A workman is only as good as his tools. In a similar fashion, your crypto investment decisions are only as sound as the information you have.

To make sound and profitable crypto investment decisions, you need accurate, complete, and timely information.

And with so many projects and resources to cover, it can become easily overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start from.

That’s why, in this post, I have curated a list of the best crypto tools that will help you do your own research (DYOR) and invest in crypto like a pro.

I have categorised the tools so that you can find what’s important to you right now by jumping to the relevant section.

Best crypto tools

Crypto market research tools:

DeFi Tools:

Yield Farming Tools:

 Crypto Trading Tools:

 Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tools:

Security Tools:

 Transactions and Wallets Management Tools:

Crypto market research tools

  • CoinMarketCal

CoinMarketCal keeps you up to date with all crypto events, announcements, and updates from thousands of projects so that you don’t miss anything important.

With CoinMarketCal, you wouldn’t miss out on anything that’s happening or coming up with your favourite crypto projects.

Other popular crypto calendar tools providing similar services are Coindar and Coins Calendar.

  • CoinTool

CoinTool is an extremely comprehensive crypto market data tool that allows you to:

  • have a simple overview of the global crypto market at a glance.
  • check the current gas price on different chains.
  • create tokens and NFTs on the different chains and even run a presale.

….and much more. CoinTool can help you find and do a lot of cool things.

  • CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap and other crypto market data aggregators help you track the prices, supply, and other information about all existing cryptocurrencies.

  • DeepDAO

DeepDAO lists ranks and analyzes the top DAOs (decentralized autonomous organisations) across multiple metrics.

The tool collects and organizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative data about DAOs, and presents it to you in the form of an interactive dashboard.

DeepDAO helps you dig into the inner workings of DAOs, explore proposals, voting patterns, decentralization levels, and member activity and growth of each DAO.

  • Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is an advanced and free crypto analytics tool, created by and for the community.

The platform allows you to explore, create and share crypto analytics for hundreds of projects.

Dune is a more technical tool and requires you to have a good understanding of queries, visualizations, and dashboards to use it effectively.

  • Nansen

Nansen is a premium tool that claims to help you identify trading and investment opportunities before everyone else.

The tool analyzes and labels over 100 million Ethereum wallets and their activity so that you can:

  1. See where funds are moving to, identify new projects or tokens, and trace transactions down to the most granular level.
  2. Make informed decisions before you invest in a new crypto project or token.
  3. Create Smart Alerts and track when and where a wallet address has been moving their funds (follow the money).
  4. Analyze real-time behaviour of the largest crypto investors.

The platform has a 7-day trial period that costs $9.

If you have tried it out and want to continue using the tool, you can switch to any of the 3 subscription plans packages they have:

  1. Standard. This costs $149 monthly, $399 quarterly, $1,400 yearly
  2. VIP. This costs $1,490 monthly, $3,990  quarterly, $15,000 yearly.
  3. Alpha. This costs $3,000 monthly, $7,500 quarterly, $30,000 yearly.

You’ll need to have a significant portfolio size to make subscribing to a Nansen plan worth the cost.

  • Token Terminal

Token Terminal gives you the tools to evaluate and track the most promising crypto projects.

The platform can help you derive the total revenue of the top chains and popular protocols, calculate the price to sales (P/S) and price to earnings ratio for each protocol, etc.

Furthermore, Token Terminal also provides comprehensive data on specific markets such as exchanges, lending, DeFi, and dozens of individual projects.

  • WhatsCoin

WhatsCoin is one of the most reliable and decentralized crypto market data portals, providing you with professional asset tracking and data analysis products.

  • CryptoPanic

CryptoPanic is a news aggregator platform that curates news from different sources instantly as they’re being published.

When I want to know the latest news and happenings in crypto, I visit CryptoPanic.

  • Crypto Fear and Greed Index

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index analyzes emotions and sentiments from different sources and crunch them into one simple number.

This number could indicate the market is experiencing extreme greed, greed, extreme fear, or fear.

Extreme fear could be a juicy buying opportunity and extreme greed could mean that its’ time to book profit and expect a correction.

  • The Halvening

Find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin halving and when the next one will happen on The Halvening.

  • Cryptologi.st

Similar to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Cryptologi.st is a crypto market data aggregator but with more granular coverage of each coin.

