How to earn passive crypto income for life with the Biswap referral program

One of the best ways to make money in crypto is through referral or affiliate programs where you earn rewards for referring people to a project.

You know the story, the more people you refer and the more revenue they generate on the platform, the more you earn for life.

And that brings us to the Biswap unique multi-type referral program which allows you to earn from 3 different activities your referrals perform on the platform.

The referral program is one the best passive income opportunities on Biswap, as you’ll continue earning for as long as the people you refer keep using the platform.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Biswap referral program and how to maximise your earnings with it.

What is Biswap

Biswap is the second-largest decentralised exchange on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) where you can trade BEP20 tokens, stake, farm, and earn lucrative yields.

The exchange is popular for its lowest swap fees, multi-type referral programs, and several unique and first-of-its-kind DeFi products or features.

Check out my in-depth Biswap Review for everything you need to know about the exchange.

What is the Biswap referral program?

The Biswap referral program is a unique opportunity for you and your friends to earn more on Biswap.

Through the referral program, you are rewarded in BSW for referring your friends to earn or trade on Biswap and you can also choose to share a portion of your rewards with them.

Biswap is the first DEX on BSC to introduce an on-chain referral program that gives you multiple rewards.

The program rewards you with up to 20% of your referrals swap fees, and 5% of their Farms and Launchpools rewards earnings.

Below is a list of the currently available Biswap referral programs:

  1. Biswap Swap referrals
  2. Biswap Farms referrals
  3. Biswap Launchpools referrals

Let’s discuss each of them below.

1. Biswap Swap referrals

The Biswap swap referral program rewards you with up to 20% of all fees your referrals generate for trading on the exchange.

The referral bonus starts at 10% and increases up to 20% based on the amount of BSW you have staked in the Holder pool.

Without staking BSW you earn 10% of all fees generated by your referrals on the platform.

And the more BSW you have staked in the Holder pool, the higher your swap referral reward rate goes.

For example:

  • 0 BSW Staked = 10%
  • 200 BSW Staked = 12%
  • 1 000 BSW Staked = 14%
  • 3 000 BSW Staked = 16%
  • 7 000 BSW Staked = 18%
  • 10 000 BSW Staked = 20%

The swap referral commission is credited into your account right after your friend makes a successful on the whitelisted trading pairs.

Note that, only swaps your friends make on the 57 whitelisted trading pairs are qualified for the swap referral commission as shown below.

Also, remember that Biswap has the lowest swap rate on BSC (charges 0.2%) with up to 50% transaction fee rebate to traders.

So, essentially you are paying as little as 1% in trading fees. This encourages more people to trade on the platform, which means more commission for you.

A perfect, win! win! win!

The passive income from the Biswap swap referral program is unlimited because as long as your friends continue to trade on the platform, you’ll keep earning referral rewards for life.

And Biswap makes it easy for them to trade with its lowest fees, transaction fee reimbursements, and other opportunities that help traders pay less and keep more of their profits.

2. Biswap Farms referrals

The Biswap Farms allows you to stake your liquidity provider (LP) token and earn BSW, in addition to your share of the trading fees generated by the pool.

This is how Biswap incentivizes liquidity providers on the platform with additional BSW rewards and is also a way to distribute the BSW token to those contributing the most to the platform.

Now when you refer someone to Biswap you earn 5% of all the BSW rewards they earned and harvested from the Biswap farms.

Therefore, the more BSW they earn from the Farms, the bigger your referral rewards.

Don’t worry, your friends will keep 100% of their rewards, as your referral commissions are paid from BSW block emissions, as mentioned HERE.

You can even choose to share your referral reward with your friends, but we’ll talk about that later under the Biswap referral profit-sharing formulas.

3. Biswap Launchpools referrals

The Biswap Launchpools is one of the most innovative passive income opportunities on Biswap. There’re 4 different launchpools to earn from on Biswap.

