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CryptoSorted is the first community-owned crypto media project powered by its native token, CST.

CST Tokenomics

CST is a smartBCH (SEP20) token with a maximum supply of 23,674 distributed as follows.

CryptoSorted Token (CST) allocations

CST allocations

  • Presale: 15388 CST (65%)
  • Liquidity: 1184 CST (5%)
  • Team: 3551 CST (15%)
  • Airdrop: 473 CST  (2%)
  • Community: 3078 CST (13%)

CST use cases

CST can be used to:

  • Pay for all CryptoSorted services or products. You will get a 40% discount when you pay for any of our services using CST.
  • Vote in CryptoSorted governance.
  • Gain free access to our premium or holders-only content, tools, and products.
  • Incentivize community participation or engagement.
  • Pay all contributors to CryptoSorted.

Other meaningful use cases would be developed for CST to further enhance its value as the project grows.

How to invest in CST

Add liquidity

Add liquidity into the CST-WBCH pool on BenSwap to earn a share of all trading fees generated in the pool and grab your LP token.

Stake LP token

Stake your CST-WBCH liquidity provider (LP) token on BenSwap to earn more CST in addition to the trading fees.

Hold CST

Hold 100 CST or more in your wallet to qualify for the weekly CST holders airdrop paid directly into your wallet.

How it works

Once the current community allocation is exhausted, we will be buying back CST from the market to fund the CST/WBCH farm and the weekly airdrop, to keep them running indefinitely.

However, the weekly airdrop will now be distributed in CST from the buybacks and only wallets with a 100 or more CST balance will be eligible to receive it.

Furthermore, the weekly airdrop is expected to commence in January 2023 or when we hit the following milestones:

  • 100+ wallets with 100 or more CST balance
  • 5,000 Telegram group members

… whichever happens first.

This upgraded reward system is designed to favour:

  1. liquidity providers,
  2. CST holders, and
  3. project contributors (content creators, developers, promoters, etc.)

Therefore, position yourself in 1 or more of these 3 categories to benefit from the growth and success of the project, now and in the future.


Below are concise answers to the most popular questions people are asking about CST. If you have any question which is not answered here, please feel free to ask in our Telegram group and we’ll answer them for you.

Where does the CST rewards come from?

The CST paid out to holders, liquidity providers, and contributors come from the profits of the project which would be used to buy back CST and used to reward liquidity providers and token holders.

Some of our revenue sources include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate commissions
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Paid content

Our revenue sources will evolve over time as we have plans to develop other products and tools that would generate consitent revenue for the project as we scale.

Are the rewards fixed?


The weekly CST holders’ airdrop and the farming reward will increase or decrease with the project’s revenue. The farm APR will also fluctuate as people enter or exit the farm.

Does every CST holder get the same airdrop amount?


What you get from the weekly airdrop is proportional to your share of the CST total supply. The more CST you hold in your wallet the bigger your share of the airdrop.

Where should I hold my CST to receive the airdrops?

Hold your CST in any wallet that supports smartBCH (SEP20) tokens, such as MetaMask, Paytaca, imToken, etc.

How many CST must I hold to receive the airdrop

You must hold a minimum of 100 CST to qualify for the weekly airdrops. The more CST you hold, the bigger your share of the airdrops.

What determines the amount of CST airdrop you distribute every week?

The amount of CST we buy back  and airdrop to holders every week is determined by:

  1. The number of CST holders. The higher the number of CST holders, the bigger the weekly airdrop.
  2. The level of community growth and engagement. The bigger the community growth and engagement, the bigger the weekly airdrop will be.
  3. Revenue: The more revenue the platform is able to generate, the bigger the weekly airdrop.
Can the airdrop be stopped?


Circumstances such as poor revenue, lack of community support and engagement, regulations, etc, may lead to a temporary suspension of the weekly CST airdrop until things normalise.

However, a permanent stoppage of the weekly airdrop is unlikely but possible only if overpowered by regulations.

How can I buy CST?

You can buy CST on the following exchanges:

  1. Benswap
  2. LawSwap
    How can I get CST without buying it?

    Here are 4 ways you can accumulate CST without buying it.

    • Contribute content (articles or videos) to the CryptoSorted blog or YouTube channel and get paid in CST.
    • Become a developer for CryptoSorted and get paid in CST.
    • Actively promote and contribute to discussions in the CryptoSorted Telegram group and get rewarded in CST.
    • Find other ways to add value to the project and you’ll be handsomely rewarded in CST.

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