CryptoSorted aims to be the first, community-based crypto media publications project powered by our native token, CST.

CST Tokenomics

CST is a smartBCH (SEP20) token with a maximum supply of twenty-three thousand, six hundred and seventy-four (23,674).

Token distribution

CST allocations

CST allocations

  • Presale: 15388 CST (65%) was offered for public sale on BCHPad.
  • Liquidity: 1184 CST (5%) of total supply was used to provide initial liquidity on the DEXs.
  • Developers: 1184 CST (5%) would be used to reward our developers.
  • BCHPad Airdrop: 473 CST  (2%) was airdropped to BPAD (BCHPad Token) holders.
  • LPs reward: 5445 (23%) would be used to swap old CST for the new one on a 1:1 basis and fund a farming pool to reward liquidity providers.

CST use cases

  • CST can be used to pay for all services of CryptoSorted, such as Ad placements, sponsored posts, etc, with a 50% discount.
  • CST is used to reward active community members of the CryptoSorted community.
  • CST is a yield-bearing token that airdrops BCH directly into the holders’ wallets every week.
  • CST will be used as the governance token of CryptoSorted.

CryptoSorted (CST) Roadmap and Vision

Click here to read our detailed 2022 roadmap

It’s our dream to make CryptoSorted a community-based, self-managed crypto and blockchain media project.

Below is the roadmap of this vision so that you know exactly where we’re going as a community, and identify where you can make the most impact as a member.

  • Q1-Q2 2022: Writers onboarding

Between Q1 and Q2 2022, we’re looking to onboard at least 2 to 5 new writers into the CryptoSorted team.

If you’re interested in writing for CryptoSorted, please click here to learn about the requirements and application process.

  • Q2-Q3 2022: Website redesign and upgrade

We will be redesigning and upgrading the website with new features and functionalities to improve the user experience and our brand image.

  • Q3-Q4 2022: Team building

Successful projects need the right team to remain competitive and scale accordingly.

Currently, CryptoSorted is a one-man team but it wasn’t designed to remain that way forever.

We’re looking for passionate crypto enthusiasts with complementary skills, knowledge, and experience to join the CryptoSorted team.

Below are some key positions we need prospective team members to fill.

  1. Developers
  2. Video and Audio content producers
  3. Editors
  4. Graphic Designers

To apply for any of the above positions, please send in your application to [email protected].

  • Q4 2022: Podcasts and Video content

We hope to begin our YouTube (and other video platforms) content production and podcasts in late 2022.

This will help us build new traffic sources, reach new audiences, and distribute existing content in new formats.

  • Q1 2023: Design of the Proof of Community (PoC) concept

CryptoSorted will adopt a Proof of Community (PoC) concept in which the amount of BCH we distribute each week will be determined by the level of support the project received from the community within the week.

The weekly CST holders reward will be automatically determined and distributed via a smart contract that takes into account various social signals referencing CryptoSorted and CST.

The protocol will use these signals to determine what percentage of the funds in the reward pool to distribute to CST holders as airdrop for the week. And then process the payment all without any human input.

Some of the factors that may be put into consideration in the design of the protocol will be:

  1. How much of the articles from our blog was shared, liked, retweeted, commented on, etc, throughout the week.
  2. How many times CST was mentioned on supported social media networks.
  3. How many new followers we got on our social media accounts during the week in view.
  4. The number of new visitors and views on the CryptoSorted blog for the week, etc.

The system will take into account all these and other factors we may come up with, and use it to determine the percentage of the weekly reward pool to distribute to CST holders automatically.

  • Q2 2023: Begin development of the PoC protocol

The development of the PoC protocol will begin immediately after the conceptualisation and design phase. And we will be building it on the smartBCH network.

  • Q3-Q4 2023: Launch of the PoC protocol

If everything goes according to plan, we should be launching the PoC protocol between Q3-Q4 of 2023.

This will end the manual processing of weekly CST holders rewards and serve as the first major step to decentralizing CryptoSorted.

  • Q1 2024 – Q2 2024: Decentralization of CryptoSorted via a DAO and automated user management

We are building CryptoSorted as a community-based and self-managed crypto media project.

The community members will be able to submit and vote for proposals to effect changes using CST.

Furthermore, authors management and payments will be handled by a smart contract.

We’re already drafting the concept of the protocol that will make the CryptoSorted platform mostly self-managed.

Part of the plan is to also host the website on IPFS (web3) so that it cannot be censored or shut down for any reason.

But that will be subject to serious considerations, which will mostly depend on whether it will support the business model and profit goals of the platform.

  • Q2 2024 – Q4 2024: Community growth and project expansion

Once the project is fully delivered into the hands of the community, further developments will be as the community decides.

PS: This roadmap was prepared without any input from developers who will code the proposed protocols. As such, the timeline may be subject to change. But it should give you an idea of what we’re building and where we are going.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

These are the most popular questions people ask about CST and we have prepared some simple, short, and clear answers to all of them.

If you have any question which is not already answered, please feel free to ask in our Telegram group and we’ll be glad to answer them.


Where does the BCH you pay out every week come from?

The weekly CST holders reward is coming from the revenue generated by CryptoSorted.

Some of our revenue sources include, but not limited to:

  1. Ads revenue
  2. Affiliate commissions
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Paid content

Note that our revenue sources will evolve over time.

As we grow, we will develop new and better revenue sources to help us scale accordingly.

For example, we have plans in place to develop DeFi projects and tools (can’t disclose names or details right now) especially on the smartBCH and other chains)

Does the amount vary from week to week?


The weekly CST holders reward amount varies from week to week based on revenue generated.

Does every CST HODLer get the same amount of BCH every week?


The weekly CST holders reward is distributed proportionally to each wallet’s share of CST circulating supply.

The more CST you hold in your wallet the bigger your share of the weekly reward.

Where can I store my CST to receive the weekly rewards?

Hold your CST in your smartBCH wallet. Your share of the weekly BCH reward will be automatically credited to the wallet where your CST is stored.

When will the rewards be distributed?

The rewards will be distributed every Tuesday.

How many CST must I hold to receive a dividend?

There’s no minimum or maximum amount of CST you must hold to receive the weekly BCH rewards.

However, the more CST you hold, the bigger your share of the reward.

What determines the amount of BCH you distribute weekly?

The amount of BCH we airdrop to CST holders every week is determined mostly by:

  1. The number of CST holders. The higher the number of CST holders, the bigger the weekly BCH airdrop.
  2. The level of community support. The more effort the community puts in promoting and supporting the project, the bigger the weekly BCH airdrop
  3. The amount of revenue we’re able to generate and add to the reward pool. More inflow into the reward pool means bigger weekly BCH airdrops.
Can the reward ever be stopped?


Circumstances such as poor revenue or lack of community support may lead to the temporary suspension of the weekly BCH airdrop until things get back to normal.

How can I buy CST?

You can buy CST on the following Exchanges:

  1. Benswap
  2. MistSwap

You can also earn CST by becoming an active member of the CryptoSorted community.

  • Join the group discussions
  • Share your knowledge and ideas with other members while also learning from them
  • Contribute your ideas for the project
  • Promote our articles and invite your friends to join our Telegram group.

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