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How to Stake Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) in 2 Simple Steps

All staking coins are equal, but some – like the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) – are more equal than others.

In this post I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to stake AWC in your Atomic Wallet and earn between 17% – 23% ARR (annual rate of return) – unbelievable returns? You better believe it, because it’s freaking true.

But first, for the benefit of some of the new crypto enthusiasts who’re just learning about all these BIG terms and jargon we old boys use in crypto, let’s explain what staking, Atomic Wallet, and AWC really are; after which we get into the real business of staking some AWC.


What is Crypto Staking?

Staking is one of the best ways to earn passive, residual income, and gradually build up your crypto wealth without lifting a finger –except; of course, you have to click a few buttons on your Smartphone or PC.`

Crypto staking simply refers to the act of committing or locking up your crypto assets in a designated wallet to support the security and operations of a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain network in order to receive rewards.

Simply put, staking is “saving” your crypto in a kind of fixed deposit savings account and receiving regular interests (staking rewards).

You can stake your coins directly from some of the staking wallets such as Atomic Wallet; on centralized exchanges such as Binance, and Staking pools such as KuCoin’s Pool-X among numerous other platforms offering staking-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

More so, there’re lots of staking coins for you to choose from.

For example in the Atomic wallet, there’re are currently 10 different cryptocurrencies (and counting) that you can choose to stake.

These are:

  1. Cosmos (ATOM) 10%
  2. Tezons (XTZ) 7%
  3. Ontology (ONT) 5.6%
  4. Komodo (KMD) 5.1%
  5. Tron (TRX) 5%
  6. NEO (NEO) 1.4%
  7. Vechain (VET) 1.63%
  8. Algorand (ALGO) 5.6%
  9. Cardano (ADA) 3.7%
  10. AWC (AWC) 20-25%
  11. Icon (ICX) 13.43%
  12. Band (BAND) 17%

The choice of what coin you choose to stake is mostly dependent on the potential returns, the safety of your money, and your love for the project.

Personally, I don’t stake for love. Security and returns are the most important factors to me and I’m sure those two factors also dominate what and where you choose to stake your crypto assets.

The beautiful thing about staking is that you not only enjoy regular staking rewards but in a favorable market, you could also benefit from the price appreciation of the original coin you have staked and the rewards you receive.

Thus you enjoy the benefits of staking and HODLing (holding) at the same time and that’s the dream of every investor.

Having gotten that out of the way …


What is Atomic Wallet?

Atomic wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial, and free multi-cryptocurrency wallet that enables you to buy, exchange, store, and stake your crypto assets anonymously.

The wallet can store all your Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Chain (BEP2) based tokens along with support for over 40 other major coins and blockchains such as Bitcoin, ETH, DASH, XRP, XLM, NEO, TRX, etc.

Atomic Wallet was founded by Konstantin Gladych in 2018.

Prior to establishing Atomic, Konstantin was the CEO of Changelly –a popular non-custodial, instant cryptocurrency exchange.

In just less than three (3) years Atomic has grown to over 150,000 users and is one of the first companies to implement cross-chain atomic swaps.

What’s more, Atomic was the first decentralized crypto wallet to issue its own native cryptocurrency wallet called –Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC).


What is Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC)?

AWC is the native cryptocurrency of the Atomic Wallet that is used as: a reward system for HODLers (holders) of the cryptocurrency; a payment currency for the listing of coins on Atomic Wallet; discount for exchange services and purchasing crypto with your credit or debit card; affiliate rewards among other special use cases and benefits.

The AWC comes both as an Ethereum based (ERC-20) and Binance Chain based (BEP-2) tokens with a total supply of 50,000,000 AWC each.

Bringing the combined total supply to 100,000,000 (100m) AWC tokens according to data on CoinMarketCap.

You can purchase AWC outside the Atomic wallet on Binance DEXIDEX, and Hoo exchanges.

And if you own either the BEP2 or ERC-20 tokens and want to swap them, ChangeNOW got you covered on that –you can swap them here or better still you can acquire some with your ETH on Uniswap.

