Presearch (PRE) fundamental analysis and price predictions

Presearch (PRE) is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies in the market right now based on the project’s fundamentals.

What is Presearch (PRE)?

Presearch is a next-generation, decentralized search engine powered by the community that rewards users with its native cryptocurrency (PRE) for searching on, contributing to, and promoting the platform.

Check out this project introduction video by the Presearch team to learn more.

Presearch was founded by Colin Pape in June 2017 to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar internet search industry by:

  1. Building an open, community-driven search engine with transparent ranking factors and involving the community in product development, consensus, and quality control.
  2. Prioritizing users’ search experience and privacy over profit.
  3. Ensuring that everyone gets rewarded for their time, attention, and data rather than a single monstrous company profiting off of everyone else.
  4. Creating a level-playing field for content creators and digital marketers.
  5. Breaking the internet search hegemony, where a single Company accounts for more than 70% of all searches and acts as the primary gatekeeper of the internet. 

As of today, November 4, 2021, there are over 2.7 million registered users on Presearch, performing more than 3.8 million searches per daily and growing fast.

The platform and its search engine are currently being developed and managed by its parent Company — Global Limited — before it transitions into a fully decentralized, community-run search engine. Global Limited is a duly registered Canadian Company with a contact address at, 270 King Street, Midland, Ontario.

So, in summary,

  1. Presearch is the platform managed by Global Limited
  2. Dsearch is the search engine developed by Presearch
  3. PRE is the native cryptocurrency on the Presearch platform

The Team: Who are those behind Presearch?

Key members of the Presearch team are:

  • Colin Pape

The founder and CEO of Presearch. Also the founder and CEO of ShopCity — A platform that connects local businesses with consumers online.

  • Trey Grainger

Formerly a founding member of the Presearch advisory board and now is chief technology officer (CTO).

Trey is a respected open-source search expert who, before taking the CTO job, was the chief algorithm officer (CAO) at Lucidworks.

He is the author of the two books: AI-Powered Search and Solr in Action, and an advisor to several organizations through his Company — Searchkernel.

Trey is more than competent and experienced to lead the development of Presearch. Click or tap here to learn more about Trey and his work.


  • Tim Enneking

Tim is the longest-serving member (along with Trey) and chairman of the Presearch advisory board.

  • Ed Reese

Ed joined Presearch in July 2020 as director of Advertiser Relations & Keyword Staking.

He is the founder of Sixth Man Marketing — an online marketing agency that provides marketing, advertising, and usability research for clients in diverse industries.

Also, Ed is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Gonzaga University and a popular public speaker on online marketing & advertising, usability, and careers in digital marketing.

According to a response by one of the admins on telegram, about 3 other developers are currently working with the team in building the Presearch engine.

Other lesser-known members of the team serving in various capacities are Amber, Jeremiasz, Marco, Dave, Corey, and Thomas.

How Does Presearch Work?

Presearch’s is an alternative search engine that promises better search results and experience.

You can use Presearch the same way you have been using other search engines — to search for information online.

To begin using Presearch right way:

  1. First download and install the official extensions for your browser or get the Android or iOS apps for your mobile devices.
  2. Sign up for a free Presearch account to be able to receive your search rewards. You also need to have an account to be able run ads on the platform if you’re an adveertiser.
  3. You can enter your search queries directly into your address bar and the extension will automatically pick it up or launch the Presearch engine website and type in your search queries into the search box.
  4. Hit enter and view the search results
  5. You can easily switch to view the search results using another search engine if you want (thanks to the latest search experience upgrade).

Simple, right? Yeah.

But that’s not all.

Unlike other search engines that mine your data for profit, Presearcch pays you to search.

For every search you perform on Presearch you earn 0.25 PRE, up to a maximum of 8 PRE tokens per day.

Before we continue let’s get something clear here. You are not searching because you want to earn free money. 

But you’re being paid for searching because your search is valuable and the platform is sharing some of that value with you.

How is my search valuable?

Good question!

Every search you make is returned with an Ad. at the top of the search results page; similar to what you see below.

Advertisers on Presearch pay with PRE tokens to be able to show their messages to you — similar to how Google Adwords work.

However, unlike Google that doesn’t share part of those Ads revenue with users, Presearch gives everyone a cut of the cake.

Every search earns the platform some PRE tokens, and that revenue is in turn shared with you (the searcher), search node operators, developers, promoters, etc.

So, that’s why, and how you earn for searching using Presearch.

Ok. Now I get that part.

Search Experience on Presearch

From the inception, Presearchers have the option to perform searches through any of the over 100 different search providers supported by the platform.

What that means is that you can choose to have your search results come from Google search, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Etherscan, and a host of other search providers. 

You can easily switch between search providers even for the same search query for a more granular result.

However, searches made using other search engines are not eligible for PRE rewards.

Because Presearch doesn’t earn any revenues from such searches and those search engines would not share their revenue with you.

Only the searches made with the Presearch engine — Dsearch — brings value to the Presearch network and will earn you a share of the network’s revenue.

Decentralized Presearch Nodes

Now, it’s important to note that Presearch has been and is currently a centralized technology that uses third-party APIs to fetch search results.

The introduction of Presearch nodes is the first step in the transition to a fully decentralized search engine.

The beta version of the Presearch nodes is scheduled for launch in September 2020 with a full public launch in Q4 2020.

Why Presearch Nodes?

Presearch nodes are what makes the search engine decentralized, with different nodes operators from all over the world helping to maintain and secure the network.

