Here are some of our plans for CryptoSorted (CST) in 2022 and beyond

The core idea behind CryptoSorted (CST) is to:

  • Build a solid project and a strong community,
  • Establish a strong revenue base,
  • Use the net revenue of the project to buy and airdrop BCH to all CST holders and liquidity providers.

Everything we do is aimed at bringing increasing value to CST holders and our most active community members.

In this post, I will be sharing with you our plans for 2022, and what you can expect to see accomplished with CryptoSorted (CST) within the year.

I will also give pointers to ideas of products and tools we may be building in the nearest future (beyond 2022).

CryptoSorted (CST) roadmap for 2022

These are some of the major things we want to achieve in 2022 in order of priority.

  • Get listed on Marketcap, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap.
  • Onboard 2-5 writers
  • List on other smartBCH DEXs
  • List on at least one centralized exchange
  • Potential partnerships
  • Redesign the website
  • Start weekly airdrop

When does the weekly BCH airdrop start?

Weekly BCH airdrop will start anytime between now and December 31, 2022.

And the first airdrop will be bigger than usual and retroactively distributed to CST holders and liquidity providers who have contributed the most from the beginning.

Actions that will earn you the most from the first airdrop when it happens are:

  • Your buy vs sell trades.
  • How long you have held the CST in your wallet.
  • The amount of CST you hold in your wallet.
  • The amount of liquidity you have provided and for how long.

please don’t ask for more details. this is all I can tell you, for now, about the first airdrop that will happen at some time in 2022.

I know that a lot of people are eagerly waiting to start receiving the weekly BCH airdrop right now.

However, I must emphasize that CryptoSorted (CST) is not a Ponzi scheme, and the weekly airdrop has always been based on the net revenue generated by the project.

And since our revenue is primarily based on the amount of traffic we get, our primary focus in 2022 will be on increasing content output and reach.

  • To increase our content output we will hire 2 to 5 new writers in 2022.
  • To increase our content reach we will focus on SEO and social shares.

Traffic <> Revenue <> Airdrops.

We will focus first on establishing a sustainable revenue base before the weekly airdrop commences.

Potential future products and tools

We want to build products and tools that simplify your crypto investments and help you make informed, independent, and profitable investment decisions.

Content creation is just the first step of that mission.

Some interesting products and tools we may consider building for our community members and CST holders in the nearest future include:

  • Wallet
  • Portfolio tracking and management tool with tax reporting and similar functionalities. It can even be merged with the wallet mentioned above.
  • Launchpad
  • Cross-chain bridge(s)


Anything that makes your crypto life easy is what we are thinking about.

Furthermore, all our premium products and tools will be free to everyone who holds at least 1 CST.

We may not be able to build “everything”, and that’s fine. We will prioritize building the most useful tools and what brings the most value to CST holders and our community members.

Personal disclosure

I am also as bullish on CST as you are.

As such I will be buying CST myself starting in January 2022 using my personal funds and wallet address, 0x7af86BE96668E723D0F6a123F80152EE41eF6054.

To keep it fair, I will not buy or sell CST before any major updates which I would happen to know about first.

Please, if you have any reservations about my buying CST as a personal investment, feel free to express it in our Telegram group. I’m open to objective criticisms.


The basic idea behind CrytoSorted (CST) is to build a strong revenue base for the project. Then use the net revenue generated to buy and airdrop BCH to all CST holders and liquidity providers every week.

It’s a very simple concept.

At the core team level, we want to focus mostly on building a sustainable project that will keep pumping BCH into your wallets forever.

That does not mean we don’t have plans for marketing and creating hype for the token.

We do have some strategic marketing plans for 2022.

However, our major marketing and hype machine is the community.

YOU are equally an important part of this project. We need you to:

  • Help share articles from the CryptoSorted blog to your social media accounts and encourage your friends and other community members to do the same.
  • Like and reshare our social media posts.
  • Contribute to the discussions in our Telegram group and participate in our community activities.
  • Promote CryptoSorted (CST) and invite your friends and social media followers to join our Telegram group.

The most active members of the community will be rewarded with CST for their contributions.

Also, if you have any initiative that you think will help the project, please share, and you will be rewarded for it too.

You can even develop your own publicity campaign for CryptoSorted (CST) and we will possibly fund it.

Remember, CryptoSorted (CST) is a community-based project, and your input is very important and will always be welcome.