The 2 new double launchpools launched on Biswap in August 2022

In my previous article, I shared with you the 4 passive income opportunities on Biswap that you can use to grow your money while you sleep.

One of them is their double launchpools which allows you to stake your Biswap (BSW) token to earn more BSW plus other premium tokens.

As of July, there were 3 launchpools where you can stake BSW to earn BSW plus BNB, ADA, or DOT with juicy APRs.

This month (August 2022), 2 new double launchpools have been added to give you even more opportunities to earn.

What are these new tokens and what makes them interesting?

That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

But first…

4 important things to know about the Biswap double launchpools

Before we start discussing the double launchpools on Biswap, there’re a few important things you must know first:

  1. The Biswap double launchpools are exclusively for those who have staked BSW in the Holders Pool (HP). Each double launchpool has a minimum amount of BSW you must have staked in the HP to qualify for it. Currently, the minimum for all the available pools is 500 BSW staked in the HP.
  2. Biswap uses a percentage of its marketing and strategic partnerships budget to buy the second reward tokens in the double launchpools. The BSW comes from block emissions.
  3. There’s a fixed maximum amount of BSW you can stake in each of these double launchpools. Currently, you can stake up to 1,500 BSW in any of the available pools. This limit is set to ensure fairness and give everyone the opportunity to participate.
  4. Each of the double launchpools has an ending block time or duration of usually 30 days.
  5. Time is of the essence here. If you want to take advantage of the double launchpools, you need to act fast and get into them as early as you can.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into it…

The new Biswap double launchpools

  1. Stake BSW and earn BSW + ETC
  2. Stake BSW and earn BSW + FIL

Let’s discuss each of them below.

1. Stake BSW and earn BSW + ETC

This pool allows you to stake a maximum of 1500 BSW to earn both BSW and ETC with up to 48% APR.

To qualify to stake in this pool, you must have at least 500 BSW staked in the BSW Holders Pool.

As of the time of writing this article (August 11, 2022), the pool will expire in about 22 days. That’s around September 2, 2022.

So, you want to hurry and get in as early as possible to earn literally free ETC in addition to BSW.

1.1 What is ETC?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the original version of Ethereum which resulted from a fork in July 2016.

It’s a proof of work (POW) based smart contract platform which is expected to gain increased support after Ethereum becomes a proof of stake (POS) chain in September.

ETC is hot right now.

Existing Ethereum miners are moving their resources to Ethereum Classic, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see increased developer activities on the chain in the coming months.

2. Stake BSW and earn BSW + FIL

This pool lets you stake up to 1,500 BSW to earn both BSW and FIL with over 76% APR.

To qualify for this pool, you must have staked at least 500 BSW in the Holders Pool.

The pool has a 30 days duration which will expire about 29 days from today, that’s on September 9, 2022.

So, if you want to take advantage of it you have to move fast and get in as early as possible.

2.1 What is FIL?

FIL is the native token of Filecoin, a decentralised storage network where anyone can rent out their unused storage resources.

Thus creating a global and efficient data storage market that anyone can use to store data at a fraction of the cost.

The old double launchpools on Biswap

The other double launchpools include:

  1. Stake BSW to earn BSW + DOT
  2. Stake BSW to earn BSW + MATIC
  3. Stake BSW to earn BSW + ADA

These pools have the same requirements as the latest two discussed above, but they’ll expire very soon.

The DOT pool will expire 14 days from today. And the MATIC and ADA pools will expire in 8 and 2 days respectively.

So, if you’re interested, you can still get into the DOT and MATIC pool before they close.

Connect with Biswap

To learn more, visit or join the Biswap social media and local communities

Also, check out my Biswap review for a complete deep dive into the project.

Furthermore, if you’re passionate about Biswap and want to earn some BSW by promoting the project, then join their Space Agents Program (SAP).

For example, this article was entered into the SAP for a chance to win up to $2,500 in BSW per month.


The Biswap double launchpools are an amazing way to add new tokens to your portfolio without buying them.

All the tokens in these pools are solid projects that you’ll want to buy and HODL anyway, so getting them for free by staking BSW is cool.

The only risk here is your increased exposure to BSW, which is also one of the tokens I’m accumulating and strongly feel positive about.

But always remember to do your own research (DYOR) and form your own opinion about any project before you invest.

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