review: the blogging platform that pays you in BCH

After reading this review, you will have all the information you need to become successful on this crypto blogging platform.

Blogging is one of the many ways to earn crypto without having to buy it with cash.

And is one of the best blogging platforms out there to earn some BCH by producing content on the platform.


What is is a blogging platform where you can publish content -such as articles, images, and videos- on any topic and earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The platform was established on October 18, 2019, by an anonymous team who’re obviously BCH supporters and promoters.

So, yes! they’re relatively a very young platform with still a lot to prove.

It’s not established as Steemit, Publish0x, Uptrennd, and the like yet.

One of the main objectives of this content publishing platform is to promote the distribution and use of the BCH cryptocurrency and helping content creators get paid for the work.

And so far, in my opinion, it’s making huge progress in this regard. review: The pros and cons

The pros:

Below are some of the things you might find cool with read. cash:

  1. Multiple ways to earn, such as through user paid tips, sponsorships, tipping bot, and affiliate.
  2. Ability to boost or promote your post to get seen and noticed quickly.
  3. The sponsor feature is a cool marketing tool for those who know how to use it to maximize their exposure.
  4. Simple design, intuitive user interface, and ad-free
  5. Transparent earning and payment model
  6. Actively supports and promotes quality content. You will earn between $3 to $5 per post from the bot alone if you write original, high-quality articles. This is from my own experience only, I’m not sure how it went for others.
  7. No matter how old your post is, as long as it’s an original and quality article, the TheRandomRewarder bot will tip it randomly from time to time.

The cons:

Below are some of the things you may not like about

  1. Poor support. I have sent two emails to them so far and it’s already about 1 week without a single response.
  2. Low userbase. The platform doesn’t have enough active users yet. It’s easy to find popular posts with single-digit views. And a user with thousands of followers barely getting 100 views and earning below $2 in tips.
  3. The TheRandomReward bot will not tip your syndicated posts from other websites except you first publish it on before reposting on other websites.
  4. I have spent 1 week trying to activate my account so people can sponsor me without success and since support will not respond to my email, I am at the mercy of the bot for my earnings right now. review: How does it work?

Getting started and making money on is simple.

Just create a free account, begin publishing original and quality content, and start earning.

Here’s how the platform works.

Anyone can create a free account and become a member of the community.

When you write and publish articles, other members of the platform will see your post and if they like it, tip you some BCH from their own wallet balances.

These tips are automatically credited to your BCH online wallet which is associated with your account, in real-time.

Aside from other members tipping you, there’re a host of other ways you get paid for publishing on

Chief among these is from the fund.

This fund was created to help publishers earn more for their work as you may not be able to rely exclusively on regular users tipping you from their own purse.

Authors who publish original, quality content are tipped BCH from this fund by the TheRandomRewarder.

As you can see, currently all my tips come from this TheRandomRewarder bot. Without it, I doubt I would have earned anything for my first few articles.

More so, you can earn more BCH by getting sponsored by other users who enjoy your work and wants to support you with a fixed monthly amount.

You will most likely get sponsored quickly when you publish original and quality content that adds value to readers.

When someone sponsors you, their logo or picture will appear at the bottom of all your posts which obviously is intended to give them some publicity and exposure.

So if you write great content that gets a lot of views, you become attractive to sponsors who’re looking to gain more exposure.

This is easily a win-win situation that benefits you, the sponsor, and other members of review: Becoming a donor and sponsor

Why would anyone want to become a sponsor on the platform and give their money away to some “strangers”.

In this section of the review, we will be looking at the 4 reasons why someone will want to become a donor and sponsor on

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

Becoming a donor or sponsor on comes with a lot more benefits than you might think.

4 benefits of becoming a donor or sponsor on

  • To support the growth and adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • To support your favorite writers and content creators
  • To gain some free publicity for yourself or your project
  • To help others

Let’s briefly discuss the above reasons below

1. To support the growth and adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

One of the primary purposes or mission of is to support and promote the growth and mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the digital currency of choice for global payments and a possible replacement for fiat.

This is only going to be possible when and only if people are aware of, knowledgeable about the coin, understand how and why it works, and have it to spend in the first place.

So among the most effective way to ensure the efficient distribution of BCH to the people that needs it the most (the masses) is through a system where they create valuable content and get rewarded with the coin.

Which they’re free to spend on the thousands (and increasing) of things you can buy with BCH or convert to fiat to pay their bills if they so wish.

These people would probably otherwise have never heard of, understood, or even use BCH in real life.

But because they’re being exposed to and educated about it here on, this will continuously create new interests and users of BCH.

This will theoretically (and reasonably too) should drive up demand as more people discover its value and use cases and want to acquire some for themselves.

This new and increasing interest and demand for the coin would positively reflect on the price of the coin which would ultimately increase the value of the current holder’s portfolio.

2. To support your favorite writers and content creators

This is the second most important mission of the platform, to help content creators get paid for their work.

All the content published here by members is free for everyone and anyone to consume without any limitations.

But we all know that the production process of these contents is not free or cheap.

Producing quality and valuable content is hard work and sometimes you’ll find content creators who you appreciate so much and want to tip as a way of saying thank you for this great work, I want to see you keep doing it.

The platform has given us the opportunity to do just that. To help encourage content creators we enjoy their work so.

This goes a long way (no matter how small) to make the writers feel appreciated and want to keep doing what they love and know how to do best –producing more quality and valuable content.

