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What is Brave Browser? | 6 Important Facts About Brave

The Brave Browser –a product of Brave Software, Inc. has made a name for itself for being the fastest, most private, secure, web browser currently in the market.

Not just that, its novel advertising model which rewards users with its native cryptocurrency –the Basic Attention Token (BAT)– for choosing to view optional, privacy-respecting Ads is a hit among both the users and advertisers.

1. What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a free, open-source, fast, private, secure internet browser based on the Chromium framework that blocks ads, website trackers and provides a way for users to earn and reward their favorite content creators with its native cryptocurrency –the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

2. Who Owns the Brave Browser?

The Brave Browser was developed by Brave Software, Inc. A United States (US) based company co-founded by Brendan Eich (CEO) and Brian Bondy (CTO) and established on May 28, 2015.

Brendan is the creator of the popular programming language –JavaScript and the former CEO and co-founder of Mozilla Corporation, a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation  –an American, not-for-profit organization behind the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The Brave team comprises of over 78 other people (and still growing) who work alongside the founders to build, develop, and grow the Brave eco-system and build a better, safer web for internet users.

3. Is Brave Browser Legit?

Emphatically yes! Brave is a privacy-first, secure web browser that is far safer and faster than Google’s Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and comes with its security and privacy settings fully enabled by default upon installation.

Brave goes a step further to protect your privacy by providing you with an extra, optional private window with TOR (the onion router) which hides your internet browsing history and your IP address from your internet service provider (ISP) and the websites you visit.

Legally, Brave is a fully regulated and compliant company. In fact, the company has been in the fore-front of privacy advocacy. And has been successful in not just exposing the fraudulent operations of other internet giants but has made them wake up to the realization that users’ privacy and security on the internet are paramount and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

4. Is Brave better than Chrome and Other Browsers?

Yes. In a research and speed test of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Brave) conducted by, Brave was found to be 3-6x faster than any of them. See the results below:

Furthermore, in another research conducted to find out “What Browsers Say When They Phone Home”; conducted on the top six popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Brave, and Yandex in order to uncover what these browsers send back to the creators; Brave emerged as the most secure and private browser followed by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Here’s the full report of the study –see for yourself.

Unlike other browsers, the Brave doesn’t spy on you, nor steal your personal details for profit.

The Brave browser is faster, more secure and private than all other browsers in the market and on top of that, Brave rewards you with its native cryptocurrency (BAT) IF you choose to view its optional, privacy-respecting Ads.


5. Should You Use (switch to) the Brave Browser?

Definitely, yes! –IF your privacy and security are important to you. What’s more, brave rewards you just for using the browser, Brave is faster than any other browser currently in the market, and Brave gives you the opportunity to tip your favorite content creators and websites “anonymously”, plus it’s super easy to switch to the Brave Browser.

6. How Much Can You Make With Brave?

Using Brave as your regular, everyday browser like most of us; you can expect to earn up to $5 (more or less) worth of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) every month depending on where you live (your country) and other factors –like the number of Ads available to you, how many Ads you have opted to see per hour, etc.

The BAT you earn for viewing Ads is automatically credited into your Brave Rewards account which you can either use to tip your favorite content creators and websites like CryptoSorted (we appreciate and encouragement) or withdraw into your bank account using the Uphold service.

You may also HODL (hold) the tokens and hopefully, the price will appreciate months or years down the line and you will enjoy greater profits. The Basic Attention Token is actually one of the best and highly undervalued cryptocurrencies you can invest in right now.

Get braved up and start enjoying a safer, faster browsing experience today.


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