DISCLAIMER: This is a legit Read.cash review. I joined them and so technically, talking about them means a potential conflict of interest. Not to suggest that somehow, I’m ABOVE taking money from Big Crypto Companies (c’mon now, I’m not THAT stupid) in order to make them look like the next best thing since sliced bread and boobs, I’m not actually doing that now. Honesty is the best policy here.

I am active on a handful of different Crypto content sites, and I am always on the lookout for more of them to join. Why? Well, there are 3 major reasons:

1.) I wanna expand my influence so that I can have as many people as possible know how incredibly stupid…ER KNOWLEDGEABLE I am in the super-duper Western Wasteland we call the Crypto Space.

2.) I like money and crypto and want more. More of my quality content in multiple places will make me some cashola over time. I want A CyberTruck, Don’t judge me.

3.) One more platform for people to read over time is one step closer to mass adoption. And more sweet-ass cash.

Read.Cash: The New Kid On The Block

Read.cash is the newest player in the crypto content provider space, starting in October of 2019. Yeah, they are a wee baby in comparison to some other projects. You gotta be wary about these new projects primarily because you don’t know where they are gonna go.

They might do a belly flop tomorrow and I’ll be writing a sad story about how I lost my 1000 USD BCH nut on a platform that tanked. Or of course, it might carry on and be the next, say… Steemit or Publish0x.

Needless to say, DUE DILIGENCE is a big thing in these situations. Come to your own conclusions, people. Don’t listen to me. I have a Waifu body pillow. Never trust a man with a Waifu body pillow.

My First Post on Read.Cash

That being said, this read.cash review is gonna be “hands-on” because I’m gonna run through the process of writing a proper post and see where it takes me. To begin, let’s take a look at the editor:

Read.Cash Post Editor

Read.Cash Post Editor

Very minimal, but straightforward. For this run, I’m going to use one of my previous posts from my home base Publish0x, and see how well-received it is here. A simple “copypasta” for the sake of experimentation. It was well-received there, so I’m hoping it is here.

Read.Cash Review Post Page

My Read.Cash Post Page

At this point, I just gotta wait and see how it goes. While we are doing that, Let me tell you a few more things about the functionality of the site.

First, just like one might on Uptrennd, you can “boost” your posts here so that more people can see it. They say for about a penny, you can do your own promotions and get a few eyes on your work.

This is actually pretty neat because I have a rather interesting idea. You see, I play an app called Free Bitcoin Cash, and I have quite a few referrals there. What I would like to do is use that money I earn from the app to “boost” my posts. If successful, I might be able to see a return on the investment. Time will tell on this one.

Having done the bloggy/build clout thing before I know that the number of people that see this post is probably gonna be few at this point. Nobody knows I exist here, and according to an article they throw at you after your first post, people begin to see your work once you’re popular enough. Not popular enough? Good luck, chief. Get popular.

Pros To The Read.Cash Website

1.) Clean, fast, and minimalist. Hard to find nowadays.

2.) Easy to onboard and get started. Kinda like Steemit used to NOT be.

3.) Tags and categories are pretty interesting and lead to some pretty relevant content.

4.) I’m wearing my patented banana costume in my profile image. You’re welcome.

Cons To The Read.Cash Website

1.) The “power law” method of distributing visible content means you better bust your ass to get people to your stuff and follow you. Otherwise, you’re talking into the Ether. Grab your Volleyball, because Wilson is the only one that’s gonna listen on your little slice of isolated hell.

2.) Even the “hot” or “top” posts make somewhere in the neighborhood of Nothing. Unlike Publish0x or Uptrennd, you don’t get tips or votes or much of anything that can be transferred to earnings based on quality. The earnings come from people who have some BCH to offload. At this point in their growth, you’re not looking at much. Maybe you’re an early adopter, and if that’s the case, you’ll do fine if or when this thing explodes.

3.) Currently seems to be low traffic. Even the top posts appear to have single digits. Again, I can let this slide because it IS a new project. I wanna see some growth, especially if I spend time investing in the platform.

Final Thought on the Read.Cash Review

I love the idea, the minimalism, the crypto and I wanna earn more of that sweetness because it’s basically what I do part-time for a living. I love it. That being said, I really feel like I need some more growth in order to believe in the platform more than I currently do.

The crypto space is no stranger to the “fly-by-night” and the untimely failure. It isn’t surprising; just like me, everyone wants a piece of that pie, and they also want to promote to encourage mass adoption. More users mean more value at the end of the day.

For the shits and giggles, I’ll post some stuff there semi-regularly. After all, I typically don’t rely on Google for my readership like a traditional blog would, so I can spread my word far and wide to multiple platforms every time I write a post. Except, of course, the things I write on Cryptosorted. This is EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, baby!

Until next time, keep your eye on the markets and… don’t take my word for it. This read.cash review is merely an anecdote. Go get in there!