TrustSwap (SWAP) fundamental analysis and price prediction for 2020-2025

TrustSwap (SWAP) is one of the few DeFi projects with very solid fundamentals and rapidly becoming a prominent pillar in the DeFi landscape.

Is this another ChainLink in the making, or something even bigger?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

In this article, we will discuss:


What is TrustSwap?

TrustSwap (TS) is a non-custodial DeFi platform that facilitates trusted transactions on the Ethereum blockchain between two or more parties in any part of the world.

Watch the TrustSwap story and what the project is all about as narrated by the team themselves in the video below:

The project aims to make it easy, safe, and cheap for anyone to conduct trustless transactions with a total stranger in some other remote part of the world without having to worry about being scammed or having to employ the services of a trusted third party such as a lawyer or accountant to enforce the deal.

According to their whitepaper, the Company is registered and based in Edmonton, Canada with Reg. No: 12170639 Canada Inc. DBA.

Their vision?:

To become the go-to DeFi ecosystem for all smart-contract services including, but not limited to: escrow, time-release, token locks, crypto subscriptions, event-release, cross-chain integration, and other DEX solutions.

Their mission?:

To automate and simplify the transaction process between people and/or organizations around the world through the use of well-built decentralized finance applications, eliminating the need for middlemen and 3rd party intermediaries.

TrustSwap is tackling some of the major pain-points of the DeFi ecosystem with its unique technologies such as the SmartLock, SmartSwap, SmartSubscription, SmartLaunch, and the many more tools and solutions they’re building at an amazing speed.


The TrustSwap (SWAP) Token and Tokenomics

SWAP is an Ethereum-based, ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency of the TrustSwap platform.


Important Facts about the SWAP Token:

  • The maximum supply of SWAP is 100 million.
  • 60 million (60%) was sold in the ILO (initial liquidity offering).
  • The ILO price was $0.005.
  • 20 million (20%) was allocated for marketing, development, legal, bounties, and airdrop campaigns.
  • 20 million (20%) was allotted to the team.

For the latest price, circulating supply, and other information about the SWAP token, please take a look at their CoinGecko page.


SWAP Use Cases:

  • The SWAP token is earned as a reward for staking on TrustStake as 80% of all transaction fees paid in SWAP are distributed to stakers.
  • The SWAP token is used as the governance token of the TrustSwap platform as stakers are provided with enhanced voting rights.
  • Projects and individuals using the TrustSwap platform are charged a 50% discounted fee in the SWAP token.
  • 10% of all transaction or service fees paid in SWAP are burned and the other 10% goes to the foundation.


The TrustSwap Team

Who are those behind the TrustSwap project? Can they be trusted? Are they competent? What is their track record?

Let’s take a deep look at the TrustSwap Team.

  • Jeff Kirdeikis

TrustSwap was founded by Jeff Kirdeikis in June 2020 after an experience he had with implementing a time-based payment release problem as narrated below.

Jeff is also the founder of the largest cryptocurrency community on Facebook with over 1.6 million followers —Cryptocurrency Investing Network.

He is also the founder and CEO of Uptrennd — one of the most engaged crypto-based social network sites in the space.

  • Adam Barlam

Also on the TrustSwap Team as the chief technology officer (CTO) is Adam Barlam.

Previously, Adam worked with Intel and GoDaddy as a senior architect.

Adam also was the developer of the blockchain projects — BravoCoin (a platform that allows users to earn crypto for writing reviews) and Rebuzz (a decentralized social network).

He brings to TrustSwap his considerable development knowledge and high-level industry experience as a top-notch technologist.

Other members of the TrustSwap top management team are Joaquim Miro and Bradley Townsend.

  • Joaquim Miro

Miro is the chief growth officer (CGO) and is touted to be the youngest Canadian inducted to the Canadian Marketing Association. 

He currently works with, connecting institutional money to crypto.

  • Bradley Towsend

Lastly, is Bradley Towsend. Bradley is the business development manager described as “an experienced growth enabler with extensive business acumen and an impressive network of both C-level executives and notable grass-roots thought leaders”.

He brings his experience and connections to help support both the short term growth and sustainable long term development of new and existing projects in the TrustSwap ecosystem.

Judging from the above and looking at how fast they’re building and growing, it is obvious that the team has some solid network, experience, and expertise to make this project a huge success.

Hear what Jeff has to say about what he and his team are doing:

I’m not here to build a mickey-mouse shitcoin… We’re building something to service MULTIPLE multi-billion dollar industries ~ Jeff Kirdeikis (TrustSwap CEO).


