How Unstoppable Domains is setting the internet free

Get yourself simple, human-readable blockchain domain names with which you can receive all cryptocurrencies, and build censorship-resistant websites that only you can put up and take down with Unstoppable Domains.


Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to free the internet by making it censorship-resistant and drastically simplifying (cryptocurrency) payments through blockchain domains.

It is a well-known fact that the internet as it is today is excessively centralized, censorship-prone and users have no personal choice of content as you only see what “they” want you to see.

By “they” I mean the internet giants – you know them – and the increasingly overly restrictive governments that literarily want to control every aspect of your life.

Thanks to blockchain technology, almost everything – including your money and information – can now be fully decentralized, and companies like Unstoppable Domains are leading this revolution.


What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based software company –and blockchain domains name registrar– that is building domains on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The Company is backed by the Draper Associates and Boost VC with grants from both the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation.

The Company was founded by Brad Kam (CEO), Braden Pezeshki (Full Stack Engineer), Bradley Kam (Head of Business Development), Bogdan Gusiev (CTO), Ryan Le (Engineer) and launched in 2018.

Unstoppable Domains’ main goals include: simplifying cryptocurrency payments and setting the internet free from centralized control, and breaking the hierarchical nature of the internet by enabling developers to build and deploy decentralized websites onto the internet without the approval of DNS (domain name system) authorities.

According to the team, the project is purposed-built to protect free speech on the internet as your .crypto domains cannot be taken offline by a third party –not even by Unstoppable Domains.

Currently, the Company has launched 2 different top-level domain name extensions – .zil and .crypto – with nearly 100,000 domain names already claimed, 2000+ blockchain websites, and a brand new search engine for decentralized websites – – has been launched, and the numbers are going up really fast every day.


How Does Unstoppable Domains Work

As stated above, Unstoppable Domains’ main aims are: to simplify (cryptocurrency) payments and protect free speech on the internet through decentralization, using blockchain technology.

Getting Unstoppable Domains domain names avails you of two immediate benefits:

  1. You can receive multiple cryptocurrencies (and even fiat) with your human-readable domain name such as “payme.crypto”
  2. You can build decentralized, censorship-resistant websites with your Unstoppable Domains domain name that nobody can seize or takedown.

So, basically all you have to do to receive payments, is to connect your various cryptocurrency addresses to your Unstoppable Domains domain name.

To receive any cryptocurrency payments, the sender only requires your Unstoppable Domains domain name.

All cryptocurrency payments sent to your domain name will drop in the respective wallet addresses that you have connected to the domain name.

So, practically you can receive Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (ETH), and the thousands of other cryptocurrencies in the market all with one simple and easy to remember domain name.

Thus, effectively simplifying cryptocurrency payments and encouraging mass adoption by providing for a smooth user experience.

“This new standard for cryptocurrency payments improves the user experience by replacing long, complicated addresses with a single, easy-to-read, human name,” … “Not only can users attach more than 50 different crypto addresses to their .crypto domain to receive payments, but users can also use the same domain to launch censorship-resistant websites.” ~Brad Kam.

How to Create Your Free Unstoppable Domains Account

To purchase a blockchain domain you first need to have an Unstoppable Domains account – obviously, right?

Below is the step-by-step guide to creating your Unstoppable Domains account, down to purchasing your first domain name.

Let’s go… but first the “quick steps”

  1. Step One: Click to go to the website (my referral link – thanks for your support)
  1. Step Two: Enter your email address
  2. Step Three: Enter your preferred password
  3. Step Four: Search for the domain name(s) you want to buy
  4. Step Five: If it is available, click Add to Cart.
  5. Step Six: Once you are done adding all your chosen domain names to the cart, click CHECKOUT.
  6. Step Seven: Select your preferred payment method on the next screen
  7. Step Eight: Make the payment

Your payment will be processed accordingly and the selected domain names will be credited into your account and ready to claim within a few minutes or hours — depending on how fast your payment method is.

