review: Earn BCH for your social media posts

I started using to earn BCH for my social media posts since the first day it was launched on December 24 2020.

Since then, I have not seen any other social media that pays as much as

My engagement and account growth there is also unmatched by any other social media platform I use.

Also, I’m earning up to $10 every day on the platform and have over 4,000 subscribers (and counting).

It isn’t much, but it’s honest work.

In this post, I would be sharing with you everything you need to know about

Some of the things I will be showing you include how to:

  • Register your account
  • Create your wallet
  • Post for maximum reach and engagement
  • Build your subscribers fast
  • Earn the most BCH from

…and much more.

What is is a social media platform that allows users to earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for posting both short and long-form content.

The platform allows anyone to register and share content on any topic that interests them, fom personal status updates, daily activities, crypto, etc.

Anything you want to talk about, you’re welcome to share it with the world on, and earn BCH accordingly.

How does work?

It’s simple!

  1. You signup for a free account
  2. Set up your wallet
  3. Post useful and interesting content
  4. Other users heart or like your posts
  5. You earn BCH from the fund for each likes your posts get.
  6. Any user can also tip any other user directly from their wallet.

How to signup on

Registering an account on takes quite some processes probably intended to deter bots and spammers.

But it’s simple enough for a normal user.

First, Click HERE to go to the website

From the homepage, click Get started to open the signup form.

Enter your preferred username, email address, a password, and click REGISTER to continue.

You will be asked to confirm that the email address you entered is correct.

If you’re sure it is, click Confirm to proceed with your account signup.

A verification code would be sent to your email address.

Go copy the code and enter it as in the above screenshot and click Confirm.

On the next page, you would be shown the rules.

The rules are few and simple, but they enforce them seriously.

So make sure you read and understand them then click Next page.

Now, you need to accept the rules by checking the “I agree to the rules” box as in the above screenshot.

Please DO NOT check the second box that says “Delete my account”. It’s for those click-click bots and spammers that don’t bother to read through things.

Once done, click Confirm to continue.


You have successfully created your account and are ready to start shitposting and making some noise.

As you can see, your timeline is empty because you’re not subscribed (following) to anything or anyone yet.

And there is a text box where you can post your status updates or any content you want to share.

The small image button attached to the text box allows you to attach images to your posts if you want.

But before you make your first post, let’s first create your wallet where all your BCH tips will go.

How to create your wallet

From your new account homepage, click on your username and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Here you can set your minimum payout amount. will accumulate your earnings until it reaches this amount before sending it to your wallet.

I set $10 as my minimum payout amount because I don’t want too many small transactions in my wallet.

Feel free to set yours to any amount you want and click Save.

Once that’s out of the way, click the green “Create a Bitcoin Cash wallet” button to create your wallet.

On the screen that pops up, click Create wallet.


Your wallet is a very important part of your account because all your money will be going in there.

Read all the important and safety instructions as in the above screenshot and take note of them.

Click the Next button to continue.

Copy and save your wallet seed phrase and derivation path in a place only you know and can access.

DO NOT be a fool like me who displays his seed phrase on the internet for everyone to see.

NOBODY but you should ever know or see your seed phrase, not even the admin.

Because whoever has it can steal the money in your wallet remotely and losing it means losing your money, forever.

Furthermore, if you ever have to access your account from a different device, you will need the seed phrase to restore your wallet to that device.

So write it down somewhere safe and that only you know about.

With all that strong warning out of the way and your seed phrase properly backed up somewhere, click Next.

You will find your wallet address on the next pop up screen.

You can click Next to proceed as there’s nothing you need the address for right now.

Your wallet has been created successfully.

You can always use your seed phrase to restore your funds to any Bitcoin Cash wallet such as Wallet so that you can view your balances and make transactions with them.

Now that your wallet is ready, let’s take a quick look at the user interface and various features of the platform. features has a simple design, clean interface, and is rich with cool features that give you a good user experience.

These include:

  1. Channels
  2. Chambers
  3. Hashtags
  4. Explore
  5. Search
  6. Dark/Light mode
  7. Affiliates
  8. Pin posts
  9. Recommended users

We could have just moved straight to making posts, discovering other users and content on the platform, etc.

But it’s important we discuss the above features first because of two main reasons:

  1. for you to know where and how to post.
  2. to show you how to discover other users and content to subscribe to and engage with on the platform.

So let’s discuss each of the features below.

1. Channels

Channels on are user-created, topic-specific groups that support multiauthor posting.

It is similar to YouTube Channels but for text instead of video content.

Channels are owned and moderated by the user who created them.

As a channel owner, you can invite and approve other users to join you in posting to and moderating the channel.

1.1 Subscribing to a channel

Furthermore, you can subscribe to any channel the same way you subscribe to other users to receive their updates on your timeline.

To look for channels to subscribe to, click on Channels from the menu and select All channels.

You will find a long list of channels on that you can subscribe to.

Keep scrolling down to load more channels or type a keyword in the search box to filter the list based on any topic that interests you.

To subscribe to a particular channel, click on the name, and then click Subscribe.

Now, anything posted to that channel will show up on your timeline.

1.2 Creating your own channel

You can create your own channel on any topic you like and use them to organise your content accordingly.

Maybe one channel for your daily activity updates, cooking tutorials, relationship advice, crypto, politics, religion, etc.

To create a channel click on Channel from the top menu and select my Channels.

Then click the “Create your own channel” button.

Fill the form that follows with your channel name, logo, tagline, description, rules, comment and posting settings, and then click Create.

Again, your new channel timeline is empty as you haven’t started sharing content yet.