The Complete Suite of TrustSwap (SWAP) Products and Services

TrustSwap is building a wide array of interesting DeFi products and solutions both for individuals and corporate users which are scheduled to be rolled out in five different phases according to the project’s roadmap

Prominent among the TrustSwap suite of DeFi products are:

  • SmartLaunch
  • TrustStake
  • SmartLock
  • SmartSwap
  • SmartSubscription
  • TrustOptions
  • TrustDEX
  • SmartSwap

The first four (4) products mentioned above have already been rolled out and the rest are in different stages of development based on the project’s roadmap.

Let’s take a brief look at each of the products below to get a good idea of what Jeff and his team are up to.

  • SmartLaunch

The TrustSwap SmartLaunch aims to provide all projects, access to a strong and fair launch. From their token sale to marketing, liquidity or team token lock-ups, event-based payments, initial momentum, and much more.

Available information on the TrusSwap website shows that SmartLaunch is already integrated with the Unilayer Launchpad in other to provide new crypto projects fair and powerful token launches.

This integration positions both TrustSwap and Unilayer as primary candidates to support ALL token launches.

Though the Company aims to give all new projects equal opportunity, at the moment only a limited amount of projects are accepted onto the Official TrustSwap Launchpad.

I am not sure the reason for this move, but they also stated that projects that launch on the Unilayer Launchpad will use TrustSwaps token lock services as well as be charged a 2.5% fee that will be used to buy back SWAP tokens that will be distributed to stakers.

For example, say:

  • A project raises $5,000,000 through the launchpad.
  • 2.5% of that which is $125,000 would be collected in ETH as a service fee.
  • That $125,000 would then be used to purchase SWAP tokens on the open market.
  • This SWAP would then be distributed to stakers.
  • Stakers will also earn from the fees collected from the projects using the token lock software services.

Also, to get priority access to the Unilayer Launchpad projects, participants must be holding both SWAP and LAYER.

This is likely due to the fact, usually, not every participant can buy into an initial offering due to the competition, as everyone wants to get the cheap tokens before it enters the market.

Therefore, holding the tokens of both platforms SWAP and LAYER will almost always guarantee that your own purchase will be processed first.

  • TrustStake

Staking on TrustStake earns you a share of the 80% of all network transaction fees paid in SWAP, in proportion to your share of the total SWAP staked.

For example, if you have 7% of the total SWAP staked on the platform, you will earn 7% of the fees paid to stakers.

Some of the cool functionalities to be implemented on the staking platform any moment from now include:

  • The ability to stake multiple times or restake the rewards you have earned from the same wallet, and
  • The ability to withdraw only the rewards earned without having to unstake the whole amount.

Currently staking rewards on the platform is nearly worthless but that will likely change as more people and projects use the platform and fees are being generated from the transactions.

Also interesting to note is that TrustStake is a non-custodial staking platform.

Meaning that your tokens never leave your wallet and therefore cannot be stolen even if the team plans to.

  • SmartLock

The TrustSwap SmartLock or time-released payment system was developed to support team token lock-ups, investors token locks, vesting, escrow services, multiple recurring payments, single-event future payments,  and any other time-based payment use case you can think of.

This product is similar to SmartSwap but with extra features and functionality such as support for:

  • Automated and recurring crypto payment based on a predetermined schedule
  • Payroll management
  • Trust funds management
  • Will execution


  • SmartSwap

The TrustSwap SmartSwap smart contract allows two (2) completely independent and potentially anonymous parties to seamlessly and automatically swap any amount of ETH or ERC-20 token without requiring the services of a trusted middleman.

SmartSwap is described by the team as “the true definition of P2P trustless transactions”.

Some of the examples of what you can do with SmartSwap include but certainly not limited to:

  • Conducting an OTC deal with someone in any part of the world.
  • Performing any kind of token swap with another user in a trustless and automated transaction.

The actual process is so easy and straightforward you will wonder why someone hasn’t done this earlier.

All incoming and outgoing transactions are fetched from your Ethereum Web3 wallet and displayed on the SmartSwaps dashboard.

More so, all relevant data such as transaction timestamps, and hashes are conveniently listed for easy tracking.

  • SmartSubscription

SmartSubscription is a product targeted at providing support for crypto subscription service businesses.

This will allow content producers and consumers to engage in a subscription-based model agreement via customized smart contracts.

How does it work?

  • Connect your wallet to the SmartSubscription smart contract and seamlessly manage all of your subscriptions without sacrificing the privacy or security of your funds.
  • Pay monthly subscription fees in any Ethereum or Ethereum-based asset.

