EtherMail airdrop for early users | confirmed and free

EtherMail is a web3 email solution that enables anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.

It enables companies to send rich and relevant content directly to specific asset holders based on real-time on-chain data and rewards users for reading relevant content in their inboxes.

With EtherMail, you have full ownership, control, and sovereignty of your inbox, just as everything crypto and web3 promise.

And what’s more interesting is that their token (EMT) launch and airdrop are confirmed. So, here’s your chance for a guaranteed airdrop.

How to participate in the EtherMail (EMT) airdrop

First, go to the EtherMail website and signup to get a 250 EMC welcome bonus.


Click the Signup for free button as shown in the above screenshot.


You’ll be prompted to connect your wallet and approve a signature request. So, select your wallet, connect, and sign accordingly to proceed.

Once you successfully connect your wallet to the platform, you’ll get a welcome message as shown above.

This means your EtherMail email box has been created and is ready to start sending and receiving email messages.

Click the next button to go to proceed.

You’ll be asked to provide a backup or secondary email address for security purposes for an additional 200 EMSC.

You can choose to give them an email address you’re comfortable sharing or skip it. Your choice.

I gave them my public email address to claim my 200 EMC. Once you’re done entering your email address, click the Great! button to proceed.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your EtherMail account. Now click Go to inbox! to see who’s sent you a message already.


Oops! yeah, not so fast. Let’s retrieve your encryption keys first by signing a message with your wallet.

So, click the Retrieve Encrypto Keys button to proceed and sign the message with your wallet accordingly.

Click the Finish! button to go to your inbox.


You can start receiving messages to your EtherMail inbox, but you won’t be able to send messages immediately until they verify your account is not spam.

Currently, the only verification requirement is that you have executed transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

The protocol will do this verification automatically and enable your account accordingly once done.

So, make sure you use a wallet that has some transactions on the Ethereum chain.

How to earn more EtherMail Coins (EMC)

You can earn more EMC by referring people to the platform. For each person, you invite to the platform using your referral link, you get 250 EMC.

Feel free to use my EtherMail referral link to connect to the site. Thanks for your support.

Furthermore, you can also add your EtherMail account to your Android, iOS, and other devices to get an additional 500 EMC. Click the links for the settings for your device.

I added it to outlook and already got my extra 500 EMC.


The EtherMail token and airdrop are confirmed and require $0 to participate and earn.

So, try to earn as much EMC as you can which you can convert to the EMT token when it launches.

According to the team, the EMC to EMT conversion ratio will be defined at the time of token launch.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with the people you care about so they too can benefit.

“This post is not an endorsement or promotion of any project; it is intended to provide you with information on their potential airdrop only. Please note that the project(s) could fail or end up being a scam for any reason. Make sure you do your own research and know exactly what you’re doing before investing in any crypto project”.

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