Top 5 reasons you should make Presearch your default search engine

If you’re not using Presearch as your default search engine, you’re both leaving money on the table and doing yourself disfavours.

What is Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized, private, and community-powered search engine that rewards users with its native cryptocurrency (PRE).

The project rewards you with PRE for using, contributing to, and promoting the search engine.

In my Presearch fundamental analysis article, I shared with you how undervalued the project is and why you should be accumulating the token right now.

If you have not read it, I suggest you go check it out asap.

However, in this post, I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why you should be using Presearch as your default search engine.

And how not doing so is like stealing money from yourself and throwing it away.

5 reasons you should make Presearch your default search engine

1. Protects your privacy

Presearch is a privacy-first search engine that does not track you or store your search queries like Google and other traditional search engines.

Search queries are processed by a decentralized network of nodes from all over the world. So there’s no central point of failure like a data centre.

The search engine does not collect or store any personal information of users such as your IP address, GPS location, nor does it use cookies and trackers.

Searches on Presearch is anonymous and private. So you can rest assured that your secret is kept by only you.

Therefore, there’s no possibility of some big-tech company losing or selling your personal data.

No trackers following your every move on the internet looking to monetize you endlessly.

The Presearch search engine considers you a user rather than a product as Google and other search engines take you.

The days of big-tech and prying eyes snooping on you overtly and covertly are over.

2. Get a 25 PRE signup bonus

When you signup on Presearch as a new user, you get 25 PRE tokens as a welcome bonus.

At the current price of $0.2323 per token that’s about a $5.8 gift signing up.

I bet Google and other search engines haven’t given you that much in your lifetime of using the search engine.

They wouldn’t even consider it.

How to signup on Presearch

  • Click HERE to go to Presearch.
  • Click Join Presearch.
  • Enter your email address and a password.
  • Hit the Signup Now button

You may be asked to verify your email address to be sure, do that and you’re done.

Your new account would be credited with 25 PRE and start earning from the first search.

3. Earn PRE tokens for every search

Currently, every search you perform on Presearch earns you 0.1 PRE tokens, up to a maximum of 3 PRE per day.

That is a maximum of 30 paid searches per day. Any searches above the 30 limit would earn you nothing, until the next when the counter resets.

The search engine pays you for using it, how cool is that? To me, that’s really cool.

You make searches every day using Google and other search engines that steal your privacy and never share the profit they make off of you with you.

You could as well start using Presearch today and take your privacy back while getting paid for doing what you would normally do with a search engine anyway.

4. Improved UI and UX

The Presearch user interface and user experience have improved significantly since the recent and ongoing updates.

The search results are faster and a lot of new and interesting features are being added to the platform to enrich the user experience.

You can share your search results, customize your searches from the search settings, switch between dark and light mode, adjust your text size accordingly, etc.

And more features and updates are being released to make this even better with time.

5. Switch between different search engines

You can switch from Presearch to any of the tens of other search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo, Etherscan, etc.

Sometimes, I prefer the way Google displays certain search results.

For example, Google shows you the dictionary definitions of words right from the search page without you having to open any link.

Also, Google can give you answers to some of the other queries directly on the search results page.

For these searches, and with just a single click of a button, I can switch to Google right from the Presearh home page.

How does Presearch make the money it pays users?

Presearch is paying you for using the search engine because you’re adding value to the platform.

Advertisers purchase and stake their PRE tokens against keywords on Presearch.

When you search for these keywords you will be shown the ads related to that particular keyword an advertiser has staked PRE on.

A share of the PRE paid by the advertisers is what the platform is sharing with you.

Because without you, the user, there would be no advertisers, and no revenue.

Google and most search engines do not reward you for using their platform.

In fact, they want you to be grateful for the privilege of being used, manipulated, and abused.


Presearch protects your privacy and rewards you for using its search engine daily.

And those are the two reasons why I will keep using it as my primary search engine.

However, do not attempt to turn it into a “token farm”.

Some people try to game the system by performing random, meaningless and even automated searches with the sole intention of accumulating PRE.

I use and enjoy the search engine daily for my normal searches and take the various rewards as I see them.

Furthermore, PRE is one of those tokens you should watch and follow closely going forward.

And try to accumulate as much as you can as a long term investment.

The token is currently insanely undervalued as you will see in my Presearch fundamental analysis

My most conservative PRE price estimate by 2025 is between $5 to $20 which would give the project a market cap of $2.5 billion to $10 billion.

There are a lot of shitcoins that Presearch is 100x better than with a higher market cap right now.

So don’t miss out on this one for anything.

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