The first community-owned crypto and blockchain media project.


CryptoSorted is the first community-owned crypto media project that’s focused on helping you make informed crypto investment decisions every day through actionable crypto content and tools.

Unlike most mainstream crypto media which are owned and controlled by self-serving private individuals and corporations, CryptoSorted is owned by the people who use it, you, the community.

The platform is powered by its own native token, the CryptoSorted Token (CST), which serves as the primary currency among other use cases.

Furthermore, all profits generated by the project are used to buy back CST and distributed among investors and active community members contributing to the project.


To develop crypto tools and content that help people invest smarter.


To build a platform that helps you make informed crypto investment decisions and provides you with a place to hang out with other investors for actionable insights every day.

How it works

CryptoSorted is a crypto media platform that is owned and maintained by the community. All content and tools on the platform are created and built by community members.

Similarly, all income generated by the platform will be used to buy back CST and reward the community members and investors contributing meaningfully to the project. This includes liquidity providers (LPs), content creators, developers, promoters, advisors, etc.

What makes us different?

CryptoSorted will be made up of 3 complimentary parts. It’ll be a platform for actionable crypto content, and tools, with a chatting (social media) system.

Our community members will develop the content and tools on CryptoSorted with the relevant knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver on them.

With the people creating their own content and tools, it’ll be better aligned with the needs and interests of the users and community members.

Furthermore, the platform will provide its members with a place, similar to Telegram chat, where they can hang out to discuss everything and anything crypto in real-time and get rewarded for their contributions.

Therefore, creating a tripartite crypto media powerhouse where investors go every day for actionable investment insights.

Additionally, unlike other crypto media companies, all revenues generated by CryptoSorted go to its investors, community members, and users of the platform.

CryptoSorted was created to serve and enrich its community members and investors, and not some shareholders or board of directors.

Content categories

The kind of content you can expect to see on CryptoSorted includes but is not limited to:

  • Reviews: Our content team and community members will be sharing their unbiased reviews of various crypto projects, platforms, and tools, that they have used first-hand or thoroughly researched.
  • Guides: We hold your hand and guide you through even the most complicated platforms, tools, and processes with our detailed how-to guides. Thus helping you avoid most of the school-boy errors that first-time users make with them.
  • Analysis: Get experts’ insight and opinions on promising crypto projects, events, topics or news.
  • News: We bring you the latest and most important crypto news to keep you updated and entertained.
  • AMAs: Get to ask your favourite crypto project leaders any question through our regular ask me anything (AMA) sessions.
  • Interviews: We bring you the mind and thoughts of industry leaders and founders through our interviews.

Our content will be in 3 formats: articles, videos, and podcasts (audio).

Proposed products or tools (highlight)

At CryptoSorted, we will be developing new products and tools that are aimed at simplifying crypto investing for our users and community members.

Some of the tools we have in mind include, but are not limited to

  • Scamalysis: A tool that helps you calculate the probability of a project or contract being a scam by analysing both off-chain and on-chain data.
  • BlockStats: A tool that displays comprehensive statistics of popular blockchain networks to help you know and compare your favourite chains better.
  • Exchange: Enable atomic swaps using AtomicDEX or a similar solution to provide decentralised exchange services to our users.
  • Wallet: A crypto wallet and portfolio tracker or manager where you can store, transact, track, and manage your portfolio in real time.
  • TalentsHub: A crypto jobs board where project teams can post job offers and find new talents to hire.
  • Crypto Contests: A contest platform for hosting all kinds of crypto contests such as content creation contests, coding contests, etc. Only verified crypto projects will be hosted.
  • NFT marketplace: A decentralised, multi-chain NFT marketplace that uses CST.
  • Launchpad: A token sale platform that new projects can use to launch their tokens, raise funds, and attract an active and engaged crypto community to their platform.
  • CryptoSorted Magazine: A premium online magazine focused on crypto investment for crypto investors.

Proposed platform features (highlight)

We want to make the CryptoSorted as simple, useful, cool and professional as possible with features you’ll love.

You can expect to see the following features on CryptoSorted once the new website is ready.

