AgeOfGods – NFT Card Game

I never caught the play-to-earn (p2e) or blockchain-based NFT games fever until now, thanks to AgeOfGods.

What is Age Of Gods?

AgeOfGods is a p2e, action-based NFT card game where you can build a team of gods and fight with other players to earn tokens. The game is said to have been developed by Juego Studios, an international game studio and technology company with headquarters in India and the USA. You can play AgeOfGods for free, but to be competitive or stand a chance to rank high in the tournaments, you must invest some money. However, do not invest even $1 into the game until you finish reading this article. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of money without achieving tangible results and then later wish you did things differently. I’m here to save you from that and help you give yourself a head start with AgeOfGods if you ever decide to play the game.

Let’s get into it.

How to get started with AgeOfGods

1. Register an AgeOfGods account

The first thing you have to do to play AgeOfGods is to register an account.

2. Verify email

Once you register, a verification link will be sent to your mail. So, login to your mail and click the Verify Email button as shown below. Then, proceed to login to the site with your email address and password.

3. Connect your wallet

Once you log in, you’ll be asked to connect your wallet to the platform. This wallet will be permanently linked to your AgeOfGods account, so take note of that. Click the Connect your Wallet button as shown above and follow the prompts to link your wallet accordingly.

4. Begin playing the game

To begin playing the game, click Play AgeOfGods from the menu below. Furthermore, on the same page, you can swap your AgeOfGods token (AOG) to gAOG, which you can use to buy in-game items and vice versa. Ok! So, once you click Play AgeOfGods above, log into the game using your email address and password on the next page. You’ll be greeted with this welcome message. Click the YES button for a quick overview or tour of the game, to get yourself familiar with the interface.

Game items | what do you need to play AgeOfGods?

The AgeOgGods game uses the following items, but you don’t need to have all of them to get started. You can begin playing immediately after you register using the five free character cards given to you.

1. AgeOfGod NFTs.

AgeOfGods currently have ten god characters, each with a fixed 1000 NFT collections. And it’s said that more gods will be added in the future. These NFTs are used to enhance or ascend your in-game cards to god status as well as boost their maximum level from 80 to 100 and other character enhancements. You can buy or sell them in the AgeOfGods NFT marketplace and other NFT marketplaces on BSC like Binance, Galler, PlasBit and etc…

2. In-game character cards or heroes

These are the characters in the game that you can buy with gAOG and use to fight. There are god or rare cards and common cards. Each of the gods has its equivalent in-game cards. And you require 3 of the same god cards in addition to its NFT to ascend or enhance to god status. For example, you must buy 3 Zeus god cards and a Zeus NFT to form a single god card. As said earlier, the god status allows you to increase its maximum level from 80 to 100 as well as makes it stronger and more powerful against enemies.

3. Gold coins

Gold coins are used to level up your gods or game characters, and you need a lot of them to level up your characters to their maximum. When you join for the first time, you’re given some gold coins for free. I got 5000 gold coins for a start. Furthermore, you get 14,400 gold coins for free every 12 hours. But you need to remain logged in and check back every 12 hours to claim the free gold coins. The game was designed to keep you coming back, which is good if you’re having fun or earning with it. If the free gold coins are not enough, you can buy a bundle from the marketplace inside the game using gAOG. The bundles contain gold coins, Etokens, and XP tokens to enhance or upgrade your gods. The highest bundle costs 800 gAOG ($25 at the current price) and comes with 100,000 gold coins, 201 Etokens, and 10,000 XP.

4. Etokens

Etokens work like in-game currencies, which you spend to upgrade your gears. Note that you can only upgrade blue or rare gears. You can’t upgrade the green or ordinary gears with Etokens.

5. XP

XP refers to the “experience” token which you accumulate as you play the game. It’s used up when you level up your gods in addition to, but not as much as, the gold coins.

6. Gears

Gears are character enhancement items which you can buy with gold coins to equip your gods and make them stronger or more powerful. there’re 2 types of gears:

  1. Weapon gears
  2. Armour gears

1. Weapon gears

As the name suggests, you can buy and equip your gods with these weapons to enhance or increase their damage ability or attack strength. The gods don’t necessarily wield these weapons physically, they just receive the equivalent damage ability of the weapon. Examples of weapon gears and the gods that can use them include:

  • Axe: Used by Tank gods like Hades and Odin.
  • Sword: Used by warrior gods like Osiris, Thor, and Ares.
  • Staff: Used by Mage gods like Zeus, Anubis, Ra, and Poseidon.
  • Bow: Used by Ranger gods like Freya.

2. Armour gears

Armour gears are used to enhance the gods’ defence ability. Examples of armour gears and the gods that can use them include:

  • Robe: Used by Mage gods like Zeus, Anubis, Ra, and Poseidon.
  • Leather armour: Used by Ranger gods like Freya.
  • Heavy armour: Used by Tank gods like Hades, and Odin.
  • Chestplate: Used by Warrior gods like Osiris, Thor, and Ares.

The Age of Gods Crypto gameplay

You can play the AgeOfGods at two levels.

  1. The standard campaign with 2 maps that you can play for free. The first map has 12 levels that you must pass to complete it, while the second one has 13 levels. Each level is usually harder than the previous.
  2. A player vs player (PVP) tournament where you buy tickets to play against other users and earn tokens. Every day, they give you 5 tickets for free, so you can play with just these or buy more to play more games.

Note that you cannot play in the PVP until you complete map 1, and you can only earn by playing in and ranking well in the PVP tournaments. Each tournament lasts 14 days, after which the top-ranking players are rewarded with AOG tokens.

