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Torum is one of the fastest-growing crypto social media platforms that pay you to create and share interesting and valuable content on its platform. In this post, I would be sharing with you everything you need to know about Torum (XTM), and the different ways you can earn free XTM daily on the platform.

What is Torum (XTM)?

Torum is unified social finance (SocialFi) metaverse, comprising a social media platform, NFT marketplace, and DeFi ecosystem, that aims to connect cryptocurrency users and projects worldwide. The platform was launched in July of 2020 and is backed by several prominent institutional investors such as KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, AU21 Capital, Chain Capital, Worshipper Capital, WaterDrip Capital, etc. Torum is strictly focused on serving the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with a vision to become the largest one-stop social media ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts.

XTM is the native cryptocurrency that powers the Torum metaverse.

The Torum (XTM) team

Torum (XTM) was co-founded by Ah Go (CEO, Front-End Developer), Jayson Tan (CMO, Head of Social Media Community), Alwin Chang (Project Manager), Teddy Tan (CFO, COO, HR Leada), and Nelthan Ng (Chief Operational Manager, Tech Comms).

  • Ah Go: Ah is a certified member of the Malaysia Mensa Society, previously, founder of Cryptopedia, and an executive at the ACCESS Blockchain Association in Malaysia.
  • Jayson Tan: Jayson was previously also a co-founder of Cryptopedia and the former Head of Community Outreach at ACCESS Blockchain Association in Malaysia.

The other 3 co-founders have no publicly known working experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry prior to Torum.

Torum currently has a total of 38 team members (including the 5 founders) from different countries —Malaysia, India, Turkey, Nigeria, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Nepal, and with different backgrounds.

How does Torum (XTM) work?

Basically, Torum is a crypto-based social media platform that rewards users with its native toke, XTM, through its missions program.

You will receive a 7.5 XTM welcome bonus when your register, verify your phone number via WhatsApp and achieve 100 points from the power-up missions.

But if you’re not interested in the rewards, you don’t have to do any phone number verification or complete the missions.

You can earn at least 10.6 XTM and up to a maximum of 12.8 XTM every week by completing the daily and weekly missions on Torum.

There’s another 3.375 XTM you can claim through the one-time missions when you accumulate 5 shards, get 250 followers, and follow at least 25 users.

And all you have to do to earn XTM on Torum is:

  1. login to your account daily,
  2. publish at least one post,
  3. like at least 5 posts by other users on the platform,
  4. then claim your XTM rewards for these actions.

One thing you must note though is that you cannot withdraw your missions rewards until you have accumulated at least 500 XTM and passed their spam verification process.

Furthermore, you can play the Torum Avatar NFT games, buy and sell NFTs in the Torum NFT marketplace, and farm XTM with your LP token.

This is what makes Torum a complete SocialFi metaverse and a one-stop-shop for crypto projects and users to meet,  interact, and earn.

We will be discussing the Torum missions in detail in subsequent sections below. So keep reading.

Getting started with Torum

Below, I will walk you through the Torum new user account registration process, all the way to earning your first XTM from the daily missions program.

How to register on Torum

Click here to open the Torum registration form or click Join Now if you’re already on the website.

On the pop-up form, enter your preferred username, email address and phone number and click PROCEED.

Then enter your chosen password and the referral code of the person that invited you to Torum and click PROCEED.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to pick your profile picture. Attach your picture or whatever image you want to use and click PROCEED.

You will then be asked to follow at least 5 Landers (users on Torum are called Landers). Click the follow button in front of any of the Landers suggested.

Don’t worry, you unfollow them later if you feel you don’t know them or you don’t like their content.

Once done, click the PROCEED button to continue.

Congratulations! You’re now a Lander on the Torum metaverse. Just click PROCEED to accept the forum terms and conditions.

Read the gentle reminder carefully and make sure you understand what they’re saying, then click AGREE if it’s okay by you or DECLINE if you don’t accept those terms.

If you accepted the terms and conditions, congratulations. Your account is ready and active.

Just click CLOSE to see your Torum feed where you’ll see what the people you followed earlier have shared on Torum.

You can even make your first post on the platform immediately and join the conversation in the comments section of the posts that interest you.

But first I suggest you verify your account.

