How to play the Pandaland NFT hunting game on smartBCH like a PRO

With the launch of the Pandaland NFT GameFi’s hunt feature, top on the minds of players is gameplay strategy.

In this article, you will learn the best ways to hunt and become a profitable player of the Pandaland NFT game on smartBCH.

What is Pandaland?

Pandaland is an Axie Infinity-inspired, battle-based NFT game on the smartBCH network that also aims to become an NFT marketplace, NFT staking platform, and Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

The project is developed by a group of anonymous Chinese game developers and is acknowledged as the first Play-to-Earn NFT GameFi on smartBCH.

In January 2022, 3000 Giant Panda NFTs were successfully minted at a mint price of 0.1 BCH each.

There will be no more panda NFTs to be minted, but pandas will be able to breed later, by pairing a male with a female panda.

Besides Minting, Hunting and Breeding, Pandaland will also launch a Battle function.

In Pandaland’s newly launched Hunt feature, a team of three giant pandas go against three monsters in the bamboo woods in a quest to earn Panda Token (PDA).

Finally, after three long months of waiting since the minting of Giant Panda NFTs, it’s time to put those cutesy pets to work.

Pandaland hunt controversial launch

The Pandaland hunting feature was accidentally launched and was discovered by an ardent fan.

Soon, word went around that the game was live, and that’s how the hunt began.

Subsequently, the developers took the game offline when a “losing streak” bug was discovered.

However, some players were still able to continue playing and earning PDA, while most people couldn’t access it.

This advantage did not sit well with some members of the community, so after some hours of discussion, the game went online again despite the bug still persisting.

Requirements for playing the Pandaland NFT game

You  need the following basic things to be able to play the Pandaland hunting game:

  1. 1000 Panda Token (PDA) in your smartBCH wallet to unlock the game (buy Panda from MistSwap DEX). Take note, the pre-sale of PDA (known as Donation) was at 0.1 BCH for 1000 PDA.
  2. Minimum of three Panda NFTs. The minting of all 3000 Pandas has ended but they are currently available for sale or on auction at —a third-party NFT marketplace on smartBCH. The current floor price for Pandas is 0.14 BCH.
  3. Some BCH in your wallet to pay for gas fees.

How to hunt on Pandaland

In the Pandaland hunting game, a team of three Pandas has to be sent to hunt against three invading monsters.

To begin playing, go to the Pandaland website and click HUNT from the menu options.

If you have Pandas in your wallet, they will display on the screen. Select the three Pandas you want to use for the hunt and click the START button. Then sign the transaction with your wallet and let the hunt begin.

It costs a low gas fee of approximately 0.0000874 BCH or US$0.026 per hunt, at the time of writing.

Once confirmed, you’ll see your Pandas in action battling it out with the monsters for real.

Each time your team of Pandas wins the hunt, you receive 54 PDA. But if they lose, you get nothing.

How to choose your winning Pandas team in the Pandaland hunting game

There are 3 unique ways you can enhance your chances of winning in the Pandalant monster hunting game.

These include:

  1. Increase the number of Pandas you own.
  2. Upgrade the Force value of your Pandas
  3. Efficiently combine the elements

Let’s briefly discuss each of these below.

1. Increase the number of Panda NFTs you own

Each panda has 6 energy levels every 24 hours (according to UTC+8 Beijing time). This means that it can hunt up to six times daily.

Therefore, if a player has only three Panda NFTs, he can only play the Pandaland hunting game six times a day.

However, those who own more Panda NFTs can hunt for much longer and have a better chance of winning and earning more PDA.

2. Upgrade the Force value of your Pandas

Another factor for setting up a winning Panda team is the Force value of the Panda NFTs.

For example, each freshly minted Panda have the same value in Talent and Force.

However, Talent is a forever fixed value that can’t be changed, while Force is a value that can be upgraded and improved upon at a later time.

The ability to increase the Force value of a Panda has not been released yet, so for now, you have to hunt with what you have. But when this feature is released, you would be able to upgrade the force value of your Pandas.

3. Efficiently combine the Elements

Each Panda NFT belongs to one of 5 elements:

  1. Wood
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Water

Individually, these elements have no effect on the ability of a Panda, but when combined correctly, they will enhance the force value of the Pandas.

And when wrongly combined, they would reduce the force value of the Pandas. Thus, making them less effective.

Bearing this in mind, one has to select the correct order of the Pandas, to only pick elements that are adjacent, or for those who are limited by their Panda elements, to select and group together only the same element, rather than opposing elements.

For example, here are a few great ways to select and arrange your 3 Panda NFTs elements to form a formidable hunting team.

  1. Wood – Fire – Earth
  2. Metal – Water – Wood
  3. Water – Metal – Water
  4. Wood – Fire – Wood
  5. Earth – Earth – Earth
  6. Metal – Metal – Metal

Either of the above combinations will enhance the force value of your Pandas and give you a good chance of winning a hunt.

Always check the Force value at the bottom of the selection screen to see the combined strength of your Pandas team.

A higher force value is made up of the combined Force of the three Pandas, their Elements, and the position of the Pandas.

To ensure that you have the “best” Panda team, remember to check the value that is automatically calculated by the system on the bottom right corner of your panda selection screen as shown above.

Picking Pandas to form a team

Pandas are minted with a range of Talent and Force values ranging from 400+ to 1700+ The higher its Talent, the rarer the Panda is.

Common Pandas have around 400+ to 600+ Talent and Force value.

Thus the positioning of Pandas plays a part in determining how strong the team is.

In selecting your Pandas to form a hunting team, it’s always best to pick the one with the highest Force value first, followed by a lower Force value Panda, and then the lowest last.

Pandalanding hunting game PRO tips

Following the additional tips below will increase your probability of winning in the Pandaland hunting game.

Firstly, note that, if a Panda loses twice consecutively, it will not be able to hunt the following day.

Therefore, do not select the same Panda in back-to-back hunts.

Furthermore, note that the game currently has a bug that can cause Panda teams to lose back-to-back.

This is why having more than three Panda NFTs will increase your chances of winning and earning PDA, as it can prevent the same Panda from losing twice in a row.

Panda teams losing consecutive times is a known issue and the developer has mentioned the workaround for the time being. Which is:

  1. Don’t be too quick to hunt, leave a time gap between hunts.
  2. If you experience continuous failures, wait for at least one to two blocks (more than 10 seconds) before hunting again.
  3. Avoid playing when the energy is being reset at 24:00 Beijing time (or 1600 UTC) – this is known as the “ghost time”

Currently, the team of three monsters has a total force of 800, increased from 400 since the game’s launch. As time passes, the monster force will increase further. You need to take this into consideration in organising your team of Pandas.


The Pandaland NFT hunting game is ever-evolving and will be more challenging with time, especially when Pandas can be upgraded using PDA, and as the monsters grow stronger.

Furthermore, while each successful hunt earns you 54 PDA, there is no guarantee that this prize will not be reduced later to ensure the sustainability of the game. As such your revenue will fluctuate.

But hopefully, the price of the token (PDA) could increase with demand to compensate for any future decrease in the amount of PDA you earn from playing the game.

Note: This article is neither financial advice nor an endorsement. It is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research before investing in any project.

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