    1. User accounts: Anyone can create a user account on the site with different roles and privileges. Accounts can be upgraded or downgraded accordingly, based on established criteria.
    2. Wallet integration: Users can connect their wallet to the site which they can use to receive any earnings or pay for products or services on the website.
    3. Automated authors’ payment: Established authors will be able to submit articles for an editor’s review, and if approved and published, the author’s wallet gets credited with CST automatically.
    4. Paid content: Project teams can submit sponsored articles, press releases, etc, directly on the site. Once an editor reviews and approves such submissions, the appropriate amount of CST will automatically be deducted from their wallet.
    5. Experts contributions: Approved industry leaders and experts can contribute actionable content to CryptoSorted to inform and inspire readers while gaining exposure to an active and engaged audience and building their brand image.
    6. Plagiarism checker: In-built plagiarism check that authors and editors can use to check that their articles are plagiarism-free. Articles that fail the plagiarism check will be rejected outright and not get published.
    7. Read time: Displaying the estimated number of minutes it’ll take to read an article.
    8. Reading progress bar: Showing the reading progress bar, so readers can see how far they’ve gone in reading an article.
    9. Dates: Showing both published and last updated dates and times on every article.
    10. Read time reward system: We will be rewarding users with the highest read time on the website every day, week, month, or year.
    11. Leaderboards: We will be maintaining the following leaderboards:
      1. Top readers for the day, week, month, and year leaderboard showing their respective read times.
      2. Most read authors for the day, week, month, and year leaderboard showing how much read time their articles have accumulated within the stated timeframes.
      3. A most published author of the month leaderboard showing their name and number of articles published.
      4. Top partners leaderboard showing the top 10 projects that have spent the most on the site each month.
    12. Referral: Users will be able to refer others to the platform and earn a share of their friends’ staking rewards or the amount of CST their referred project spends on the platform.
    13. Premium content: Anyone with a specified dollar worth of CST (say $5) in their wallet can unlock premium content on just by connecting their wallet to the site.
    14. Feature requests: Users will be able to submit new feature requests or vote for their favourite feature(s) if it’s already been requested.
      1. The most voted feature gets implemented and the requester gets a handsome reward from the community allocation or project revenue.
      2. Users must connect a wallet with a specified amount of CST balance (say 100 ) to be able to submit a feature request.
    15. User reviews: Any user can write a review of any project, tool, or platform they’ve used and get published on CryptoSorted.
      1. If such a user review article is accepted, they will be rewarded with CST from the community allocation or project revenue.
      2. Suppose a review of the same project already exists and the new one is better or offers enough useful new information. In that case, it will be used to update the existing article and the user will be paid accordingly.
    16. Total views or readers: The total number of times an article has been read. Or the total number of people that have read an article.
    17. Chatting tool: A global public chat system available on the website and mobile app. It’ll be similar to a Telegram open group or the chat system of some exchanges and sites.
    18. Mobile App: You’ll be able to carry all of CryptoSorted in your pocket through our mobile app.

These are just a few of the feature ideas we can highlight here for now. You can expect a lot more interesting and innovative features to be developed as we grow.

    The CryptoSorted Token (CST)

    CryptoSorted will be powered by its native token, CST, which will be used as the primary currency on the platform and used to reward users that are contributing to the project development.

    There will never be more than one token and the supply will never increase beyond what’s stated in this whitepaper.

    CST Tokenomics

    The maximum supply will be 10,000,000, to be allocated as follows:

    • Presale: 3,100,000 (31%)
    • LPs reward: 2,500,000 (25%)
    • Liquidity: 1,700,000 (17%)
    • Private sale: 1,000,000 (10%)
    • Community development: 1,000,000 (10%)
    • Team: 500,000 (5%)
    • Advisors: 200,000 (2%)


    3,100,000 CST (31%) will be sold in the public sale to raise $271,250, 60% ($162,750) of which will go towards providing liquidity on the Biswap DEX.

    The remaining $108,500 will go towards project development funding such as paying content creators, developers, and operational costs over the next 12 to 24 months.

    Once the presale funds are exhausted, the project will continue to grow and sustain itself on the revenue it generates.

    LPs reward

    2,500,000 (2.5 million) CST or 25% of the supply will be allocated towards rewarding liquidity providers (LPs), to be distributed based on block emission over 12 to 24 months.

    Once exhausted, the LPs reward pool will be replenished with regular CST buybacks using the platform profit.


    60% of the total amount raised in the presale ($162,750) and its CST equivalent (1,690,909) will be used to provide liquidity for the token on the Biswap DEX. 

    Private sale

    We will be raising $70,000 by selling 1,000,000 (10 million) CST in the private sale to raise the initial funds needed to kickstart the development of the project.

    Community development

    1,000,000 (1 million) CST or 10% of the supply will be used to promote community growth and engagement by rewarding our most active and supportive community members, funding the referral program, etc.

    Team tokens

    The team’s allocation will be 5% of the supply (500,000 CST) to be locked for 4 years. 25% will be unlocked every year over the 4 years period.


    200,000 CST (2%) will be allocated to the project advisors. 50% will be unlocked every year over a period of 2 years.

