2 ways to earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Brave Browser

You can earn more Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) on the Brave Browser by viewing Brave Ads or becoming a Brave Creator.

With solid fundamentals and a potential for massive price appreciation a few years forward due to increasing adoption and enhanced use cases, the Basic Attention Token is one of the top cryptocurrencies you must or should aim to accumulate as much as you can NOW that’s relatively cheap.

Aside from buying on exchanges, which seem to get more accessible by the day as the token is on almost every major cryptocurrency exchange, you can earn more BAT on the Brave Browser in the following ways:

  1. Earn Basic Attention Tokens by viewing Brave Ads
  2. Earn Basic Attention Tokens by Signing up as a Brave Creator

Let’s zoom in on these three (2) ways to earn more of the Basic Attention Token quickly.


Earn Basic Attention Tokens by viewing Brave Ads.

First, you want to install and switch to the Brave Browser immediately.

Congrats and welcome onboard the Brave ship.

Now, you don’t just enjoy a safer and faster internet that saves you money by using less of your data; you will be paid for your attention and time spent on the internet when you browse with Brave Browser.

Also, the Brave Ads are not just pleasantly relevant and less intrusive; not a single byte of your data will leave your computer or smartphone.

The entire ad-matching process occurs exclusively on your device, and your data will stay yours.

Your privacy is a top priority with Brave.

Brave Rewards decides which ads to show depending on your browser activity, but the entire accounting process is anonymous.

Right from your Brave Browser settings, you can opt-in to watch Brave Ads and get paid (usually around 0.1 BAT) for every single Ad the platform serves to you as a Browser notification – estimated to be about 70% of the ad revenue generated from advertisers.

More importantly, you can specify how many ads you wish to see per hour, and Brave will not show you more ads than you’re willing to see or engage with.

Finally, if you use the Brave Browser more frequently as your everyday browser, you could accumulate up to $5 or more worth of Basic Attention Tokens every month just for doing nothing other than surfing the internet better than how you’ve been doing all your years.


Earn Basic Attention Tokens by Signing up as a Brave Creator

The second way to earn more BAT on Brave is to become a Brave Creator.

Do you own a website, YouTube channel, publication, Twitch channel, Vimeo channel, Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub account?

If yes, Brave Rewards can help you earn even more for doing what you do best and get your fair share of the internet and advertising money.

You don’t have to rely on Ad revenue to sustain your work anymore; get paid directly by your audience for the content you create by becoming a Brave Creator.


What are Brave Rewards for Content Creators?

The Brave Rewards program is a system that enables internet users to tip (or simply reward) their favorite content creators with the BAT they earned by viewing Brave Ads.

The program allows you to anonymously support the sites you visit and love with your Basic Attention Tokens.

With Brave Rewards, your browser tallies the attention you spend on the sites you visit and divides up a monthly BAT contribution among sites based on your attention.


“You can support content creators by setting a monthly contribution. It’s a way of thanking them for making great content on an ongoing basis. Verified creators get paid for their contributions during the first week of each calendar month”. ~Brave.

How Does the Brave Rewards Program Work?

  1. Brave Browser users earn BAT for choosing to view Brave Ads
  2. Your readers, subscribers, and followers on your various channels tip you with their BAT. This could be a one-time tip, or they can set up a monthly recurring contribution to support your works
  3. You receive your tokens each month. Paid by Brave.

However, before this good thing can happen to you as a Brave content creator, you must sign up as a verified content creator on the Brave Rewards program.

This is as easy as installing a simple plugin on your WordPress website or logging in to your video channels or Twitter account with your email address and password and giving Brave Access to these accounts to install the tip buttons.


Finally, and by the way — What is Brave?


Brave is an innovative digital advertising and rewards platform co-founded by the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox that rewards users with the Basic Attention Token for choosing to view Brave Ads.

Brave is a privacy-first (blocks all 3rd-party ads and trackers by default), super-fast, and low-cost browser (using 60% less data) that rewards users for their attention.

Which other ways do you earn some more Basic Attention Tokens? Share with us in the comments section below.