How to verify your Torum account

From your homepage or dashboard, you can see a notification above your feed, asking you to complete your account verification in order to gain access to the missions program.

Click the VERIFY MY ACCOUNT button.

To verify your email address, click Verify Your Email Address. Then click, Send Verification Email.

A verification link will be sent to your email address. Login to your mail and click the Verify Email link, and you’re done.

To verify your phone number, click Verify Your Phone Number, Then click on “Request PAC”.

This works with WhatsApp, so ensure your phone number is registered on WhatsApp.

A verification code (PAC) will be sent to you on WhatsApp. Enter the code on the phone number verification page and click Save Changes.

Now, your email address and phone are verified and you can participate in the missions program and other earning opportunities on the platform.

How to complete your daily Torum mission power bar to start earning XTM daily

The Torum Mission Power Bar was implemented to act as a kind of tutorial for new Landers on how the Torum missions program work.

You need to complete the power-ups bar (100 points) in order to receive your 7.5 XTM welcome bonus and start claiming your daily missions rewards in XTM.

To start, click Missions from the Menu on the left-hand side.

Every day, when you login, you get 2.5 points. You get 0.75 points for your first post only, and then 2 points for liking at least 5 posts by other Landers.

That makes a total of 5.25 points per day and you need 100 points to complete the power bar. That means it will take you roughly 19 days to reach the limit, that’s if you did not miss a single day.

So, login to your account daily, make a post, and like at least 5 posts, then click on Missions and CLAIM the points for each of those actions as you can see from the above screen.

Any mission that’s completed yet will show pending, telling you that you need to complete it in order to claim the points.

How to claim your daily XTM mission rewards

Once you complete the missions power bar in about 3 weeks, you will be credited with your 7.5 XTM welcome bonus and become eligible to claim XTM daily.

Now instead of points, you will be claiming XTM tokens as a reward for the same missions.

For logging in daily, you get 0.125 XTM, 0.5625 XTM for posting, and another 0.125 when you like at least 5 posts.

Giving you a total of 0.8125 XTM every day or 5.6875 every week.

There’s also the weekly missions reward. 

In the weekly missions tab, you can see that you currently earn 2.125 XTM if you gained at least 50 followers during the week in view. And 5 XTM if you login to your account every day for 7 days straight.

Altogether, you earn can earn up to 7.125 XTM from the weekly missions. But the 50 followers every week is nearly unrealistic, so don’t put your hopes on that.

And then there are the one-time missions.

You can only claim these just once, and then they’re gone.

You earn 0.25 XTM if you accumulate at least 5 shards, 2.5 XTM when you accumulate at least 250 followers, and 0.625 when you follow at least 25 users or companies on Torum.

Note that these figures have been reducing and chances are, they will keep getting smaller until the mission program is phased out.

Torum (XTM) core products and features

Torum is a social media platform with currently 3 core additional products.

  1. NFT marketplace
  2. Avatar NFT Game
  3. Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Let’s discuss each of these products below.

1. NFT marketplace

The Torum NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell their Torum Avatar NFTs, manage their collections, etc, directly on the Binance Smart Chain.

Items in the marketplace fall into two categories:

  1. The Genesis Avatar NFT series. The Genesis series consists of 21 unique sets of avatars with peculiar themes each with 6 pieces of NFT components. Users can collect these individual NFT components and use them to build their own, customized avatars and unique Metaverse identities.
  2. Avatar NFT game series. The Torum Squid Game NFT series is made of NFT items adapted from the popular Squid Game TV show. It consists of 2,136 NFT components of which only 513 unique components are available to buy and build your favourite Squid Game character.

NFTs in the marketplace are purchasable with XTM.

2. Avatar NFT Game

With the Avatar NFT Game, you can buy components from the Squid Game NFT series in the marketplace and build your favourite Squid Game character as you battle for survival.

You can become a player, a guard or even the front man of Squid Game, and get ready for the bloodbath.

3. Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Torum has succeeded in bringing your social and financial life under the same roof so that you can earn while you play through its liquidity farming program.

The Torum DeFi feature allows you to stake your XTM-BNB LP token from PancakeSwap and earn more XTM directly on Torum.

Additional features that help boost your XTM reward earnings such as NFT staking are underway.

The above features are still being improved upon while at the same time, more features such as Torumgram and Torum Lounge are in the development.