Any new content posted in the channel will appear below the text box.

Yes, feel free to post anything and see how it is.

2. Chambers

Chambers was the thing before Channels and hashtags, and they serve the same purpose —to organize your content based on different topics.

Anybody could create a chamber but no one owns or can moderate it.

As a result, it became too prone to spam as people began posting unrelated and sometimes useless content to popular chambers to get more views and tips.

To subscribe or post to a chamber, click on Chamber from the top menu, select any of the chambers listed.

You can also use the search box to filter the list of chambers using keywords that interest you.

Unlike channels, anyone can post to and comment on posts in a chamber without subscribing to them.

That’s how loose they are and why they’re being phased out and replaced by hashtags.

3. Hashtags

Using relevant and popular hashtags ensures your posts target and reach the right audience.

4. Explore

The explore page is the general timeline where you can discover people and content.

Posts on the explore page are organized based on recency. From 10 minutes to 1 month ago.

Every user’s post goes to the explore page and gets added to the relevant time group, depending on how old it is.

It’s a good place to start making friends and discovering content on all topics on

5. Search

You can the search feature to search for hashtags, keywords, users, etc.

You have to be as specific with your search term as possible to get good results.

6. Dark/Light mode

Click on your username and select Dark/light mode to switch between dark mode and light mode.

The dark mode is my favourite. Use it once, and you will start hating the light mode.

7. Affiliates has a generous affiliate program that rewards you with about 20% of whatever the person you refer earns from the fund.

Isn’t that beautiful?

It is!

Furthermore, the platform makes sharing your affiliate link simple and clean.

Every link on can be your affiliate link. For example, your profile link is an affiliate link.

You can also copy the link to any post, chamber, channel, as an affiliate link by clicking the “Copy affiliate link” in the post dropdown.

This means sharing a link to an interesting and useful post on is the same as sharing your affiliate link.

Creative and convenient.

8. Pin posts

Social media can quickly become a sea of content.

Old messages are easily lost and forgotten as we constantly create new ones. allows you to pin at most 2 important posts to your profile.

People who visit your profile will see those pinned messages first.

This can come in handy when you have important information you don’t want your subscribers and visitors to miss.

9. Suggested users

When you scroll down your subscription page or timeline, shows you, other users that you might be interested in subscribing to.

This simple feature helps users to easily discover new and interesting people and grow their accounts.

You will sleep and wake up to new subscribers because is suggesting you to others as an interesting user.

How to grow your account fast

1. Post quality content

The fastest way to grow your account is to post high quality, useful, and interesting content regularly.

The more content you post, the more people you’re able to reach who might find you interesting enough to subscribe to.

Some will like and even renoise your posts, helping you reach even more people.

I have discovered that posts that you put more thought into and are relatively long do better than short, low-effort ones.

So put some thoughts into your posts and write something worth reading.

2. Use relevant hashtags 

Furthermore, use relevant and popular hashtags in your posts and get active in the right chambers for maximum reach and engagement.

3. Engage with others

Commenting intelligently on other people’s posts will also get you noticed and potentially earn you some subscriber(s).

You should also get active in popular and relevant chambers where you can contribute and engage with other users meaningfully.

How to grow your earnings fast

Your earnings will grow in proportion to your posts reach and subscribers base.

This is because, the more people see your posts and like them, the more tips you will get.

That is why posting quality content regularly and engaging with others to grow your account is the first step to earning big on

One good hack to grow your earnings fast on is to…

Shill BCH sincerely and sensibly has a primary goal of helping drive BCH adoption globally.

Learn everything you can about BCH, follow developments in the BCH community, and share your knowledge of and enthusiasm about BCH with others.

Share your posts about BCH in a BCH related popular chamber so more BCH fans can see, like, and renoise it.

You will earn a lot more on your BCH related content as a result of the extra love it will get from the users.

Most people on the platform love and respect BCH. So they will appreciate your shared enthusiasm.

Things to avoid doing on

If you do these things repeatedly, your account may be demonetized (excluded from receiving free tips).

Your account would not be banned or restricted in any other way, you will only not get tips.

1. Posting your affiliate links wouldn’t want to pay you to promote your affiliate links on its own platform.

2. Running giveaways

If you run a giveaway on your account may be demonetized.

This is because giveaways encourage spamming through senseless renoising and subscriber buying.

What you may not like about

1. “Hidden” rules

Some rules are not included in the rules list, so it’s easy to violate them out of ignorance.

2. Spammers

As you already know, anywhere there’s “free money” to be earned, spammers would lurk.

There are a lot of brainless spammers on but they’re constantly being whittled down by the system.

Furthermore, generally, the quality of users in terms of intellectual and financial resources is low compared to other more established social media platforms.

3. Absence of popular accounts

Your favourite companies and influencers are not on yet.

However, I see this is as an opportunity to make money by leveraging the affiliate program. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Is legit? is more than legit.

It is the highest paying social media platform in the world right now.

Your earnings are paid directly into your BCH wallet which only you have access to.

2. Who owns is owned by the team, both of which are financed by MarcDeMesel.

The team is anonymous, but Marc is a well-known millionaire and investor.

Conclusion is a social media platform that pays you in BCH for posting high quality, useful, and interesting content.

The platform has a simple and clean user interface that even a novice will find easy to navigate.

Furthermore, the team is competent, committed, extremely generous, and humble to the core.

They’re among the best humans you can still find around.

The level of growth, engagement and amount of BCH I earn on outweighs all my other social media platforms combined.

All these are what’s kept me hooked from the first day until now.

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