A step-by-step guide to finding your own gems in 2023 using DeFillama

Want to find the next 10x gems? You can easily do it on your own using DeFiLlama – for free. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding your own gems in 2023: (includes little-known features)

Finding Your Own Alpha If you keep relying on other people for alpha, you’ll become their exit liquidity. Don’t be stuck at the bottom of the food chain. I’m going to share a few techniques that you can apply using DeFiLlama. Here’s your Edge.

Chain Traction Imagine you’re buying real estate – you’d 1st check to see which cities are hot. That’s how you should view each ecosystem. BNB was hot at one point, and there was a Solunavax rotation. It’s constantly changing & you want to be where the money is.

Chain TVL Growth One simple indicator is TVL growth %. 1) Go to DeFi → Chains 2) Look at the 7D and 1M metrics – only Arbitrum and Optimism are growing. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone since we’re in ETH Layer 2 season.

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