If you had invested in Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) when it was first launched in 2018, your investment would have been up by 590% as at the time I was typing this line.

That’s 5X your initial investment, not bad at all in just 3 years.

And the value of the token will only increase as the Wallet grows and attracts more users and investors.

PS: Only the Binance Chain based BEP2 AWC token can be staked on Atomic Wallet. So if you are purchasing the token for staking purposes, get the BEP2 version of AWC.


How to Earn AWC Token With Atomic

There are several ways to earn AWC token with Atomic wallets such as in the Atomic Wallet Airdrop and Referral Campaign; Atomic Wallet Membership and Cashback program; Bounties, and through staking.

Atomic wallet offers some of the highest staking rewards in the market and no wonder it’s undoubtedly the wallet of choice for most cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts who have discovered its utility and potential.

Staking the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) offers the highest returns among the available staking coins that are supported by the wallet; probably as a way to draw attention to the token, and attract more active wallet users.

More so, the AWC staking reward is among the highest in the industry if not currently the best offer available.

Therefore, it might be a smart move to hop in as early as possible before the staking rewards are slashed as the market matures.


Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Staking AWC on Atomic Wallet

Actually, I got really attracted to the Atomic Wallet because of its multiple features which makes it suitable as a one-stop-shop for crypto investors.

I mean you got to read our post: Atomic Wallet Review: 4 Cool Things You Can Do With Atomic, to understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Plus, the staking returns are just too good to pass by –common, 17% – 23% ARR is amazing, IMO.

If you stake between, 10 to 999 AWC you’re going to get 17% annual returns.

You will receive 20% if you stake between 1,000AWC to 9,999 AWC, and 23% annually for staking 10, 000 AWC and above.

So I downloaded, installed, and securely backed up my 12 words passphrase (private key) –too important to be taken lightly.

Then I sent some DASH from my CoinEx exchange wallet to my Atomic Wallet DASH address –obviously you need funds in there to be able to buy some AWC tokens for the staking exercise.

I made a blunder here which I later kind of regret.

The thing is you can only buy AWC token with BNB (Binance Coin).

I was supposed to convert my DASH to BNB on CoinEx and then send over the BNB to my Atomic Wallet and buy AWC with it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think about that before wiring my DASH over to my Atomic Wallet –so please don’t make the same mistake.

Why I couldn’t forget that particular experience is because I had to pay what I estimated to be about a 2% exchange fee to convert my DASH to BNB on Atomic.

As expected from similar services, the fees are relatively high compared to centralized exchanges, but I imagine the anonymity, convenience, opportunities, and better security it offers overshadows the relatively expensive fees.

So I thought I should let you know about that beforehand to avoid surprises.

Now, let’s dive straight into the actual staking steps –shall we?

Follow me!


Step 1: Purchase the AWC Token with BNB

As stated earlier, you can only buy AWC with BNB.

So the first necessary step after getting your BNB into your Atomic Wallet is to use it and purchase AWC.

Also, remember that you’re buying the BEP2 (Yellow) version of the token for staking.

One thing, I wasn’t fully intimated on earlier (until I verified in their telegram community) was that you can only buy AWC on the desktop version of the Atomic Wallet.

So don’t try to purchase AWC with BNB on your mobile wallet –that’s not supported yet and hopefully, it will be possible sometime in the future.

Haven said all that, on your desktop wallet click SETTING, locate the Buy AWC tab at the top-center of your screen, and click to open the exchange.


NOTE: The minimum amount of AWC token you can stake is 10 –thus making it possible for even small HODLera (holders) and investors to benefit from this opportunity.

You cannot stake less than 10 AWC so make sure you purchase enough to at least cover the minimum that is required.

On the exchange page, as shown above, specify the amount of BNB you want to spend on buying AWC.

The corresponding amount of AWC you will get based on the best available market rate will display by the right-hand side.

If you’re ok with what you see there, go ahead and click the BUY AWC button below your screen.

Just chill, the Atomic spiders will go to Binance DEX and fetch the amount of AWC you have requested and deliver them to your wallet in about 5 minutes or less.

