What is Quieroganar? | The project that helps you build and launch your own crypto project

How do you start a successful crypto project when you don’t have the experience or technical blockchain development skills?

You can, by leveraging the experience and skills of a competent blockchain service and consulting company like Quieroganar.

About Quieroganar

Quieroganar is a blockchain service and consulting company that advises new crypto projects and helps them build, secure and or audit their smart contracts and codes.

The company will help you get your project from idea all the way through the planning and implementation stage. 

And will always be there to help you secure and manage your project confidently, build new products and features as you grow, etc.

In other words, Quieroganar is your partner in progress who leverages their experience and skills to help you bring your crypto project to life.

Quieroganar services

1. Smart contract development

Quieroganar helps clients create and deploy efficient and secure smart contracts on the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum networks.

2. Personal consulting

When you want to talk to an experienced person about your project to provide you with an informed opinion on your idea and plans, you can hire Quieroganar.

The team will evaluate your project and give you feedback, answer your questions, clarify doubts, and give you actionable advice.

3. Audits and KYC solutions

Quieroganar provides smart contract and code audits and unique and transparent KYC (know your customer) services.

You can request an audit of your project to assure your project investors’ confidence and trust.

4. Project review

Quieroganar evaluates and provides reviews of projects, outlining the services they provide and how the user would profit from them.

This is aimed at helping would-be investors make informed decisions or even to contribute to a project’s whitepaper development.

5. Blockchain academy

Quieroganar recognises that there’s a gap in the market for blockchain education and is set out to fill it by launching its own blockchain academy.

Through the academy, Quieroganar aims to help people from all over the world to:

  • gain the needed blockchain knowledge and skills to launch their own successful cryptocurrency projects,
  • design and develop their own NFT games or collections
  • make better-informed cryptocurrency investment decisions and avoid falling victim to scams, etc.

6. Marketing

Quieroganar also provides marketing services to its clients to help them gain exposure, grow their community, and attract new investors through social media content development, YouTube videos, etc.

Since its inception, Quieroganar has collaborated with and helped over 200 projects to launch and offered guidance to many others.

Some of the company’s clients include Kamaleont, Educaverse, MYOO  MIT SOFTWARE, etc.

The Quieroganar (QG) token

On April 1, 2022, Quieroganar launched its own native token (QG) on the BNB Smart Chain.

The token has a total supply of 177,777,777 with currently about 500 holders. You can buy QG on PancakeSwap and view the chart on PooCoin or CoinsGem.

QG can be used to pay for all of Quieroganar’s services, such as advertising on its YouTube channel, developing smart contracts, and creating customized marketing strategies at considerable discounts.

Furthermore, Quieroganar is creating an online store for apparel where shoppers can buy and pay for items with the QG token.

The token is also accepted as a means of payment at the Quieroganar online blockchain academy.


Starting your own crypto or blockchain project can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the experience or technical skills to build and secure your smart contracts.

That’s where blockchain service companies like Quieroganar come in. 

The company gives you a shoulder to lean on and a wealth of experience to draw from while helping you build the products and features you need.

Quieroganar is a company dedicated to helping anyone develop and launch their own successful cryptocurrency and NFT projects.

The company provide budding projects with low-cost smart contracts development, audit, KYC, marketing, and educational services to give them a perfect headstart.


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