How to use the bridge on smartBCH

You need BCH on smartBCH to pay for gas fees and swap for your favourite SEP20 tokens like DMAX and CST or any of the other cool tokens on marketcap.

Furthermore, you can use your BCH on smartBCH for lending and farming to earn passive yields.

But then, how do you get BCH from the Bitcoin Cash main chain to your smartBCH wallet?

That’s what this post is all about.

One of the fastest ways to move BCH from the Bitcoin Cash main chain to smartBCH is through the cross-chain bridge.

What is

Hop.Cash is a two-way, non-custodial bridge that allows you to swap BCH between the Bitcoin Cash main chain and smartBCH.

You can use it to deposit BCH to your smartBCH wallet or withdraw BCH back to the main chain.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works.

But first, before you get started, make sure your wallet is connected to smartBCH and you’re logged in.

Click here to learn how to connect your wallet to smartBCH in seconds.

There’s also a Connect to smartBCH network button right on the home page.

If you click that button, it will automatically apply smartBCH network settings to your wallet. Easy-peasy.

How to deposit BCH to your smartBCH wallet using

Step 1:

Go to the website.

Step 2:

Then click Connect to Wallet

You’ll see a popup asking you to select the wallet you want to connect to

If you have multiple wallets in MetaMask, you’ll have to select the one you want to connect. But if it’s only one wallet, it would be selected automatically as shown below.

Step 3:

Click the Next button to continue.

On the next screen, you would be asked to approve the connection to as shown below.

Step 4:

Click the Connect button and you’re done.

You may have to click Connect to Wallet button on the home page again to show you the swap options as seen below.

Select the first one, BCH -> smartBCH, to deposit BCH from the Bitcoin Cash main chain to smartBCH.

There would be a popup asking you to sign the transaction with your wallet as seen below.

Step 5:

Click the Sign button to sign it.

You will be shown two (2) wallet addresses you can send your BCH as seen below.

Please the on-screen instruction carefully before making the transfer:

  • Do not send less than 0.01 BCH (it wouldn’t be processed). If you do, you will need to send more BCH to that address until you’ve sent a total of 0.01 or more for it to be processed.
  • There’s a transaction fee of 0.1% on the total amount you’re swapping.
  • Make sure you’re on the correct website “”. Don’t fall for phishing websites.

Ok, that’s that.

Once you send the BCH to the displayed wallet address, your smartBCH wallet would be automatically credited with the coins you sent less the fees.

You will see a message like the one highlighted below when the transaction is complete.

You can also check your wallet and you will see your BCH there.

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited BCH into your smartBCH wallet using the bridge.

Next, let’s see how to withdraw it back to an exchange or any external wallet on the Bitcoin Cash main chain.

How to withdraw BCH from your smartBCH wallet using

You may want to take some profit from your trading and yield farming business on smartBCH to settle some bills or rebalance your portfolio.

Whatever the reason, at some point you want to withdraw BCH from smartBCH back to BCH main chain.

You can also do that with Let’s get started.

This time, we’ll begin from step 4 where you have to select the bridge option as shown below.

Select the second option, smartBCH -> BCH, to withdraw BCH from your smartBCH wallet to the BCH main chain.

Then you would be asked to enter the wallet address where you want to receive your BCH and the amount of BCH you want to withdraw as shown below.

Enter the receiving wallet address and BCH amount and click the Cross-Chain Transfer button above.

NOTE: You can use an exchange wallet address or a non-custodial wallet address. Either will work.

You would be asked to confirm the transaction with your wallet.

Click the Confirm button and wait for the transaction to complete. Once done, you’ll get a message like the one below.

And that’s it. You have successfully withdrawn BCH from your smartBCH wallet to the designated wallet address on Bitcoin Cash main chain.

Hop.Cash Bridge useful links

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