I didn’t calculate the time, but I doubt if mine even took up to 5 minutes to arrive in my wallet.

Once you have your AWC in your wallet, it’s time to proceed to step two.


Step 2: Staking Your AWC

Login to your Atomic mobile or desktop wallet; locate the Staking button at the bottom right-hand (mobile) or left-hand side (desktop) of your screen.

You will find all the available staking coins there; just click on AWC, because that’s the coin we are interested in staking right now.

You can specify the specific amount of AWC you want to stake right now or simply stake all (the choice is yours) and hit the STAKE “XXX” AWC button.

Congratulations, you have successfully staked AWC in your Atomic Wallet.

You should get a success message on your screen below.

I actually was surprised that the process was so short and simple.

Your returns will be paid into your wallet every week (Mondays) according to the team.

I have been receiving my staking rewards every Monday ever since I started.

Here’s what your AWC dashboard will look like after you have successfully completed the staking process.

You will notice that you can also stake more on top of what you already staked whenever you like.

Surprising, additional staking can be any amount of AWC.

For example, you can even stake 5 AWC you receive from referrals in addition to what you already staked and you will receive the combined rewards in subsequent payouts.

So you can re-stake your weekly rewards earnings or those small coins you get through referrals and compound your investment gradually.

You can also hit the unstake button to reclaim your funds for any reason whatsoever and any time you feel like you don’t need or want the staking rewards anymore.

The rewards you have already earned before unstaking are fully yours to keep. So you lose nothing other than the foregone future rewards if you unstake at any time.

PS: Remember you get cash-backs for every exchange operation you perform in your Atomic Wallet if you hold 1000 AWC and above. You will still enjoy this cashback even if your coins are staked.


Final Thought on Staking AWC

I am impressed by several things about the Atomic Wallet:

  1. The simplicity, speed, and ease of use of the wallet. It’s fast and relatively easy to use.
  2. The wallet is multi-functional. I can stake, exchange, purchase, and store my crypto all in one place.
  3. The staking rewards are highly competitive and AWC staking reward is simply amazing.
  4. The cashback, airdrop, referral campaigns are all beautiful initiative to reward active members and supporters. Giving some of us the opportunity to earn some money while promoting and even enjoying good service.
  5. I have only interacted with the team on their telegram group, asking some random questions to understand how the wallet works. My first impression is that the admins are helpful, friendly, and quick to resolve user issues as I noticed. What’s more, I also found that the CEO even directly responds to users in the group sometimes, and actively helps resolve any issues presented. Yeah, I know it’s a relatively new project looking to win the community love and expand their market, but then, having the CEO himself asking what your problem is, certainly gives you confidence it will be speedily resolved and most likely checkmated to prevent the same from reoccurring with you or other users. And by the way, when was the last time you chatted with a real CEO? lol –just kidding.
  6. Last but not least, the team obviously is committed to building a product that stands a good chance of supporting crypto mass adoption as the wallet supports practically everything a regular crypto investor needs. It’s easy to use, fast, secure, multi-functional, decentralized, and anonymous.

Aside from the relatively high fees, which I will find a way to avoid via cash-backs and performing only necessary transactions with my Atomic Wallet, I can’t find any reason why I wouldn’t be using Atomic as a major Wallet for storing, transacting and staking my crypto.

What’s more, I expect that the value of the AWC token will only appreciate as the company grows and attracts more wallet users and investors.

Therefore, I could enjoy the regular staking rewards, the many internal benefits of HODLing AWC, and the potential increase in the value of my tokens.

Are you ready to start enjoying the Atomic Wallet just like me? Welcome on board!

Just download and install the Wallet using my referral linkand PROMO CODE: 198H48. 

If you use that code, we both get 5 EXTRA AWC tokens each, otherwise, we both don’t get the 5 AWC.

You wouldn’t let us miss FREE money, will you? NO.

Ok! Feel free to use my promo code above and enjoy!

Are you a user of the Atomic Wallet? Have you staked your AWC yet? What’s been your experience using this service? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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