What if I tell you there’s an exchange that turns all your trading fees into more crypto for you.

So that, you’re essentially paying zero trading fees and the crypto you earn for the fees you generate on the platform adds to your portfolio.

That exchange is VDollar.

What is VDollar?

VDollar is a new-generation cryptocurrency exchange that is revolutionising how you trade with its innovative products and features.

The exchange offers its growing user base of professional and first-time cryptocurrency traders a wide range of trading instruments such as spot, OTC, futures markets, and margin trading.

With its unique and popular trading mining feature, trading on VDollar attracts zero trading fees.

The exchange is operated by VDollar Exchange LTD, a company that’s registered in Colorado, and operates under the jurisdiction of the USA.

VDollar review: Pros and Cons


  • The exchange lists only a handful of assorted cryptocurrencies with good fundamentals. You will hardly find a shitcoin on VDollar.
  • Zero trading fees. All the fees you pay on the platform comes back to you in VDollar Tokens (VD) tokens which you can easily redeem for USDT.
  • Compliant with international AML and KYC laws and regulated in the USA.
  • The exchange operates with a high level of transparency.
  • Available in both web and mobile apps for on-the-go trading.
  • Simple and easy to use trading interface.
  • Supports multiple crypto trading markets (stop, futures, OTC, margin, etc).


  • Relatively new and hasn’t proven itself yet.
  • A limited number of listed coins and trading pairs.
  • Unknown team members and founders.
  • Relatively low trading volume and liquidity, compared to long-standing exchanges.
  • Identity verification is required to enjoy all the features of the exchange.

Getting started with VDollar

Step 1: Click here to signup for a free VDollar exchange account.

VDollar exchange account registration form

VDollar exchange account registration form

You can choose to signup with your phone number or email address.

For the purpose of this guide, I would be using the register by email option.

Enter your email address and preferred password and use EGTGV where they ask for an invitation code.

Then agree to the terms and conditions and click the Signup button.

A verification code would be sent to your email. Go copy it, paste in the email verification pop up box and click Confirm to verify your email address.

Once successful, you would be automatically logged into your VDollar exchange account.

I recommend you secure and verify your account as soon as possible to be able to take advantage of the full features of the exchange.

VDollar core products and features

VDollar provides its growing userbase of professional and new cryptocurrency traders with four (4) different trading instruments:

  1. Spot markets
  2. OTC services
  3. Futures contracts
  4. Margin trading

With trading mining being its most unique and interesting feature.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the above products and feature below Below.

1. Spot markets

You can trade over 20 assorted cryptocurrency markets on the VDollar spot market.

The exchange has a simple and clean user interface. All listed coins are paired against USDT and a few others can be traded against BTC and ETH.

VDollar spot markets trading interface

VDollar spot markets trading interface

The exchange supports only two (2) types of orders: Limit orders and Markets orders.

2. OTC services

VDollar facilitates peer-to-peer OTC deals between users across 18 different countries including China, the USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, UK, etc.

The VDollar OTC platform supports buying and selling of USDT, BTC, and ETH with 3 different payment methods (Alipay, WeChat, and Bank Cards).

Once you click on the OTC link from the home page, you can see all the existing orders by other users which you can choose to buy or place your own and wait for a buyer.

VDollar OTC platform

VDollar OTC platform

Though it seems you can buy an existing order with or without KYC, verification is required before you can post your own orders on the platform.

3. Futures contracts

VDollar offers both USDT-margined and Coin-margined futures contracts trading for a few select cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, FIL, and DOGE with up to 125x leverage.

The futures market support 3 different order types: Limit order, Market order, and Stop order to help you manage your trades accordingly.

VDollar futures trading interface

VDollar futures trading interface

The exchange has a simple user interface with the charts neatly placed by the far centre-left side, followed by the order book, and then your positions management section.

4. Margin trading

The VDollar margin trading allows you to borrow up to 3x your capital for trading to maximise your profits.

VDollar margin trading interface

VDollar margin trading interface

10 different coins are available for margin trading on VDollar most paired against USDT with BCH being the only coin paired with BTC.

5. Trading mining

Trading mining is the most unique and interesting feature of the VDollar exchange. Of course, that’s aside from the fact that it lists only exotic coins and tokens on its platform.

With trading mining, 100% of the trading fees a user generates on the platform is used to issue them the exchange’s native token —VD.