Congratulations! your domain name is yours for life.

Now, onto the detailed Steps…


How to Access Blockchain Domains

Blockchain domains are not accessible via your regular browser.

You will need to use a mirroring service and other supporting browsers which are being developed in order to visit a blockchain domain.

But for now, to visit a blockchain domain, you can use either the Unstoppable Domains chrome extension, the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser, or the Opera Browser for Android.

Once you have any of the above, enter the blockchain website address into your browser address bar and you will be able to see what’s on the website accordingly.

Want to know more about Blockchain Domains? Watch this explainer video by the Unstoppable Domains Team.


How to Buy Your Unstoppable Domains Blockchain Domain Names

By now, you must have created your free Unstoppable Domains account.

If you haven’t done that already, click this link to register now, using just your email address and a password.

Ok, Good.

Now let’s proceed with purchasing your first blockchain domain name(s) on Unstoppable Domains.

1. Click HERE and log in to your Unstoppable Domains account, with your email address and password. You should have the same page as below.


2. Once logged in, Search for the domain name(s) you want to buy using the domain name search tool on the website.


3. If the name is available, click Add to Cart. Search for other domain names you will like to purchase and add them all to the cart until you’re done.


4. Once you are done adding all your chosen domain names to the cart, click CHECKOUT.


5. On the next screen, you need to select your preferred payment method.

Available options include: Pay by Card, Pay by PayPal, Pay by Crypto, Pay by Crypto.Com.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will go with Pay by Crypto. and click on Bitcoin from the list of available cryptocurrencies you can pay with.

Send the required Bitcoin value to the wallet address on display to finalize your payment and purchase.

Your blockchain domains will be credited into your account after 3 or so blockchain confirmations.

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased your first set of unstoppable blockchain domains.

The next step is to claim your purchased blockchain domain names.


How to Claim Your UD Blockchain Domain Names

After paying for your domain name(s), you need to CLAIM them into your wallet to make them permanently yours and the process is as easy as eating butter.

But first, let’s digress a little…

You remember that your blockchain domains live inside your wallet just like any crypto asset that you have. Good!

Now, claiming your blockchain domain means receiving them from Unstoppable Domains into your wallet. You got that!

This means that your wallet has to be connected to your Unstoppable Domains account (don’t worry, you’re not gonna give them your private key).

So before proceeding with claiming your purchased domains, follow the simple guide below to connect your wallet to your Unstoppable Domains Account.

The below link covers how to connect the various supported wallets and will be constantly updated by the Unstoppable Domains Team.

So it should be very current anytime you go there.

SIMPLE GUIDES: How to connect your wallet to Unstoppable account

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to claim your Blockchain Domains from Unstoppable.

To claim, click on the Menu Button, by the top left-hand corner, and select MY DOMAINS from the drop-down menu items.

The next page will show all your purchased domains — both the ones you have already claimed and the unclaimed ones.

Select all the unclaimed domains and click CLAIM.

On the next screen that pops up, click SEND CODE BY EMAIL and verification will be sent to your registered email address.

Go check your email, copy the code, and enter it on the next screen to verify that it’s actually you doing the transaction.

Once you enter the code, the system will require you to connect your Ethereum Web3 Wallet. Just click ACCESS.

If you have followed the above guide and connected your wallet properly you wouldn’t have any issues here.

On the next screen, check I Understand and hit the CONFIRM button and you’re done.


Congratulations, you did it!

Now click VIEW DOMAINS to go back to the list of your domains and see the status of your claimed domains.

Once claimed, your domains are yours for life. Not even Unstoppable Domains or anyone for that matter can take them from, because they reside in your wallet and protected by your private key.

However, if you give your private key to anyone, they can access your domains, transfer it out, and do just about anything they like with it.

Therefore keep your private key very private as your domains and crypto assets are only as safe as your private keys.


How to Connect Your Wallet Addresses Blockchain Domain

Connect all your wallet addresses your Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain name is easy.