The site provides detailed articles and analyses of each cryptocurrency. For example, it has a honeypot detector, contract, holder, liquidity analysis, etc.

Furthermore, you can create a watchlist of your favourite cryptocurrencies to track your portfolio and their market movements.

DeFi tools

  • DefiLlama

DefiLlama is a transparent crypto market data tool that lists and ranks DeFi projects from all chains.

It shows you the TVL rankings of the global DeFi projects, for individual chains, and for specific DeFi sub-sectors.

DefiLlama even shows you the list of projects that may airdrop their tokens in the future.

  • DeFi Pulse

DeFi Pulse is a website where you can find the latest analytics and rankings of DeFi protocols across all chains.

The tool tracks the total value locked (TVL) into the smart contracts of popular DeFi applications and protocols.

  • DeFi Yield

DeFi Yield provides you with simple tools to help you:

  • check where you have previously approved or connected your wallet to a smart contract or protocol.
  • get detailed information about a specific timelock contract.
  • calculate and estimate the potential impermanent loss you will suffer if you provide liquidity into a specific liquidity pool.
  • cancel a pending or stuck transaction on the Ethereum chain.
  • track your gas spending, and see how much you have spent on gas fees.

The tool only works on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • LoanScan

LoanScan helps you discover the various DeFi platforms where you can lend or borrow your favourite cryptocurrencies and their various rates.

  • DeBank

DeBank is a DeFi tool that currently tracks over 711 protocols across 14 different chains, and they’re constantly adding new chains and projects.

Some information you can expect to find on this site includes:

  • the total value locked in each project on the different chains.
  • total number of users of each protocol in the past 24 hours.
  • the genesis (launch) date of each protocol.

It also operates a “Bundles” system which lets you track and manage your portfolio across all chains.

  • King DeFi

King DeFi is a DeFi analytics tool that provides you with comprehensive information on DeFi across BSC, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche networks.

The tool helps you:

  • measures the total value in USD locked across DeFi projects on each supported blockchain network,
  • provides info on the top 5 cryptocurrencies by marketcap,
  • compares the weekly top 5 yield optimizers on each chain,
  • lists the top 10 APY pools, and
  • ranks the various tokens on each chain.

Yield farming tools

With so many new projects, liquidity mining pools being created every day, and APR changing faster than the earth can rotate, it can be hard to keep up.

But don’t worry. In this section, we will be discussing the various yield farming tools that provide you with all the information you need to make profitable yield farming decisions.

  • APY.vision

APY.vision is an all-in-one liquidity pool analytics, and yield farming rewards tracking tool that helps you:

  • find the most profitable liquidity pools,
  • calculate liquidity pool performance,
  • impermanent losses, and
  • track yield farming rewards across multiple chains.

The tool is integrated with major DeFi protocols on the different smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC, etc.

  • Farm Hunter (BSC)

Farm Hunter helps you discover new and profitable yield farming opportunities on different chains.

The tool calculates the current APR of multiple existing and new farms across the Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Fantom, and Polygon network.

You can filter the list by single token farms, LP token farms, daily or yearly APR, TVL (total value locked), etc, or simply search a specific token name.

  • ApeSearch by Apeboard

ApeSearch provides you with an assorted list of high APR liquidity mining and single staking pools that you can “ape-in to”.

  • Croco Finance

Croco Finance is a simple tool for Uniswap v3 liquidity providers which lets you:

  • track the amount of transaction fee rewards you every day.
  • calculate impermanent loss and see how your position is performing compared to just holding the deposited tokens.
  • simulate the value of your position based on hypothetical prices of the tokens.

Just copy and paste your wallet address on the website to see all this information.

  • Yield Farming Tools

Yield Farming Tools is an Ethereum-based tool that allows you to connect your Ethereum wallet to see your yield farming dashboard across different farms.

You can also find some of the best yield farming opportunities by clicking the pools tab to see other pools and their respective APR.

  • Pools.fyi

Pools.fyi lists and ranks the top 10 liquidity pools on over 8 Ethereum-based AMM DEXs based on liquidity, 24-hour volume, and pool ROI over the past 30 days.

The platform covers 4 different types of pools:

  1. Stable pools,
  2. incentivized pools,
  3. goods and services pools,
  4. new pools.
  • CryptoStudio’s crypto lending interest calculator

Find out what your crypto savings account will be worth in the next 1 to 2 years with this simple but effective crypto lending interest calculator developed by CryptoStudio.