    CST Use cases

    CST will be used on CryptoSorted to

    • Pay for all our products and services with a 25% discount.
    • Access our premium content for free
    • Participate in our governance system
    • Reward our most loyal users and active community members.

    Use of funds

    Below, we outline the main things the private and public sales funds will be spent on in the development of the project.

    • Develop a new and custom website: Our current website is based on WordPress which comes with certain limitations such as limited customisation and integration with the blockchain or smart contracts. We will be developing a new website from the ground up that takes into account all the features, products and tools we have planned to add.
    • Hire new and more talents: Initially, we will hire a few full-time members of the team which will initially consist of a lead developer, an SEO Manager, 5 content creators, a Graphics designer, and an Editor. As the project grows, we’ll be hiring more hands to help manage and scale it further.
    • Purchase tools: We will be upgrading the hosting plan, extending domain registration, and purchasing other relevant tools or services that ensure the website’s high performance and security.
    • Audit: Security and transparency is a top priority for us, as such, we will be engaging the services of reputable audit companies to audit all our smart contracts or codes.
    • Marketing: Though we’re primarily focused on organic marketing and growth strategies such as SEO, we will also be running regular publicity campaigns aimed at creating brand awareness and growing community membership.

    Revenue model

    Please note that our revenue sources will evolve over time as the project matures and new products or tools are developed to generate different kinds of revenue.

    That said, the main sources of CryptoSorted revenue will include:

    1. Affiliate commissions: We will use relevant affiliate links in some content on CryptoSorted to earn referral rewards.
    2. Ads: We’ll be working with one or more crypto Ad networks to display minimal ads on our website(s).
    3. Paid content: We will accept highly relevant and valuable paid content such as sponsored and organic articles on CryptoSorted.
    4. Premium content, tools, or products: We will be developing premium content, tools, and products that users will have to pay to access or that generate income from usage fees. For example, trading fees from our exchange service, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace; subscription fees from the proposed CryptoSorted magazine; the CryptoSorted store of all crypto-themed items; etc.
    5. Membership fees: We will be creating the CryptoSorted Leadership Network (CAN) that crypto industry leaders can pay to join to gain direct access to our active uses and promote their brand on CryptoSorted through content marketing.

    All the revenue generated by the project will go towards rewarding CST investors and community members.

      Marketing Plan

      We will focus on SEO (search engine optimisation) as the primary way of driving traffic to the website as it’s more sustainable and has a better return on investment (ROI). This will require consistently writing high-quality content that satisfies searchers and our readers, and we’re committed to that.

      Additionally, we will be exploring other marketing channels such as Brave Ads, the development of useful and free crypto tools, partnerships and collaborations, yield farming opportunities, community development programs, etc, to attract users to the website.

      We will focus primarily on organic growth by creating and developing high-quality content, tools and products that people will find very useful and happily recommend.

      Governance mechanism

      CryptoSorted will be governed by its community through a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) which requires CST for submitting and voting on proposals.

      The governance system will allow anyone with a specified amount of CST to submit a governance proposal or feature request.

      However, it will only require a minimum of 1 CST to be able to vote for a proposal or feature. And 1 CST will give you 1 vote. Therefore, the more CST you hold, the greater your voting power or influence in the governance of the project.

      All approved proposals will either be implemented on-chain or off-chain as the case may be, within a specified timeframe.

      The team

      The ultimate goal is to make CryptoSorted community-owned and self-governed, with no central team. Before then, the project will be managed by a small team consisting of:

      • The Founder (Christoshi)
      • A Lead Developer
      • Content Creators
      • An SEO Manager
      • A graphics designer

      2023 Roadmap

      Q1 2023

      • New website
      • Single token and LP staking
      • Referral system

      Q2 2023

      • Wallet integration
      • Newsletter
      • UI/UX optimisations
      • Marketing

      Q3 2023

      • Video content and Podcasts
      • UI/UX optimisations
      • Marketing

      Q4 2023

      • Leaderboards
      • Scamalysis
      • UI/UX optimisations
      • Marketing


        Some dates, figures, and other information in this whitepaper are subject to change as the project progresses and new realities unfold.

        This whitepaper is intended to inform and educate you about CryptoSorted only.

        It does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any investment. And should not be used in the evaluation of the merits of making any investment decision. 

        Furthermore, it should not be relied upon for accounting, legal or tax advice or investment recommendations. 

        Any terminology used in this whitepaper is intended only as a basic reference, without any effective or legal meaning of the same terms in a financial environment, and/or any other regulated framework.

        This whitepaper is not an invitation or offer to invest profit.