CST is a Bitcoin Cash SLP-based native token of CryptoSorted, created on the 18th of January 2021.

The token has a maximum supply of 21,000.

It will be used as a cash flow token and native currency within the CryptoSorted ecosystem.

This post contains everything you need to know about the CST.

CST use cases:

  • CST will be used as the reward token within the CryptoSorted community.
  • The token can be used to pay for Ad placements, sponsored posts, and other service fees on CryptoSorted.
  • Additional use cases will be developed as we progress.

Why you should HODL CST:

  • CST holders will receive weekly reward paid in BCH directly into their wallet.
  • Enjoy up to 50% discount on all CryptoSorted service fees paid for with CST.
  • Watch your BCH accumulate and the price of both BCH and CST appreciate over time.

How can I get CST?

There are only 2 ways to get CST.

  1. Buy it on cctip.io. or memo.cash
  2. Earn it by becoming an active and supportive member of the CryptoSorted community.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Where does the BCH paid out every week come from?

The weekly CST HODLers rewards are coming from the revenues generated by CryptoSorted.

  • Does the amount vary from week to week?

Yes! The weekly CST HODLers reward amount varies from week to week based on our revenue fluctuations.

  • Does every CST HODLer get the same amount of BCH every week?

No! The weekly CST HODLers rewards are distributed proportionally to each wallet’s share of CST circulating supply.

The more CST you hold in your wallet the bigger your share of the weekly reward.

  • Where can I store my CST to receive the weekly rewards?

Keep your CST in an SLP supported wallet that you control such as:

  1. Zapit
  2. Badger Wallet,
  3. Bitcoin.com Wallet.
  4. Electron Cash SLP Edition (Desktop only)

Your share of the weekly BCH rewards will be automatically credited to the wallet where your CST is stored.

  • When will the rewards be distributed?

The rewards will be distributed every Tuesday.

  • How much CST must you hold to receive a dividend?

Based on how the Bitcoin Cash on-chain dividend payment system work, it depends on a few factors:

  1. The amount of CST you hold
  2. The amount of CST others hold
  3. The amount of BCH being distributed

The blockchain calculates the minimum balance one must hold at the point of distributing the reward based on the above factors.

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