Earn Crypto – 21 Free Platforms

You can earn crypto from multiple sources every day for free, and in this post, I will show you where and how. Some of these platforms may require you to use their products or perform some tasks, but you’re guaranteed to gain crypto from them without buying it with cash. I have hand-picked only the platforms I believe may be worth your time. I use many of them to earn crypto, so they’re legit. This list is updated regularly, almost daily, as I discover new platforms. So, bookmark and check back here often for the latest and additional ways to earn crypto daily for free.

Top 21 platforms to earn crypto daily for free

In no particular order, below are the best platforms where you can earn crypto daily.

1. noise.app

noise.app is a social media platform where you can earn BCH daily for posting interesting and useful content. The platform is similar to Twitter but better, especially with the reward system. It allows you to post short and long-form content and earn tips in BCH directly into your wallet. The tips come from other users or some anonymous sponsor or benefactor of the platform who randomly and automatically distributes BCH to users based on whatever criteria they use. I spend most of the day talking crypto with my followers on noise.cash, and you can join me there @CryptoSorted. Let’s connect.

2. Cashrain

Cashrain is a platform where creators create communities and then randomly “rain” Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the community members. All you have to do to earn BCH daily on Cashrain is to join your favorite communities and follow their other social media platforms. Other activities involve liking and retweeting a specified tweet or other social media post to qualify for the BCH airdrops. Click here to follow my Cashrain community and earn some BCH from my regular rains.

3. Publish0x

Publish0x is a blogging platform that rewards you with different tokens for publishing or reading interesting and useful articles. Unlike most crypto-powered blogging platforms that reward only the authors, Publish0x rewards authors and readers. Every user on the platform gets a daily allocation of tips from the central reward pool, which they can share with their favorite authors via tipping. The user can choose what percentage of their allocation they want to share with the author (between 20% and 100%) and keep the rest for themselves.

The central reward pool is sponsored by the Publish0x team and partnering projects that wish to gain visibility on the platform. If you write quality content, you can easily build a solid following and earn crypto daily on Publish0x. Furthermore, you can earn even more in USDC by participating in and completing surveys on the platform.

You can earn ETH, AMPL, SPOT, and USDC on publish0x for writing, reading or completing surveys. Follow me on Publish0x @CryptoSorted.

4. Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized and privacy-protecting search engine that rewards you with PRE tokens for using the platform.

Every search you perform on Presearch earns you a variable amount of PRE (currently hovering around 0.06 to 0.1) up to a maximum of 25 searches per day.

So if you max out your daily paid limit of 25 searches, you can earn up to 1.5 to 2.5 PRE tokens daily or up to 912 PRE a year.

If you’re like me who believes that PRE would be worth $5 to $50 per token someday, this could be some significant free money for doing what you already do every day anyway.

Signup and start earning PRE daily on Presearch.

5. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn lets you learn about interesting cryptocurrencies and rewards you with a bit of the coin to try out for yourself.

The platform shows how specific cryptocurrencies work via video tutorials and a short quiz. Then gives you, usually $3 (or more) worth of the crypto to test.

The cryptocurrency project and Coinbase gain visibility and increased userbase, and you, the user earn free crypto.

6. CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap Earn helps you learn about the top and emerging crypto projects, tests your knowledge via a quiz and rewards you with the crypto you learned about.

It works exactly the same way as Coinbase Earn. Only the CoinMarketCap Earn reward amount is variable.

For each project, CoinMarketCap Earn rewards can be significantly smaller or bigger than Coinbase’s standard $3.

CoinMarketCap Earn rewards are usually paid into your Binance account, so register on Binance.

I have received several tokens from the CoinMarketCap Earn programs worth between $1 to over $10.

The amounts may be small, but they add up. Plus it’s all free money that can also appreciate over time.

7. CoinMarketCap Airdrops

CoinMarketcap maintains a calendar of ongoing and upcoming airdrops that you can participate in to earn different cryptocurrencies.

There are always a lot of airdrop campaigns to participate in, but because the number of participants is high, your chances of winning are quite low.

Furthermore, they require multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

So you may want to prepare a special account on each of these social media platforms to use for these airdrops.

8. Brave Browser

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that rewards its users who choose to view Brave Ads with BAT (Basic Attention Tokens).

You can also earn more BAT by participating in the Brave Creators program which allows you to monetise your website(s) and social media accounts.

With the Creators program, your website readers and social media followers can tip you with BAT directly or make regular contributions to you from their Brave Rewards account.

9. R/Cryptocurrency Subreddit

r/cryptocurrency is the leading Reddit forum for cryptocurrency news, discussion, and analysis.