SmartSubscription can be used to service all kinds of subscription-based businesses. From online service providers to online retailers, Patreon content creators, online course providers, or even automated payroll management. 

There is a massive potential upside to the use of this service as recurring subscriptions are by far the most used billing method for online service providers in the world.


  • TrustOptions

TrustOptions is being developed to allow option sellers to earn premiums on their Ethereum and Ethereum-based (ERC-20, ERC-721, etc.) crypto collateral, and options buyers to insure themselves against technical, financial, and other risks associated with participating or investing in token projects.

  • TrustDEX

TrustDEX will provide support for non-custodial margin trading with stop-loss orders for any Ethereum or Ethereum-based crypto asset.

Users will be able to take long positions with up to 5x leverage and short positions with up to 4x leverage directly from their Web3 connected wallets.

This sounds very similar to what UniTrade and Unilayer are doing but taken a step further with the leverage (longing and shorting) features.

Trading fees generated from SmartDEX will be shared between liquidity providers and SWAP stakers.

  • SmartWrap

The TrustSwap SmartWrap enables you to wrap any token onto the Ethereum network, similar to wBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) so that these tokens from non-Ethereum blockchains can seamlessly connect and interact with Ethereum-based wallets, decentralized exchanges, and the TrustSwap ecosystem.

Thus saving project developers a massive amount of time and money that they would have otherwise spent in building proprietary wallets. 

SmartWrap is a Wrapping as a Service (WaaS) solution that will allow any project to interact with the Ethereum Network seamlessly.

TrustSwap (SWAP) Price Prediction for 2020-2025

What will 1 SWAP be worth in the next one, two, to five years?

I don’t know. Nobody does — not even Jeff himself can tell you “buy SWAP it will be worth so and so next month or next 2 years”.

However, we can look at the market facts, product use cases, tokenomics, technical analysis (if you are good at with it), and use this information to make educated guesses of what the price of a single SWAP could be in the immediate and distant future.

Let’s begin with the projections made by the TrustSwap team in their whitepaper (business plan).

Should the above scenario play out, the project will be worth at least $4 billion.

This will put the SWAP token in the range of $40 apiece (minimum).

Hold on. Don’t go pricing that yacht yet.

Let’s do some more low-key maths.

As at the time of writing this line, SWAP is trading at $0.35 per token.

This is 6,900% from it’s ILO price of 0.005. I am not even going to mention that the ATH was $$1.65 and the fact that more tokens are being systematically burnt —which ultimately reduces the supply. 

If we keep up with the current level of development, and more tokens are being taken out of circulation due to staking and systematic buy-back and burn, coupled with multiple working products with real-life usage we can conservatively expect a 1000% increase in the price of SWAP in the next 1 year.

Which will realistically put the price of 1 SWAP token at $3.95.

Right from the top of my head, below are my personal expectations for the price of SWAP token from 2020-2025:

Dec. 2020: $1.5

Dec. 2021: 3.95

Dec. 2022: $7.9

Dec. 2023: $15.8

Dec. 2024: $31.6

Dec. 2025: $63.2

This is based on the assumption that the price will double every year for the next 5 years as the tokens become more scarce by the day (due to staking and burning) and revenue generated by the various products increases.

We could blow past my 5 years prediction in just 6 months and we could also go to zero in that same period.

Invest responsibly.



TrustSwap is one of the DeFi projects that I am excited about because of their solid use cases, dedicated team, and unique product offerings.

This article should only be used for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice.

You alone are fully responsible for any decision or action you take based on the information contained and opinions expressed in this article.

Therefore, endeavor to always do your own research so that you can make independent and informed investment decisions.

And yes! I own a small amount of SWAP token which I swing occasionally using my favorite trading strategy.


TrustSwap is solely focused on offering secure, trustless, and decentralized solutions that cater to the needs of everyone, from individuals to small businesses, and large corporations.

Enabling individuals and organizations to easily and securely exchange cryptocurrency and digital assets at a cheaper cost and with greater speed.

I see a potential for TrustSwap to become an indispensable project in the DeFi space similar to the position occupied by ChainLink today as almost every crypto project (not just) will require one or more of the services offered by TrsutSwap.

What’s also more interesting is the fact that TrustSwap is the first and only DeFi project that is primarily focused on building tools and solutions for time-based swaps. smart escrows, and subscription-based crypto payments.

With a passionate and dedicated team, solid product-market fit, enticing tokenomics, and an obvious first-mover advantage, nothing is stopping TrustSwap from becoming a multi-billion dollar business.

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