It takes into account the:

  • your initial deposit and all regular deposits you will be making during the period,
  • the interest rate (APY),
  • price of the asset at the beginning and end of the savings period, etc.

It then uses these to calculate the potential total value of your investment over your chosen timeframe.

The tool currently only supports ETH and BTC APYs on the BlockFi and Celsius lending platforms.

Crypto trading tools

  • TradingView

TradingView is a professional charting platform and social network used by over 30 million traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets.

The platform provides charting tools for both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

  • Coin Market Manager (CMM)

Coin Market Manager is an automated journaling and analytics tool for crypto traders.

It helps you track and analyse your trading data across multiple exchanges to help you make better trading decisions.

The App has BASIC (free), PRO ($41.66 per month), and ENTERPRISE ($49.99 per month) versions.

If you choose to go for any of the paid versions, you can get a 10% discount on all purchases bus using THIS LINK to register.

In the meantime, you can enjoy FULL ACCESS to all CMM features with their FREE, no credit required, 14 days trial.

Crypto portfolio tracking tools

  • Apeboard

Apeboard is a multi-chain portfolio tracking tool supporting all the major chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Terra, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Harmony, Cosmos, etc.

You can add multiple wallets from any supported chain to your Apeboard profile to track your total worth across all the chains.

  • Gemit

Gemit is a portfolio and wallet analysis tool. It provides you with a quick overview of your wallets such as:

  • the number of tokens you hold,
  • how many are dead,
  • the real-time tokens prices and value,
  • past transactions, historical losses and gains.

With Getmit, you can also track multiple wallets, create price alerts for any token, track events, and in the future, gain access to a set of tools for traders.

Security tools

  • BSC Checker

BSCheck is a website that helps you to determine if a smart contract is a potential scam. However, it does not give any guarantees.

Just enter any BSC or Ethereum-based project’s contract address on the site and check.

It will analyse the smart contract and give you some useful information that can help you determine if the project is a potential outright scam or not.  

  • honeypot Detector

The honeypot detector tool helps you check whether a token can be bought and sold freely.

This helps you to avoid such scams as the SQUID token which people could not sell after buying.

The tool only supports projects listed on PancakeSwap with a BNB liquidity pool.

Just copy and paste a token’s contract to the website and click Is it honeypot? to check.

  • Quick Audit

Quick Audits uses machine learning to analyse their database of known rugs, honeypots, scams and other malicious contracts on the blockchain. And then, check to see how malicious a particular protocol is.

To use the tool to search a contract address, you need to first login by connecting your wallet.

It seems to only support the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Smart Contract Allowance Checker by UnRekt

When you connect your wallet to UnRekt, it will help you find & revoke all the smart contract addresses that you have previously authorised to spend your tokens.

The app is compatible with multiple blockchains including, Ethereum, BSC, Heco, Fantom, and Polygon.

  • BSC Allowance by Beefy

Beefy Finance’s BSC Allowance tool works in the same way as UnRekt above.

It helps you find and revoke all the smart contract addresses that you have previously authorised to spend your tokens.

Crypto transactions and wallet management tool

  • Cancel Ethereum Transactions

Cancel Ethereum Transactions is a web application that you can use to cancel or speed up a transaction on the Ethereum chain.

  • PooCoin

Connect your wallet to PooCoin to see all the visible and hidden tokens in your wallet.

The tool also does more than perform a deep scan of your wallet. PooCoin also helps you:

  1. view charts of different tokens,
  2. trade or swap tokens in your wallet,
  3. view trending projects websites and tokens,
  4. track wallets,
  5. view trades of tracked wallets, etc.

Some of its features are premium, requiring you to hold some amount of POOCOIN token to unlock them.

  • Fool’s Tools

Fool’s Tools shows all the visible and hidden tokens from all chains in your wallet and gives you their individual and total value.

The tool also allows you to swap your tokens right from their website.

Furthermore, it shows you the value of all the yield and liquidity mining pools that you’re currently in on the BSC or KCC chains.

  • Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator

Calculate the value of any cryptocurrency in any fiat currency or another crypto with CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency converter calculator.


This list of the best crypto tools is by no means exhaustive, and I will be updating it regularly to include more tools that will be useful o you.

Have I missed out on your favourite crypto tool? Let me know in our Telegram group and I will be glad to review and include it.

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