My Publish0x Earning Report for The Past 8 Months

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a publishing website where readers and authors earn crypto.

The platform was founded by Dan Bainbridge and was launched in December 2018.

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In this article, you will find:

  1. How I got to know about Publish0x
  2. Why I “Chose” to Publish on Publis0x
  3. What I have learned and I’m Learning on Publish0x
  4. Why I stayed and will remain on Publish0x
  5. My Success and Publish0x Earning Report
  6. My goals and plans on Publish0x

Don’t worry; this is going to be one of the shortest posts I have written yet.

All through the last quarter of 2019, I was actively planning and setting new goals ahead for the coming New Year 2020.

One of the major areas I was focused on was blogging. I have been written on our corporate blog while running my normal business but I wanted more success.

Plus I’m done writing passively; I want to get more active in publishing guides and informational content that will help both new and existing cryptocurrency investors.

I have seen too much stupidity, ignorance and cheer foolishness –I feel I can make a tiny difference.

What’s more, I want to make money doing just that –not by charging my readers through any other means of monetization.

  • I’m already on Medium –I don’t appreciate the earning potential there
  • I considered Steemit –it was too technical and maybe I just didn’t get to fall in love with the platform. I still have an account there.
  • I looked to start my blog –but the work of designing, writing, and maintaining a website and getting it to take off all alone looks too daunting, especially as I’m not a web designer.

How I Got to Know About and Chose Publish0x

I was passively looking for the best blogging alternative that suits my requirements.

It’s already December, and I was like –oh no. I can’t get into 2020 still searching. I gotta have everything set for the New Year rather than keep doing an endless search.

So I got more serious, with Google by my side.

By some good luck, I found an article on Hackernoon about a new crypto agnostic blah blah blah, which pays people for reading and writing content.

The article claimed this was Medium and Steemit killer –I got to check it out.

To cut the story short, I was NOT disappointed when I found Publish0x. The model seems just perfect for me.

What’s more, the simple blogging interface; clear and straightforward earning formula; and a friendly community were all I needed to know that this is the place.

I hate complex things –Publish0x was simple enough to comprehend.

And that’s one of the reasons why I chose to settle on Publish0x. I got my account created and approved as an author. It was easy and fast for me.

What I have learned and I’m Learning on Publish0x

The first “hard lesson” I learned on Publish0x was when I had my account blocked for plagiarism.

It was more of unattributed content curation of which I pleaded guilty and received the masters’ mercy.

Since then I decided never to do any form of content curation again and focus strictly on my original writing style and that’s been the way it’s been and will remain.

When you write original content, you won’t be scared when making withdrawals.

You know, the Publish0x team manually reviews your earnings during payout to see if there’s been any foul play related to your earning claims and if you’re found wanting, I’m sure you know about will follow.

You will not get an alert. You will lose the fake earnings and get your authorship revoked.

I learned to take content quality and originality more seriously than I have before now.

I now consider plagiarized or low-quality content as a sin against the internet and its users.

Why I Stayed and Will Remain on Publish0x

It’s hard to die young when you have a larger-than-life dream –and I want to live long

Publish0x is an ambitious project with a tall goal and an excellent business model. Plus I seem to share the same ideology with the team so there is this natural connection and flow.

Shout out to the folks at Publish0x, you guys are humble, ambitious, and competent. Thanks for the good work you’re doing with Publish0x and your other projects.

More so, the platform is easy to use –even for first-time bloggers. I am no first-time blogger (I have been blogging since 2009) but I know a beginner-friendly platform when I see one.

No hidden hurdles and overcomplicated earning and payment structure. Everything seems straightforward enough for even an idiot to understand.

Finally and for want of space, the Publish0x community seems to be more mature and knowledgeable compared to lousy platforms.

My Publish0x Earning Report

This post was supposed to be just about my earnings report for the past 8 months.

But I felt talking about how all this started and came about is a fair way to begin.

Ok. We are here now, on the real business of the day.

In 5 months we have:

  1. 1207 followers as at the time of hitting the publish button for this post
  2. 4183.6050 Hydro token Received
  3. 50.6599 DAI token received
  4. 873.1243 respected BAT received
  5. 318.8914 LRC received

Sorry, I’m not that much interested in the dollar values, as that depends on the time you’re seeing this post.

But if you want an estimate, at the current market price, all the tokens are worth just about $318

Not bad for a fun side gig considering that those tokens have lost a good percentage of their values from December 2019 to date.

Goals and Plans on Publish0x

We hope to make Publish0x a long-term partner.

Not just in writing and publishing content on the website but open to future collaborations that might be of mutual benefit.

Some of our specific goals are:

  1. Grow our followership to 5% of Publish0x total Registered Users by the end of 2020–tall goal? YES.
  2. Maintain at least a 10% engagement rate via likes, tips, and comments. Hard to measure, but a high engagement rate is a real deal for us.
  3. Tap into their larger audience to possibly boost our readership and traffic.

Ok, your turn now. What’s been your publish0x story? What have you earned so far? Share with us in the comments section below.

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