3. To gain some free publicity for yourself or your project

Have you realized that becoming a donor and sponsor on could be great publicity and marketing tool?


When you contribute to the fund your name will be added to the list of the top 20 donors which is found on the stats page.

Currently, with as little as $10, anyone can appear on that list right now. Giving you that extra visibility and recognition.

More so, when you sponsor any content creator on the platform, your picture, name, and a link to your profile, website, or wherever will always appear below every article that person posts.

This will constantly give you greater visibility and potentially drive traffic to the link you associated with that sponsorship.

I think you can use different links for each person you sponsor if you wish. So that if you sponsor authors producing content in different niches, you can use different links to target the different audiences that they have.

4. To help others

Most of us don’t do what we do because of the personal benefits that we will get.

For example, when you look at the top 2 donors and the top 10 tippers on the stats page, I don’t see any personal benefits they can possibly get that will equate to the value of their giving and support for this platform and its members.

I assume (and reasonably so) that the same is true for all other donors, sponsors, and tippers on this platform. There’s nothing they’re getting that comes even remotely close to the value of their donations.

There’s a joy, sense of satisfaction, and fulfillment that’s only experienced when you contribute to the growth of others expecting nothing in return.

And one of the most overlooked secret and spiritual ingredients for greatness and financial abundance is giving.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” — Winston S. Churchill

That $0.1, $1, $5, $10, $50, $100 (no matter how small you think it is) that you’re donating is changing many lives all around the world and giving someone hopes for their future.


The affiliate program

If you think, getting tipped by users, the TheRandomRewarder bot, and sponsors is the only way to earn BCH on, you’re far from the truth.

The platform has a very interesting affiliate program that can help you earn passive residual income for life.

How does it work?


All you have to do is refer people to sign up and get active on the platform and earn referral commissions for life.

No! you’re not being paid with the money of the people you refer. The platform pays you an affiliate commission from its own purse.

When you refer someone you earn 3% of any amount they spending and earn on the platform for life.

So if you refer me, and I receive a $5 tip from the TheRandomRewarder bot, for example, you will get 3% of the $5 as referral commission and this is forever or until I stop using the platform.

Interestingly, just like it is on Publish0x, your affiliate link is automatically embedded in any article from the platform.

Such that any article you share from the website automatically has your affiliate link attached to it.

Click here to learn more about the affiliate program. review: How to get started on

As mentioned earlier, getting started on is a piece of cake.

There’re only 3 steps:

  1. Register
  2. Publish
  3. Earn

Let’s walk through these steps briefly:

1. Register

The first thing you will want to do is head over to the website

Once on the home page, click the Get Started button to create a free user account.

On the next screen that pops up, read the simple rules, and click Understood, agree.

Provide them with a nickname (username) you want to use on the platform, specify your password, and enter your email address in the registration form that pops up.

That’s it!

Remember to check your email later and click that verify email message that you will receive.

You can do that at any time so you may just continue with the following step.

You will be taken to your home page where you will meet a welcome message as below

Make sure to read the message in the above screenshot carefully and click next to secure your wallet.

Remember we said earlier that all the tips you earn will be credited directly into your BCH wallet which was automatically created with your account.

It is important that you back up what’s called your private key or passphrase or 12 words which give full, unrestricted access to your funds.

You will need it to restore and regain access to your account if you ever need to change your device.

You will want to keep it a top-secret as whoever has access to it automatically owns the money in your wallet and they can spend it whenever, wherever, and however.

So hit that next button let’s move on.

Again, make sure to keep those secret words and derivative path characters safe.

You lose them, you lose your money PERMANENTLY.

I hope that sinks in with you.

So hit the next button if you have backed up your passphrase.

You will be greeted with this classic warning that you should not accumulate too much money on the platform.

Learn to withdraw everything as often as possible as the platform is still very young and susceptible to bugs or even a hack.

You notice there’s been a lot of warning since we started talking about your wallet.

That’s because it’s very important, and you could easily lose money if you don’t take these warnings to heart.

So hit that next button to continue.

That is your wallet address where all your earnings will be credited and you can also deposit BCH into your account to sponsor and tip your favorite authors.

Click that next button to proceed.

You can even import your BCH wallet into the wallet and use it just like a standard wallet to start spending your money as you like.

Or simply continue to your account if you won’t want to import right away.

I didn’t important and I’m fine with that. Maybe sometime in the future, I may decide to import it is more convenient for me.

Until then…

Click the Got it! button when you’re decided on which to do.


A final thought on review

I have decided to go long-term with as I see that their reward system seems to be more transparent and robust.

And looking at the roadmap, you will notice that the team has a clear vision and passion to make the platform worth your investment of time and resources.

My first impression of the platform is that they value original, and high-quality content that adds value to readers.

They don’t like it when you repost content (yes, even if it’s yours) from other websites.

So if you play according to their rules you will be able to earn comfortably from user paid tips, sponsorships, and from the fund.

Also, you must understand that the platform is relatively new. That means you might find it hard to gain immediate traction in terms of views, followership, and earnings.

Be patient and trust the process!

I am also willing to support anyone who’s serious about consistently publishing original, high-quality content on

I will sponsor you and regularly tip your articles with some BCH IF I like them.

All you need to do is:

  1. Register with this link
  2. Follow me (@CryptoSorted) on
  3. Publish your first few posts.

Good luck!

So over to you, what do you think about What’s been your experience on the platform so far? Share with us in the comments section below.