SuiPad airdrop

SuiPad airdrop for early contributors is confirmed

SuiPad is a launchpad that enables tier 1 projects to secure funding and launch on the Sui chain. The project is still in testnet and is expected to launch later this year (2023) once Sui Chain goes to mainnet. In a March 29, 2023 tweet, the project announced its Early Contributors Campaign which aims to reward you with the SUIP token airdrop and other benefits. Below, we discuss how you can participate in the SuiPad airdrop and earn as many SUIP tokens as you can when they launch on the Sui mainnet later this year.

1. Complete tasks on Crew3

The first step is to join the Suipad Crew3 and complete all or as many Quests as you can to increase your level and earn accumulate XP points.

To qualify for the airdrop, you must reach level 5 or above. Before mainnet, a snapshot of the total XP gained by all participants will be taken.

After the mainnet launches, the SUIP airdrop will be distributed to participants based on their share of the total XP earned in the campaign.

It’s that simple.

Join the SuiPad Crew3 campaign and start completing tasks, advancing in level, and tracking up those XP points.

New Quests are being added almost every day, so make sure to visit often and complete any new Quests to increase your level and XP.

SuiPad Roles

SuiPad currently has two very important roles you should try to gain. They are:

  1. Suip Commander Role: This requires you to reach level 10 on Crew3 and entitles you to a Private Sale and IDO whitelist spot on SuiPad.
  2. Suip Corporal Role: This requires you to reach level 7 on Cre3 and entitles to you to be whitelisted for IDOs on SuiPad.

The more Cre3 Quests you complete, the more XP you accumulate, and the higher your level until you can claim a role.

But remember, you only need to reach level 5 to qualify for the SuiPad (SUIP) token airdrop.

Contribute to the project

Be active in the SuiPad Discord chat and contribute meaningfully to the development of the project in whatever capacity you can.

You can even apply to work for them by completing this Google form.


SuiPad is a major project on the Sui chain, especially with its recent partnership with Mysten Labs, creators of the Sui Network. partnership announcement

This airdrop does not require any upfront financial investment. Just some of your time and contributions. So, don’t sleep on it.