The community rewards you with its native token (Moons) for publishing and commenting on posts in the forum.

Your posts or comments on the forum are upvoted by other members and every month, the total karma you gained is used to calculate the number of Moons you’ll earn for that month.

10. Bitcoin Rewards

Bitcoin Rewards helps you earn crypto (BTC, BCH, BNB, LTC, etc) for free in form of cashback when you shop at supported online stores.

Other popular platforms that let you shop at your favourite online stores and get free bitcoin cashback rewards include Lolli, Foldapp, Liquigate, CoinRebates, etc.

11. Cointiply

Cointiply is a Bitcoin faucet that rewards you in BTC for performing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, watching ads, referring users, and redeeming promo codes.

12. FaucetCrypto

FaucetCryppto is a crypto faucet that helps you earn crypto for completing simple tasks such as claiming faucets, completing surveys, watching advertised websites, watching videos, downloading apps, etc.

13. AnyTask

AnyTask is a global and professional freelance marketplace where you get paid in Electroneum Coin (ETN) for performing digital tasks for buyers around the globe.

I have earned over 100,000 ETN through AnyTask so far.

However, the market is slow and it can take a long time to get a buyer for your tasks. But it’s worth setting up and promoting your tasks on social media to attract potential buyers.

Check out my available tasks on AnyTask at CryptoSorted.

14. CakeDeFi

CakeDeFi is a platform that lets you put your crypto to work via staking, liquidity mining, lending, and other investment programs.

The platform rewards new users with $30 worth of their native token (DFI) after they register, complete KYC verification, and deposit at least $50 worth of any supported coin.

You can withdraw your capital at any time, but the welcome bonus of $30 would be locked and staked on the platform for 180 (6 months) days.

After 6 months, you can withdraw it along with the staking reward earned.

To get the full $30 welcome bonus you have to signup with a referral link or code: 306386.

If you don’t use a referral link or code, you’ll get only a $20 welcome bonus.

Check out my Cake DeFi Review to learn more about the project.

16. Gemini Card

Gemini has a tiered reward credit card that offers 3% cashback on your spending at restaurants, 2% on groceries, and 1% on other purchases.

Rewards are paid out immediately in BTC or any crypto that’s listed on Gemini Exchange.

17. Coinbase Card

Coinbase has a debit card that offers you a choice between getting 1% cashback in BTC or 4% cashback in XLM.

To maximise your earnings, I think it’s better to receive 4% in XML and convert it to BTC if you want to HODL Bitcoin.

I don’t use the card, so for some of you that do, what do you choose, 1% cashback in BTC or 4% in XLM?

18. Binance Card

The Binance card lets you shop with crypto at over 60 million online and offline merchant stores worldwide and enjoy up to 8% cashback.

Your Binance Card is tied to the funds in your Binance Exchange account, so make sure you register a Binance account that you can use with the card.

19. Ember Fund

Ember Fund is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that allows you to earn a few hundred satoshis (BTC) daily via its mobile App.

Click here to start earning BTC on Ember Fund.

20. Torum

Torum is a crypto-focused social media platform that rewards you with its native token (XTM) for interacting and posting interesting and useful content.

You will receive a 7.5 XTM welcome bonus when your register and achieve 100 points from the power-up missions.

Furthermore, you can earn at least 17 XTM every week by completing the daily and weekly missions on Torum.

You can earn a lot more than that every week, but the 17 XTM is what you have direct control over and can easily achieve.

The other ways to earn more are things that you can’t control, like how many people follow you each week, and how many of your posts get awards (shards). I have excluded these from the maths.

All you have to do to earn XTM on Torum is log in to your account, publish at least one post, like at least 5 posts by other users every day, etc.

Signup on Torum and start earning XTM daily starting now or check out my Torum Review to learn more about the project.

21. DappRadar Airdrop

DappRadar advertises all kinds of crypto projects through its airdrop program where they distribute $500 worth of each project’s token to a select number of participants.

The airdrop amount is usually $500 distributed among 100 or 50 lucky winners, and all you have to do is connect your wallet to DappRadar and join the airdrop.

There are always new airdrops on DappRadar, so, you might be lucky one of these days to win and earn some free crypto there.


The above are some of the most legit and worthwhile platforms you can use to earn crypto daily for free and build up a healthy portfolio.

Did I miss something? What other platform(s) do you think I should add to this list?

Let me know in our Telegram group.

And remember to bookmark this page and check back often as I’ll be constantly updating and adding new platforms to the list.

Happy earning ❤️

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