First, you need to login to your Unstoppable Domains account.

Click the Menu Button by the top right-hand side, and from the drop-down menu items, select MY DOMAINS —see screenshot below

Locate the domain name you want to connect your wallet addresses to, from among the various blockchain domains that you have purchased and click MANAGE.

On the next page, under ADD CRYPTOCURRENCY ADDRESSES, fill in your BTC, ETH, ZIL, LTC, XRP wallet addresses accordingly. See the screenshot below.

Add as many wallet addresses as you wish and click SAVE CHANGES when you’re done.

Now, you can start receiving payments with your blockchain domain name and the coins will be deposited directly into their respective wallet addresses — easy pizzy!


Features of Unstoppable Domains Blockchain Domains

The following are the features and benefit of owning a blockchain domain that will certainly get you excited and eager to get yours today:

  1. Simplified Payments: You can connect up to 50 different cryptocurrency wallet addresses to your blockchain domains and get paid through just one simple, human-readable, easy to remember, address –your domain name. More interestingly, with the Unstoppable Domains partnership with PayID, users can easily receive both fiat and crypto payments with the same blockchain domain name –impressive.
  2. Censorship Resistant: Your Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain and website cannot be seized, taken down by anyone –except you. Your domains and associated websites reside only in your wallet just like your crypto assets and nobody –not even Unstoppable Domains– can access it without your private key. No government or organization can control what you choose –or choose not– to display on your website. Welcome to the decentralized internet. Did I hear you say hallelujah? lol
  3. One-Time Payment: Pay for your Unstoppable Domains blockchain domain once and own it forever. No monthly or yearly renewal fees.
  4. Easy Transfer: Transferring traditional domains is a big hassle. But with blockchain domains, it’s as easy as sending bitcoin to your other wallet or sending a text message. You can transfer the domain to anyone more easily without the complicated processes associated with traditional domains and websites. Just enter the recipient wallet address and hit transfer and that’s all. What’s more, you can trade your blockchain domains as an NFT (non-fungible token) at any Ethereum marketplace such as OpenSea.
  5. Free Website Templates: You don’t know how to get started building your Unstoppable blockchain website, not to worry. Unstoppable Domains has made available hundreds of website templates that you can customize to your taste without having to build from scratch –thus making it possible for anyone to build a decentralized website (dweb).
  6. Alternate Root: Traditional domains require approvals from and are governed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) –not your blockchain domains.


How to Earn With Unstoppable Domains

There are basically two ways to earn with Unstoppable Domains:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Domain Flipping


1.      Affiliate Program

You can earn with the Unstoppable Domains by applying to become an affiliate and you get to receive 10% of all purchases from customers who click on your link, create an account, and purchase their domains.

There’s no limit to the number of customers you can refer to Unstoppable Domains –thus your earnings depend on how much effort you’re willing to put in promoting the project.

However, you need to reach the minimum payout threshold of $1,500 before you can make withdrawals at one time.

This means before you can withdraw your affiliate earnings you must have generated a minimum of $15, 000 worth of sales via your affiliate link.

More so, payout requests made with Debit or Credit cards may be subjected to a 30-day review before being approved.

And as expected, trying to cheat the system with fake, duplicate accounts; self-referrals; side deals, and other “gamification” will get you disqualified from the referral program.

Therefore, it will be a good idea to play it fair.


2.      Domain Flipping


Final Thought on Unstoppable Domains

Discussions on decentralization, privacy, censorship resistance, and financial sovereignty of the individual dominate the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and will only keep building up.

The race is on and Unstoppable Domains is one of the companies that are leading the forward-march towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by making it as simple and easy as sending an email for the regular Joes to interact and transact with cryptocurrency.

Now anyone can own and build an uncensorable blockchain domain and website that doubles as their cryptocurrency payment address and much more with Unstoppable Domains.

PS: This article contains my Unstoppable referral link and I will get a small commission from Unstoppable Domains if your register and purchase a domain on their website through my link at no extra cost to you.

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