It would be interesting to see what the finished product of Torum would look like in the next few months and years ahead.

How to earn more XTM with the Torum referral program

Aside from the missions program, one way to earn a lot of XTM for free is by promoting Torum and inviting your friends to join the platform using your referral link.

You earn 7.5 XTM for every person you refer who completes their phone number verification and power bar.

Your referral also earns a 7.5 XTM welcome bonus when their complete the verification and power bar, so it’s a win-win for both of you.

Click here to register with my referral link and we will both earn 7.5 XTM.

How to promote your project on Torum

Torum aims to be the ultimate bridge that connects cryptocurrency users and investors with projects looking to expand their reach and userbase.

This creates an opportunity for project owners to promote themselves and reach new users through Torum.

There are three simple ways you can do this as a project owner:

  1. Register your project as a company on the platform. Users will be able to find and follow you from the list of all registered companies on the platform.
  2. Run an airdrop campaign and get your project in front of all Torum users.
  3. Register and maintain an active user account. By posting frequently and interacting with other users on the platform, you will constantly gain new followers and enjoy greater visibility on the platform.

Torum (XTM) token

XTM is the native cryptocurrency that powers the entire Torum metaverse. The token has a maximum supply of 800,000,000 and is available on Ethereum BSC, and Polygon chains.

It’s primarily used to reward users of the platform and liquidity providers.

Additionally, XTM can be used to:

  • Purchase NFTs on the Torum NFT Marketplace
  • Boost a post on Torum,
  • Bid for Ad slots on Torum,
  • Pay for premium subscription services on Torum,
  • Reward or tip other users on Torum,
  • Pay to organize an airdrop event on Torum, etc.

5% of all revenue generated on the platform is used to buy back and burn XTM until 20% of the token supply is destroyed forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Torum

Below are some of the popular questions people are asking about Torum (XTM), with a complete and concise answer to all of them.

  • How do I buy XTM?

You can buy XTM on several prominent exchanges such as PancakeSwap, KuCoin, Huobi Global, etc.

For a complete and updated list of all the exchanges where you can buy XTM right now, check CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

  • How much does XTM cost?

As of today, January 28, 2022, the price of XTM is $0.271107 as per data from CoinGecko.

The token’s price has fallen by 88.9% from its all-time high of $2.45 recorded on November 19, 2021.

Being a volatile asset, the price would have gone up or down from the above, depending on when you’re reading this.

To check how much XTM costs right now, go to the Torum (XTM) token page on CoinGecko.

  • Is Troum (XTM) on Binance?

Torum (XTM) is currently not available on Binance Exchange and nobody can categorically tell you when or whether it will ever be listed on Binance.

However, the chance of XTM being listed on Binance is high, given its seemingly high profile and strategic position in the crypto community.

What you may not like about Torum (XTM)

  • Poor UX and UI

One of the problems of trying to be a one-stop of anything is that your website is likely to become too complex and slow.

The Torum website has a poor UX (user experience). The site is always buggy and very slow, compared to, Twitter, and similar platforms.

Too often, one or more parts don’t work and it may take the devs days to resolve the issue. Every now and then, there’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

  • Low-quality content and users

Most of the users on Torum are there just for the reward and there’s not much quality content to enjoy.

That does not mean all content on the platform is bad though, it’s just that there’s significant spam to filter through.

Furthermore, your favourite celebrities and crypto projects are not registered or active on the platform (yet).

  • The missions program will be phased out with time

Their missions program which rewards users with  XTM will be stopped at some time in the future.

First, the reward amount and number of missions available will slowly shrink. And then missions will be removed entirely.

So if you’re there or considering using the platform mostly for the reward, you need to keep this in mind.


Torum is one of the crypto social media platforms I think will survive and thrive mainly because they have a solid team, institutional support, and innovative ideas they bring into the game.

At some point, they may have to discontinue the missions reward program as it’s not sustainable to keep giving away free money forever, except their future revenue can support it.

With new features and products still in the works and current features being improved upon, I’m eager to see what Torum will look like one to two years from now.

However, I fear the project will become a victim of its own strategy. Combining too many products and features may make the site too convoluted, except the team do something about it.

What’s been your experience on Torum so far? Share with us in the comments section below.

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