monitor their cryptocurrency investments and exposures; trace suspicious cryptocurrency transactions and unmask cybercriminals that makes use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering and other financial crimes.

Elliptic offers 5 different blockchain analytics services:

  1. Elliptic Discovery: Helps you detect and assess your exposure to crypto-assets.
  2. Elliptic Lens: Helps you check, monitor cryptocurrency wallets, and understand the flow of funds.
  3. Elliptic Navigator: Helps Control your risks and grow your cryptocurrency investment with confidence
  4. Elliptic Forensics: Helps you uncover cryptocurrency-enabled crimes.
  5. Investigation Services: Investigate and resolve crimes conducted with the use of cryptocurrencies.

3. CipherTrace

CipherTrace is a blockchain analytics tool that’s committed to growing the cryptocurrency economy by making virtual assets trusted by governments and safe for mass adoption while protecting banks from crypto (money) laundering risks.

The CipherTrace platform supports the blockchain forensic investigations, automated AML/CTF compliance, regulatory supervision of digital asset businesses, and crypto threat visibility for banks and financial institutions.

CipherTrace - Blockchain Analytics Tool

CipherTrace – Blockchain Analytics Tool

4. Santiment

The Santiment blockchain analytics tool was developed to eliminate disinformation and misinformation in the cryptocurrency eco-system by providing data-driven insights on cryptocurrency networks, blockchain-based projects, crowd sentiment, and market behavior.

Santiment is basically a tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, retail investors, and developers to be able to Analyze crypto assets from multiple angles and react to developing shifts in market sentiment and network trends.

5. WhiteStream

The WhiteStream blockchain analytics tool helps provides insights into cryptocurrency transactions by turning blockchain raw data into searchable and executable information that individuals and businesses can easily access.

These data are then served to the clients (users) via API for various purposes such as AML, Counter-terrorism financing, fraud detection and prevention, KYC, compliance, and much more.

6. CoreChain

SCORECHAIN is a Luxembourg based blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency transactions monitoring and Investigation Company established in 2015.

The company aims to provide trust for the cryptocurrency market amid a host of Bitcoin and Blockchain services to the cryptocurrency community and stakeholders.

Among the numerous customers and users of this blockchain analytics tool are –cryptocurrency businesses such as -exchanges, wallets, brokers, ATM service providers, custodians, ICO/STO companies; and traditional financial institutions such as Banks, family offices, audit firms, law firms, and forensics.

7.  LookIntoBitcoin

LookIntoBitcoin is a blockchain analytics tool designed to provide its users and customers with insight and clarity bitcoin investing.

The tool uses market-cycle and on-chain analysis to provide relevant live charts, market indicators, and other information to bitcoin investors so that they make better informed and independent bitcoin investment decisions.

8. CryptoMood

CrytoMood claims to be the most reliable cryptocurrency sentiment analysis tool powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and live data from over 50,000 crypto sentiment signals for superior crypto trading decisions.

CryptoMood - Blockchain Analytics Tool

CryptoMood – Blockchain Analytics Tool

Features of the CryptoMood blockchain analytics tool include:

  1. Social media listening and sentiments analysis: Processing data from the major social media networks –Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and summarizing the most important social responses on trending cryptocurrency-related topics
  2. Cryptocurrency news aggregator with automated analysis: CryptoMood processes over 50, 000 cryptocurrency news sources, more than 10 crypto news aggregators, 4 social media networks, and over 100 trading and cryptocurrency blogs to provide you with live, current, complete information of the happenings in the cryptocurrency market.
  3. Whale transactions tracking and alerts: CryptoMood helps you track, monitor, and analyze large volume bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions, provides you with vital cryptocurrency signals and price alerts for the top cryptocurrencies so that you can consistently make profitable trades.

9. BittsAnalytics

BittsAnalytics is yet another blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency transactions tracking and monitoring tool that claims to be the leading analytics platform for cryptocurrencies that is trusted by many hedge funds and individual clients.

Some of the features of the BittsAnalytics blockchain analytics tool include:

  1. Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
  2. Social media mentions, trends, and hypes
  3. Real-time crypto market sentiments data analysis for profitable trading signals (BittsSignals)
  4. Crypto market fear and greed index
  5. Real-time cryptocurrency news aggregation matched with appropriate sentiments based on AI
  6. Cryptocurrency technical analysis based on automated detection of chart patterns based on AI.

Features of the BittsAnalytics Blockchain Analytics Tool

Features of the BittsAnalytics Blockchain Analytics Tool

10. CrystalBlockchain

CrystalBlockchain is a blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency transactions monitoring and tracking tool that is used for performing due diligence before signing up for any online mining service, tracking of ransomware payments to the real-world identities of the criminals involved and determining the purity of funds received or being transacted.

CrystalBlockchain customers and users include banks and other financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses, government agencies, and interested individuals.

Crystal - Blockchain Analytics Tool

Crystal – Blockchain Analytics Tool

11. TheTie

TheTie is a blockchain analytics tool and cryptocurrency transaction tracking, monitoring, and investigation tool that aims to enable trust, transparency, and accountability in the cryptocurrency market.

The company claims to help its users access market-moving information more quickly thus giving you an edge in a market that’s ruled by information and speed.

TheTie has a wide range of clients and users including funds and asset managers, regulators, legal firms, cryptocurrency exchanges, news and data websites, etc.

Who uses the TheTie Blockchain Analytics Tool

Who uses the TheTie Blockchain Analytics Tool

12. Augmento

Augmento is a blockchain analytics tool that was recently acquired in 2020 by Postera capital.

Some of the services now provided by Postera (Augmento) include:

  1. Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis: Augmento provides you with cryptocurrency fundamental analysis of specific cryptocurrencies so that you can make better informed and independent investment decisions. The tool analyses factors such as the cryptocurrency use cases, business model, technology, and team; providing full transparency of the cryptocurrency fundamentals.
  2. Alternative Data: Using data from Augmento AI, Postera is able to provide its users with deep quantitative insights into which sentiments dominate online discussions about particular cryptocurrency assets; track the flow of funds on the blockchain using on-chain analysis; monitor exchange flows and analyze real-world adoption of blockchain applications.
  3. Technical Analysis: Augmento helps its users develop winning investment strategies and obtain meaningful results by providing them with technical analysis of the cryptocurrency markets and customized indicators and trade setups.

13. TwitterCryptoSwarmAnalytics

Reliably predict up and/or downwards movements in the price of specific cryptocurrencies based on what people think or say on twitter.

Twitter Crypto Swarm Analytics monitors every tweet about a particular cryptocurrency on Twitter noting the associated use of the words “Moon”, “HODL” or “Pump” and thus they’re able to provide you with information as to how many times a particular cryptocurrency is mentioned on twitter which you can use to deduce the forming trends and sentiments that’s shaping the markets.

Unlike other tools mentioned in this list, this service is completely free for you to use as you like.

Are you currently using any of these blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency investigation, monitoring, and tracking tools? Which is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below.

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