The lowest you need to rank to earn some tokens, and the amount you earn depends on the number of participants. So, it’s not fixed or predictable. You can find the table of PVP ranking and rewards structure here, to get an idea.

AgeOfGods team-building strategies for every player

I want to help you build a formidable team of gods in the AgeOfGods action-based NFT card game based on your budget. Here, I will be sharing with you 3 different team-building strategies you can use to create a winning team in AgeOfGods. But first, a brief Introduction… You can have up to 50 gods in AgeOfGods, but only a maximum of 5 can fight as a team simultaneously. Furthermore, you cannot have 2 of the same gods in a team at the same time. But you can have multiple gods of the same class or mythology in a team. In addition, having multiple gods of the same class or faction in your selected team gives your a boost in attack ability and health point (HP) as shown below.


With that out of the way, let’s get into the actual team-building strategies.

1. Fastlane

The Fastlane team-building strategy is for the rich players with a good starting capital. If you have enough money to spend, this is the best way to go about creating and building your AgeOfGods team. Here’s how to go about it with Fastlane:

  1. Determine the first 5 gods you want to start with.
  2. Then buy all 5 gods NFTs from the AgeOfGods NFT marketplace using AOG. This will cost you an estimated $250.
  3. Also, buy 3 god cards of each of the 5 gods from the AgeOfGods in-game store using gAOG. Each card costs 250 gAOG. All 15 (3*5) will cost 3750 gAOG ($113).
  4. Combine the 3 god cards with each of the 5 NFTs respectively and ascend them in the AgeOfGods Temple of Ascension. Each ascension will cost you 10,000 gold coins.
  5. Now you have 5 gods ultimate.
  6. Level all 5 gods to 100 (max. level). This will cost you 327,500 gold coins per god and 1,637,500 for all 5. Buying these coins will cost you 13,100 gAOG ($393 at current prices of $0.03).
  7. Equip all gods with some rare gears to enhance their attack and defence abilities.
  8. Upgrade the gears with Etokens to further enhance their abilities.
  9. Become almost invincible in the PVP tournaments and earn AOG tokens every 2 weeks.

All the above can be done easily with just $723. To account for the gears, Etokens, and PVP tickets, you can budget a maximum of $1,000. The exact amount will vary depending on the current price of the AOG token. And with that, you’re good to go.

However, there’s only one caveat. You cannot buy the god card for all the gods at once as they’re rotated every 24 hours. As such, it may take you at least 5 days to acquire all 5 gods’ cards. And that’s if you’re lucky to have all the gods you want available within this period. Otherwise, it’ll take more days.

2. Soft Climbing

If you don’t have the money to follow the Fastlane strategy, you can still get the same result but slower and far less expensive.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Identify the gods you want to acquire and use to form your team
  2. Buy one god card from the AgeOfGods in-game marketplace for each of the gods at 250 gAOG. That’s a total of 1,250 gAOG ($40 at the current price of $0.03)
  3. Use your daily gold coins to level them all up to the maximum limit of 80.
  4. Also, use your free gold coins to buy gears and Etokens for upgrades over time.
  5. You can buy gold coins to increase the level-up or upgrade speed and move up the ladder faster. But if you’re not in a hurry, you don’t have to.
  6. Later on, as you progress in the game, you can buy their respective NFTs and additional cards for each of the gods to ascend them and unlock more power.

The soft climbing strategy will take you about 44 days to level all the gods to their maximum limit of 80.

If you used some of your free gold coins to buy gears, it will take you more time to max out their levels.

But you can use this time to enjoy or understand the game well and hone your strategies before committing big money.

3. Free-riding

When you register an account with AgeOfGods, you get 5 common cards each of which can only reach a maximum level of 40.

All you have to do is use your free daily idle rewards gold coins to level them all up.

As you get hooked and if you’re ready to get more serious with the game, you can upgrade to soft climbing or go full degen with the Fastlane strategy discussed above.

If you plan to compete in the PVP tournaments for a chance to earn tokens or move up through the maps, then you have to step up.

Because even if you take them all to level 40, they can only go so far. Maybe they can take you past map 1 and somewhere in map 2 (maybe).

But that’s all.

They cannot help you in the PVP tournaments which is where you can earn tokens from the game.

Most users in the PVP are playing with ascended or upgraded gods, your common cards stand no chance against them.

AgeOfGods team-building Pro tip

If your goal is to play the game and rank high enough in the PVP tournaments and potentially earn some tokens then you must invest and build your team strategically.

You have to plan your team from the start, otherwise, you may end up wasting time or money before you get it.

Here’s how to go about it and give yourself a head start with AgeOfGods.

  1. Do not waste your gold coins levelling up common cards because they’ll be useless eventually and you can’t recover the coins you used to level them up. So I suggest you start with the soft climbing strategy instead.

Thinking through how to organise and build your AgeOfGods team of warriors will give you a better start than most of us early adopters.


AgeOfGods is a new play-to-earn action-based NFT card game that’s very addictive and fun to play.

To fully enjoy the game and progress through the maps or PVP tournaments, you have to invest in buying NFTs, god cards, gears, gold coins and etokens for upgrades.

Remember, all in-game items are neither resaleable nor transferable, except the god NFTs.

Once you invest money into the game, you can only recoup it by playing in the PVP tournaments and ranking high enough to earn some tokens or just have fun. What’s been your experience with AgeOfGods, share with us in the comments section below.

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