POOL-X: The Best POS Mining, Staking and Trading Platform

Pool-X is the first and only best PoS mining pool that gives you the best of the worlds of staking, mining, and trading with the highest returns.

The battle for supremacy in the crypto staking and mining pools market is on and the KuCoin Exchange seems to be leading all innovations in this regard.

Beginning with their KuCoin Soft Staking Program which was the first of its kind and now the industry standard and now Pool-X, Kucoin is committed to leading the pack in the development of the crypto staking and PoS mining market as investors look for secure, flexible and profitable staking opportunities.


About the Pool-X PoS Mining Pool:

Pool-X is all: staking, trading, and mining platform where users can take part in staking pools and operate mining nodes (giving users the best of all worlds).

Unlike other staking platforms and similar to the KuCoin soft staking program, users on Pool-X are free to “unstake” their tokens at any time or transfer the ownership of the staked coins or tokens in the liquidity market; providing an opportunity for users to be able to adapt and reorder their portfolio in response to the changing market conditions.

This is possible through the use of liquidity certificates, which essentially represent ownership of a certain amount of staked tokens and can be traded with others in order to receive the tokens they represent.

Other than the above, the Pool-X ecosystem was created as a means to facilitate the development of the staking market as a whole.

Services such as: the node supermarket –where users can find and join nodes; or the multi-currency wallet –which allows users to hold and stake multiple select numbers of tokens, make the platform much more convenient and user-friendly.

Users on Pool-X enjoys both the staking rewards –as high as 12% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the respective staked coins and the mining rewards –a share of the 250,000 daily POL tokens allocation which are distributed among stakers on pool-X.

Pool-X is the next generation best PoS mining pool, supporting lockup crypto transactions and staked crypto trading.

In order to meet the demand for real-time liquidity supply of crypto assets that are currently held in staking, the trading market will be matched by both liquidity providers and bidders.

Ultimately, Pool-X facilitates the development of the staking ecosystem and drives more traffic to the market.

In addition to the regular return on staking, Pool-X also offers a certain amount of POL through POL mining to users.


Pool-X Services

Services offered by Pool-X include, but are not limited to:

  • Liquidity trading market
  • Node integration and
  • Operational solutions.

Pool-X’s different liquidity-focused services enable the platform to operate smoothly and allow users to “withdraw” or transfer ownership of staked tokens to other users in the liquidity market at any time.

First, there is the Liquidity Evaluation System. As the name suggests, the Liquidity Evaluation System measures the liquidity of each cryptocurrency that is integrated with each Pool-X node.

This system adjusts the allocation from staked mining, specifying the liquidity of the asset and forming the index parameters by reading the open order price and depth on the target exchanges.

More so, there is also the Liquidity Trading Market, a liquidity matching mechanism for users who hold staked tokens on the platform.

It is through this trading market that users are able to redeem tradable cryptocurrencies in the short term by placing an order.

When staking crypto assets there is inadequate liquidity as the staked coins cannot be traded freely and users have to wait for the redemption period.

Take ATOM (one of the stake-able tokens on Pool-X) as an example, ATOM’s redemption period is 21 days, which means users need to wait for 21 days to get back the staked coins.

However, the liquidity trading market solved this problem as users are able to trade tokens even under staking conditions through the liquidity certificate in the liquidity trading market.

The liquidity trading market provides a liquidity matching mechanism for users who hold staking coins on the platform.

For users who hold locked coins and need to redeem their coins in the short term, they can proceed to place an order in the liquidity trading market and exchange the tradable cryptocurrencies from the current suppliers by paying an extra amount of POL as a fee.

The mechanism provides crypto stakers a more convenient way to ensure liquidity and makes staking much more appealing to investors who will want the option to have access to their funds when needed to rebalance their portfolio.

If you want to redeem your locked-up assets, you can choose to post a sell offer in order to exchange staked assets for un-staked assets from others by paying a certain amount of POL.

More so, if you have un-staked assets, and you want to earn free POL or increase your locked-up amount on Pool-X, you can post a buy offer on the Liquidity Trading Market.


What Makes Pool-X The Best PoS Mining Pool?

  1. Users receive a share of the daily 250,000 POL tokens allocation along with their regular returns or profit from staking.
  2. The staked coin can be easily traded (cashed out or unstaked) in the liquidity trading market.
  3. Pool-X offers double rewards, flexible deposits & withdrawals, support of multiple coins, and tokens.


What Are the Advantages of the Pool-X?

  • Node Supermarket

The Pool-X mining pool operates on the core value of empowering digital asset staking and has integrated multiple/single coins with multiple nodes participating on the platform.

  • Liquidity Trading Market

Pool-X is the initiator of the industry’s first “Staking Lockup Return + Computer Power Trading” mechanism, providing staking returns and liquidity at the same time. What does this mean you say? –it means that users can trade their staked coins with others; the new owner now assumes full rights and liability for the staked coins or tokens for the remaining terms (days, week, month or year) till the contract matures and the staked coin along with the full staking rewards is claimed by the new owner (buyer).

  • Liquidity Evaluation System

The pool is the global pioneer of the liquidity evaluation system, providing real-time staking mining profit and POL allocation evaluations based on individual user’s contributions.

  • Node Integration Solutions

Pool-X provides one-stop integration technology and operational solutions that enable more nodes to reach their target users and build an industry-class PaaS (Pool as a Service) infrastructure.

How Do Users Make Profit On Pool-X?

  1. Trade in the liquidity trading market and earn POL.
  2. Enjoy the right of governance, voting, and validation of the data, as well as the right to enjoy the PoS returns by staking POL with the nodes.
  3. Enjoy your regular returns from staking and a share of the 250,000 daily POL allocation distributed among staking members of Pool-X

In Summary

Staking is one of the means of making passive and residual income and the KuCoin Exchange has been leading all innovations in this regard –starting with the KuCoin Soft Staking Program and now the Pool-X Mining Pool.

Pool-X offers the best of all worlds in staking, mining, and trading to anyone who is interested in taking part in the staking ecosystem.

Whether you are looking to run a node, or just to stake and earn the rewards, this new platform from KuCoin is able to facilitate this more conveniently than anywhere else.

Compared with other staking products, Pool-X is the world’s first pioneer of “Staking Mining”.

During the staking period, you can obtain double rewards, including the staking rewards and the mining rewards (denominated in POL), which is distributed among all stakers account on Pool-X daily.

With benefits for all parties such as anytime withdrawals of staked assets without sacrificing rewards, solutions for low liquidity problems through the liquidity trading market, and a variety of services for nodes providers, Pool-X makes a clear case for being the best staking pool platform available yet.

Joining the Pool-X mining pool is easy and fast. First, you need to Sign Up on the KuCoin Exchange, head to the Pool-X websiteand login using your KuCoin Exchange login credentials (e-mail address and password).

Transfer any of the supported tokens to your Pool-X account and start earning with a single click of the button.

What o do you think about the Pool-X staking and trading platform? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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