Top 9 DEX Aggregators For Better Prices & Lowest Slippage

There are thousands of tokens across hundreds of DEX Aggregators, each with its own separate pools and tiny liquidity. This problem of fragmented liquidity gives rise to different prices and high slippage, especially when making large volume trades. Furthermore, it’s hard to manually compare the liquidity and rates of multiple DEXs to determine which one will give you the best price for a trade. And this is where decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators come in.

DEX aggregators are liquidity search engines that aggregate liquidity from multiple DEXes and facilitate split trades to give you the best prices. They help you trade more efficiently by offering access to the deepest liquidity, lowest slippage, and best exchange rates across multiple DEXs on different chains. Using DEX aggregators, you’ll receive a better execution price than when you trade directly on a single DEX.

DEX aggregators instantly analyse thousands of quotes and fees across multiple DEXs to provide the best rates. Below is a simplified illustration of how DEX aggregators work:

  • Select the tokens you want to swap.
  • The DEX aggregator searches all the DEXs and finds the ones with liquidity for your trade, and compares liquidity depth, slippage, prices, and fees.
  • Then do some extremely complicated calculations in a matter of seconds to determine how best to split and route your trade for the best price.
  • And shows you the final rate and the liquidity sources it has selected to use for your trade.
  • You approve the transaction and let the protocol do its magic and settle your trade accordingly.

DEX aggregators save you time and money by optimizing your trades for maximum efficiency. In this post, I will share the best 9 DEX aggregators you can use to trade more efficiently.

These are some of the best DEX aggregators to optimise your trades for better rates. The list is in no particular order.

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