How to buy the CryptoSorted Token (CST) on BenSwap

BenSwap has the largest trading market for the CryptoSorted Token (CST).

And in this post, I’ll be showing you how to buy your first CST on the exchange in a few simple steps.

But first…

What is CST

CST is the utility, community reward, and governance token of CryptoSorted, a community-owned crypto media project that shares its revenue with users.

Setting up your wallet for smartBCH

CST is a SEP20 token on the smartBCH network, similar to how you have ERC20 and BEP20 for Ethereum and BSC respectively.

Therefore, before you can buy it on BenSwap you need to configure your wallet for the network (step-by-step guide).

In the above guide, I shared with you the fastest ways to connect both your web browser and mobile wallets to smartBCH automatically.

NOTE: You need BCH in your wallet to pay for gas fees on smartBCH or buy CST.

So make sure to load your wallet with some BCH using the awesome BlockNG’s Bolivar Bridge.

Once you’re all set up and ready, proceed to buy CST on BenSwap.

How to buy CST on BenSwap

Step 1: First, go to the BenSwap Swap page.

From the main menu on the left-hand, click Trade and select Exchange from the drop-down list as shown below.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Click the Connect button at the top right-hand side of your screen, and you’ll be prompted to select your wallet as shown below.

Click on whatever wallet brand you’re using, and you’ll be prompted to approve the connection.

Follow the prompts and approve the connection to the DEX.

Once done, click Select a currency and type CST in the search box that pops up as shown below.

Click on the token name to select it.

Next, specify the amount of BCH you want to use in buying CST in the From field, and the system will automatically calculate the amount of CST you’ll get.

As you can see from the above screenshot, 0.04 BCH currently gives me 4.79405 CST.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to leave some BCH in your wallet for gas fees, that’s why I’m not using 100% of my balance.

If you’re ok with the rate, click the Swap button to see the estimated amount of CST you’ll get and other details of the transaction.

If you’re ok with everything, click the Confirm Swap as shown above.

You’ll be prompted to sign the transaction with your wallet.

Click the Confirm button as in the above screenshot to approve and complete the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the appropriate CST will be credited to your wallet accordingly.

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