Rather than maintain centralized data centers that store search indexes and return search results for users queries, anyone can run a Presearch nodes software and be compensated in PRE for the work they provide and based on the amount of value they add to the network.

Presearch nodes will perform such tasks as crawling, indexing, and serving search results to end-users among others.

The benefits will be:

  1. A more decentralized search engine
  2. No central point of failure. Censorship resistant.
  3. Faster and better search experience
  4. A more private and secure network that is maintained by the community for the community.
  5. A more transparent and richer search results
  6. Customizable search

The Presearch (PRE) Token:

PRE is the native cryptocurrency of the Presearch platform. It is used to reward users and community members for searching, contributing to, and promoting the platform.

Important Facts About PRE:

  1. PRE is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token.
  2. The maximum supply of the PRE is 500,000,000. 
  3. The all-time high (ATH) price of PRE was $1.40 recorded on January 3, 2018
  4. The all-time low (ATL) price was $0.001373 recorded on November 14, 2019
  5. As I write this line, PRE is trading at $0.247577 per token. Click here to see the price of PRE right now.

PRE Token Use Cases

What is the Presearch (PRE) token used for that makes it valuable?

  1. PRE is used to reward users for searching with Dsearch — the Presearch decentralized search engine.
  2. PRE is used for keyword staking by advertisers looking to display Ads to users of Presearch
  3. PRE is used to run search nodes on Presearch. Node operators stake PRE as a security deposit and earn more PRE for serving search queries to users.
  4. PRE is used by members to vote and participate in decision making on the platform. i.e it gives holders governance rights.
  5. PRE is used to pay contributors and promoters of the platform.
  6. PRE is used to purchase items from the Presearch Store. 
  7. Users can stake PRE to enjoy Presearch without Ads.
  8. Users can use PRE to flag spammy, malicious Ads on Presearch.
  9. PRE is used to reward users who opt to share some of their data with the network for a more personalized search experience.
  10. PRE is used by advertisers to pay for Ad credits based upon a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model.
  11. PRE is used to reward or incentivize nodes operators (coming soon).

For more on PRE utility, please read the Presearch vision paper.

Why and How Presearch (PRE) is about to pop

Firstly, 50% of the token supply was burned in April 2020 which brought the maximum supply to 500,000,000 (500mn) PRE which theoretically makes each token worth 50% more than before. 

For your information, this change hasn’t reflected in the price of PRE yet.

You are sitting on a bomb!

Secondly, keyword staking is a revolutionary concept that will drive the value of PRE especially as advertisers compete against each other for popular keywords.

For example, the most staked keyword on Presearch is “Bitcoin” which has about 7 million PRE staked against it. You need 1000 extra PRE to take the number spot from that person. 

Now, imagine for a moment that we have just 1,000 of such highly popular and competitive keywords advertisers are competing to stake PRE against.

Let’s do some fun maths here.

You will need 1000*7000000 = 7 billion PRE, but there’s only 500 million maximum supply.

What do you think is about to happen? Yes, you tell me! 

Thirdly, Presearch nodes operators require a significant amount of PRE as a security deposit to run.

The more PRE a node operator has staked in the network, the more their capacity to serve, and the higher their potential rewards. 

Demand pressures will rise as node operators scramble to acquire as much PRE as they can to power up their nodes to earn even more PRE.

Fourthly, as the network inches closer to producing the world’s truly decentralized, community-run search engine, it will attract an even greater number of users, marketers, node operators, and a host of other planned use cases that requires PRE.

All contributing to increasing the demand for and value of the PRE token which could give you some enviable returns assuming you acquire some at the currently cheap price.

Finally, and I am wearing my speculative hat right now. 

At 1 billion total supply PRE recorded an ATH price of $1.4 per token during the peak of the last bull market, even without any serious use cases.

Now that the supply is cut in half with lots of use cases to go with I don’t see why $1 by 2021 should not be an easy target.

That would translate to a 4900% or 49X return on investment in a year or two.

Where Can I Buy and Store PRE?

PRE is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token and can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum and Egthereum tokens such as Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc.

As at the time of writing this post, PRE is being traded on 3 different exchanges: KuCoin, Probit, and HitBTC (KuCoin is your best bet).

Avoid HitBTC by all means because of their exorbitant transaction fees — except you want to lose money.

Useful Links for Your Further Research

  • Presearch Website
  • Presearch Blog
  • Presearch Vision Paper (Whitepaper 2.0)
  • Presearch Github
  • Presearch Official Twitter
  • Presearch Official Telegram


Presearch is aiming to build the world’s first opn-source, decentralized, community-driven, and transparent search engine that is based on blockchain technology.

But a search engine is only as successful as the number of people using it.

As a result, the Company and community have a lot to do not just in developing the technology and search infrastructure but also in creating awareness and attracting a critical mass of users from Google and other existing competitors.

There’s been almost zero marketing and drive to acquire new users, and most of the current users of the platform are cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

For Presearch (PRE) to achieve its full potential and attain the projected value, it needs tons of users.

More users will attract more advertisers which in turn will create increased demand and value for the PRE toke.

The reverse is equally true. Fewer users make the platform unattractive to advertisers and that means less room for growth.

I would love to see the team rolling out strategies and programs to attract more users, including those from outside of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

The future looks bright for Presearch but there’s so much work to do.


I own some PRE. And this is certainly NOT investment advice.

Please for your own sanity, do not go about expecting or worse taking investment advice from some “expert” on the internet. 

Always DYOR to be able to make informed and independent investment decisions.

Because you’re 100% responsible for your decisions and actions.

What do you think about Presearch (PRE) and its decentralized search engine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.