VD is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can be redeemed for USDT at any time on a 1:1 ratio.

Therefore, technically, VDollar is a zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange.

VD issuance and trading mining model

VD is issued in phases with the amount issued reducing by 50% and the price per token equally increasing by 50% after each phase.

The first phase targets 4,500,000 VD tokens to be issued at a price of $1 per unit.

Therefore, in this phase, if you generate $1 in fees on the platform, you get 1 VD token until all 4.5 million is exhausted then it moves to phase two.

Phase 2 targets 2,250,000 VD tokens to be issued at a price of $2 per unit. Which is half of the previous phase token allocation and double the price.

Therefore, in phase 2, you get 1 VD token for every $2 you generate in trading fees on VDollar, or o.5 VD tokens for every $1 generated in fees.

This continues until all 10 million maximum supply of VD tokens is exhausted.

The VDollar Token (VD)

VD is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that powers the entire VDollar ecosystem.

The token has a maximum supply of 10 million, 90% (9,000,000) of which is allocated for trading mining and 10% (1,000,000) for the project team.

As the trading mining phases evolve, it would become all the more difficult for especially small traders to mine VD. This is why a second token Vdust was introduced.

The Vdust token

After the 10th phase of VD mining, it would become significantly more difficult to mine.

In order to keep the trade miners motivated, they would begin receiving 1 Vdust per $1 of fee generated on the platform from the 11th phase.

Vdust is an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000, 90% of which is allocated for trading mining, 5% for the team, and the remaining 5% for the Super Representatives.

VDollar exchange fees

VDollar charges 0.2% for both makers and takers in the spot and margin trading markets.

While traders in the futures markets transaction pay 0.06% for makers and 0.04% for takers.

The exchange charges nothing for deposits and withdrawal fees are subject to prevailing network rates on each blockchain.

VDollar vs. the competition

Binance remains the main competitor of every cryptocurrency exchange including VDollar but does it have what it takes to achieve comparable success with Binance?

The VDollar trading mining and tokenomics model encourages active trading which should help drive up its volume with time.

Moreso, its native token supply is 10x less than Binance’s BNB. Thus if the exchange could generate even 1/10th of Binance’s volume it would do exceptionally well.

Furthermore, unlike BNB which performs a quarterly token buyback and burn with about 20% of its revenue, the VDollar token is backed by 100% of all fees generated on the platform.

Thus giving investors greater confidence in the token and helping support its continued price increase to the target of $128 and beyond.

If VDollar can achieve even 10% of Binance’s trading volume, its native token would produce a far greater return on investment (ROI).

Earn with the VDollar partnership programs

You can earn even more money with the VDollar partnership programs:

  1. Invite rebate
  2. Traffic Monetizing Link (TML)
  3. Super Representative

1. Invite rebate

You get 0.05 VD whenever the person you refer to VDollar with your referral link mines 1 VD, for life.

This rebate does not affect either of the two users’ income as the tokens come from the income of the platform or the super representatives.

So, you can start inviting and start earning VD for free which you can redeem for USDT in the reserve pool.

2. Traffic Monetizing Link (TML)

If you are an influencer with a good amount of social media following or blog traffic, you can request a TML to monetize your influence and traffic with the VDollar trading mining mechanism.

You will get either 0.15 or 0.20 VD for every user you refer with your TML. The amount you get depends on the size of your following/traffic.

Super Representative

The VDollar Super Representatives are elected by the community via a voting system and they receive 0.25 VD for every 1 VD mined by the users they refer.

Frequently asked questions about VDollar

1. Is VDollar regulated?

VDollar is duly registered in the US as a Money Services Business (MSB) and regulated by the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

How can I reach the VDollar team?

You can reach the VDollar team via their various social media channels:

Better still, you check out the Contact page on their website for other means of communicating with the team.


There are currently over 480 different cryptocurrency exchanges and new ones are popping up almost every other month with little to nothing new to offer.

VDollar seems to be the golden fish in the pool with its unique and interesting features.

That’s not all, the company is duly registered in the USA as a Money Services Business (MSB) and regulated by the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

More so, the exchange’s native token (VD) is fully backed by an ever-increasing, publicly verifiable USDT reserve pool which composes of all trading fees generated on the platform.

What do you think about the VDollar exchange, and have you started your trading mining yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.