The fastest ways to connect your MetaMask wallet to smartBCH

In my previous post, we discussed what is smartBCH and everything you need to know about the fast-rising smart contract platform.

With that out of the way, in this post, I would be sharing with you the easiest ways to connect your MetaMask wallet to smartBCH.

You can either choose to connect your MetaMask to smartBCH in under 1 minute or follow the manual settings guide.

I have explained both ways below, starting with the automatic setup.

Automatically connect your wallet to smartBCH

There are two wallets that support the automatic connection to smartBCH.

The first is your MetaMask wallet on PC and the second is your imToken mobile wallet.

Let’s discuss the two wallet settings below.

1. How to automatically configure your MetaMask wallet for smartBCH

To automatically connect your MetaMask wallet to smartBCH, go to the website.

Then click on the Add SmartBCH To MetaMask button as shown below.

When you click that button, there would be a pop up asking you to approve the transaction with your wallet.

Click Approve to continue. That’s it, smartBCH network settings have automatically been applied to your MetaMask wallet.

The next popup will ask you to accept a switch to the smartBCH network. I assume you’re ready to start using the smartBCH network, so a switch is the next natural step.

Click that Switch network button and your MetaMask wallet will be switched from Ethereum or whatever chain you’re previously on to smartBCH.

Now you can go ahead and fund your smartBCH wallet with some BCH and start trading, yield farming, and aping into whatever project interests you.

2. How to automatically configure your imToken wallet for smartBCH

imToken is one of the best DeFi wallets you can use to connect to the smartBCH network.

Below is how to configure your imToken wallet for smartBCH.

First login to your imToken wallet app. If you don’t have imToken yet, download the real one from HERE.

From the top centre of your imToken wallet home screen, click the displayed network name to open the Network switch menu.

From the next screen, click the gear button at the top-right corner to open the network settings.

Next, click the plus (+) sign at the top-right corner of your screen to open the custom network settings options.

There are two ways to add a new custom network to your imToken wallet.

The first is automatic and the second is by entering the network settings manually.

We’re going to use the automatic configuration for this guide. So click the Adding Quickly button.

They have this EVM box that seems to have the settings for all EVM-compatible smart contract platforms.

Type “smartBCH” into the search box as shown above and click the Add button.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to approve the transaction with your wallet.

Click Approve.

That’s all. The smartBCH network settings will be automatically applied to your imToken wallet.

Now, you can go ahead and fund your smartBCH wallet with some BCH and start using smartBCH dApps from your imToken wallet browser.

Manually connect your wallet to smartBCH

If you’re the do it yourself (DIY) person, then you’d probably prefer to manually enter the network settings to connect your wallet smartBCH.

How to manually connect your Metamask Wallet to smartBCH

From your MetaMask wallet home screen, click Add Network to add a new network as shown below.

Then enter the smartBCH network settings on the next screen as shown below.

The smartBCH custom network settings

You can use these same settings to connect any other wallet to smartBCH.

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