These are:

  1. The Holder pool: This pool allows you to stake BSW and earn more BSW with auto-compounding. Staking in this pool gives you several privileges, including earning higher swap referrals commission rate discussed above.
  2. The Auto BSW pool: This pool allows you to stake BSW and earn more BSW with auto-compounding but without the privileges of the Holder pool. It has the same APY as the Holder, but with none of the extra benefits.
  3. Earn BSW pool: This pool allows you to stake BSW and earn more BSW but without auto-compounding or any extra privileges.
  4. Multi-reward pools: These pools allow you to stake BSW and earn more BSW plus other premium tokens such as NEAR, LTC, EOS, etc. The multi-reward pools are only accessible to those who stake in the Holder pool.

I discussed all these launchpools in greater detail HERE (check them out).

Now, the good deal is that you earn a 5% referral reward on all BSW your friends earn and harvest from the Earn BSW manual pool (3rd one above).

4. Biswap Lottery referrals

The Biswap lottery program allowed users to buy lottery tickets with BSW and try their luck in the weekly draws.

You could earn up to 2% of your referral’s lottery ticket purchases, however, this program has been permanently disabled.

So, even though you can still see the Lottery program on your Biswap referrals dashboard, you’re no longer earning with it.

According to the team, it’s only still there because there may still be users who haven’t claimed their lottery referral rewards yet. So, it’s there for them to have the option to withdraw it later.

Biswap referral profit-sharing formulas

Sharing is caring!

Biswap allows you to share a portion of your referral reward with the people who use your referral link to connect to the platform.

When you generate a referral link, you can choose one of the 4 profit-sharing formulas that apply to that link.

You can choose to share 0%, 10%, 25%, or 50% of your referral rewards with your friends as a way to keep the love going around.

As seen in the above screenshot, anyone who uses my referral link will get 50% of my rewards.

With that, we all earn more together.

Where do the Biswap referral rewards come from?

The Biswap referral rewards are paid from the BSW block emission which allocates 4.3% of all tokens towards the referral program.

So, your friends keep 100% of their earnings while the platform pays your reward from the BSW token block emissions.

How to become a referrer

Becoming a referrer on Biswap is simple.

Just connect your wallet to the exchange, generate your referral link(s), and start inviting your friends and social media followers to the platform.

You can create different links for different social media platforms or publicity channels that you use so that you can track where your referrals are coming from.

Then you can optimise your efforts to focus more on the channels producing the most result.

Furthermore, always educate and update your community or followers on the latest developments with Biswap.

And show them how they can make the most of the platform to earn more passive income and grow their portfolio.

The more successful your friends are on the platform, the more you win, and the bigger the platform grows to reward all of us.

Earn more with Biswap

The Biswap team are always coming up with innovative programs and activities that help you earn even more.

For example, you can earn up to $3,000 per month when you join the Biswap Space Agent Program (SAP) and create insightful content about Biswap.

This article you’re reading right now was entered into the SAP, and you too can enter with your own article or video content to win awesome prizes every month.

Furthermore, you can earn more BSW by following the Biswap social media communities and participating in the various community engagement reward programs.

However, if you want to skip the hustle and just let your money do all the work for you, then you can simply stake your BSW or LP tokens in the Launchpools, Farms, fixed staking, and other passive income opportunities the platform offers.


The Biswap referral program offers you a rare opportunity to stack as much BSW as you can without buying it with cash.

The program allows you to earn passive income for life, from 3 different operations your referrals perform on the platform.

Furthermore, you can stake the BSW you earn from the referral program to increase your swap commission rate, as well as earn even more BSW from the staking reward.

Then patiently wait for the next bull run to possibly pump the price of BSW to the moon for even more profit.

Clearly, the opportunities are limitless.

But it starts with you taking the simple step of referring and helping your friends to earn on the platform.

Have you joined the Biswap referral program? What’s been your experience so far? Share with us in the comments section below.

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