How to farm CST daily with your CST-BNB LP token on UniCrypt

Today, we launched our first farm on UniCrypt where you can stake your CST-BNB liquidity provider (LP) token and earn more CST.

Additionally, you will also earn BUSD reflections for the CST you hold in the pool plus your share of the trading fees.

Essentially, your single investment in the CST-BNB farm will produce three different passive incomes for you:

  1. Staking reward in CST
  2. Daily BUSD reflections
  3. LP reward from trading fees (BNB+CST)

And that’s excluding the potential price appreciation of both your CST and BNB (of course, I’m bullish).

In this post, I will be showing you how to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap and stake your LP token on UniCrypt to start earning right away.

Provide liquidity to the CST/BNB pool on PancakeSwap

Before you can proceed to stake your LP token on UniCrypt, you need to first add liquidity to the CST-BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.

Enter the amount of CST and BNB you want to supply to the pool and click the Supply button.

The next screen that pops out, as shown above, will ask you to confirm the details of the liquidity supply.

Click the Confirm Supply button and proceed to approve the transaction from your wallet.

Once done, your liquidity will be added to the pool according.

Next is to go stake your LP token on UniCrypt to start earning more CST immediately.

You can add the CAKE LP token to your wallet with this contract address: 0x4A079C17d80353efcd606a90821Da1B445a8E432

How to stake your CST-BNB LP token on UniCrypt

Now, head over to the CST staking pool on UniCrypt and stake your LP token.

Enter the amount of your LP token you want to stake or click the Max button to stake all.

Then select your preferred lock duration to boost your share of the pool rewards. You don’t have to lock it if you want to be able to withdraw anytime.

You’ll earn the regular reward (without boost), but if you want to get a higher allocation of the pool rewards, then lock accordingly.

The longer you lock, the greater the reward boost you get.

When you’re done selecting the staking options you want, click the Approve button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Then click the Stake button to stake your LP.

Subscribe to the CST reward pool

From the same staking page as shown previously, click the CST reward pool with active APR to subscribe to it.

From the pop-up screen as shown above, click the Subscribe button and proceed to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

That’s it, your CST reward will begin accumulating immediately.

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