How to Position Yourself For Blur Season 2 Airdrop

The Blur season 1 airdrop made waves and turned many into overnight millionaires, as they received millions of dollars worth of $BLUR tokens. But Blur isn’t slowing down. In fact, the exciting news is Blur season 2 airdrop has been announced on its official Twitter page.

 If you’re curious about how you can position yourself to take advantage of this upcoming airdrop, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick guide that offers an overview of Blur farming season 2. You’ll also find actionable strategies to help you maximize your airdrop rewards.

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

A brief overview of Blur season 2 airdrop. 

Blur team plans to distribute over 300M $BLUR to its community. Your share will depend on two factors: 

  • Your points 
  • Loyalty. 

It’s crucial to strike the right balance to maximize your rewards.

Let’s say you earn a lot of points but have low loyalty. In that case, your airdrop might be lower compared to someone with high loyalty. So, what exactly does loyalty mean, and how can you earn points? Let’s dive in.

How can you earn points on Blur? 

Earning points on Blur is pretty simple. There are two ways to do it: 

  • Bidding, 
  • Listing, 

Each point carries equal weight. This means that one listing point is equivalent to one bidding point.

Further, there’s a 24-hour leaderboard that offers a boost of up to 2.5 times to the top 100 point earners within that time frame. So, keep an eye on your progress and strive to secure a spot among the leaderboard’s elite to increase your chances of earning more rewards.

Now, let’s take a look at the approaches.

How to earn Blur points by bidding? 

In Blur farming season 2 rewards, the basic rule is simple – the more you bid, the more you’ll earn. 

Bidding NFTs on Blur is also pretty simple. Start by depositing ETH tokens into Blur’s bidding pool. This allows you to bid directly with ETH. And hey, feel free to choose any amount you’d like to deposit into the pool once your wallet is connected:

Now, here’s the cool part. You can also withdraw ETH from your bidding pool whenever you want. Once you have ETH in the pool, you’re good to go. Bid as much as you want, completely free! 

Plus, guess what? You can use your balance to bid on multiple collections simultaneously. And don’t stress about changing your mind. You can withdraw or cancel bids anytime without any extra fees.

But hold on, don’t go blindly bidding and hoping for the best. There’s a smart way to maximize your points. Let’s talk about it:

First off, your level of risk matters. In a collection, the bidder who takes the highest risk gets the most points. 

Picture this: the floor price of a collection is 1.01 ETH, and there are already 100 bids at 1 ETH. Now, if you bid .99 ETH, you might not earn as many points. Why? Because you have more than 100 ETH buy walls ahead of you. However, if you dare to take a risk and ramp your bid up to 1.01 ETH, you’ll earn more in the long run. That’s because you’re making the boldest move and assuming the highest risk.

Next, is the duration of your bid. Bids that remain active for a longer period earn more points. So, once the seller accepts your bid, the airdrop benefits stop. The only benefit you’ll probably get is an NFT that’s below the floor price.

So, you don’t want your bid accepted. You want to keep checking the activity for collections you’ve placed a bid on. If you notice a lot of sales and activities, cancel your bid. 

But it’s not always that easy. It requires that you monitor your bids 24/7, which is unrealistic if we are being honest. To make things easier, there’s a tool called Blur Farm. Blur Farm can automate your bidding, keep track of everything, and ensure a smooth process. It’s a valuable resource to help you bid efficiently and avoid any mishaps along the way.

Also, bidding on collections that are experiencing high trading activity within the past 24 hours earns you more points. So, keep an eye on the trading volume and prioritize bidding on those collections. This increases your chances of scoring higher points and greater rewards.

One final thing to note! The closer your bid is to the floor price, the better it is for you.

How to Earn Points by Listing 

Unlike bidding points, listing points have their own rules. But your listing points are not visible. This is Blur’s way of ensuring that traders don’t try to game the system. 

First off, remember that listing more NFTs equals more earnings. So, aim to list as many NFTs as possible to boost your points.

Don’t overlook the power of listing blue chips—the highly sought-after NFTs. Including them in your listings can give your points a significant boost.

Another strategy to consider is focusing on more active collections when listing. By doing so, you increase your chances of earning higher listing points.

Maximize the benefits by utilizing all of Blur’s listing tools. You can list based on floor price, trait floor price, and even use the ladder list feature. If you can’t get a hang of these features, you can consult with an NFT agency to guide you. 

Remember to diversify your listings by including floors, mids, and rares. This helps to enhance your chances of earning more points.

It’s important to play fair and not try to manipulate the system. Avoid constantly relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices or engaging in Sybil attacks. Also, steer clear of listing NFTs from dead collections. Blur actively analyses and identifies traders with unnatural listing activity.

Rest assured, if you list your NFTs naturally on Blur and follow these tips, you’ll be on the right track to maximize your listing points. 

How do you know you’re on the right path? 

So, you’re following all these processes. How do you make sure your strategies are effective? Well, simply click on the airdrops tab on Blur’s website. Here, you’ll see your bidding points and listing points:

Also, if you follow this strategy rightly, you might soon find yourself featured on the 24H roll-up leaderboard, shown below. 

With these, you’ll know whether you’re on the right path or you need to revisit your strategy. 

How to get loyalty rewards?

When season 2 ends, Blur will convert your points into care packages. These care packages have various rarities. The higher the rarity, the more blur tokens5 you’ll get:

One factor that affects the rarity you get is loyalty. It’s simple, loyalty compares how you list on Blur compared to other NFT markets. Aim for 100% loyalty to have the highest chance of receiving Mythical Care Packages, worth 100 times more than Uncommon ones. The question now, is how? 

If possible, stick with the NFT marketplace for your listing and NFT trading. This brings you the closest to 100% loyalty. Listing and buying blue chips can also ramp up your Blur loyalty. 

But you can, in fact, still, list on other marketplaces and still get high loyalty points. Your score can increase or decrease depending on the listing price. 

For example, let’s say you list an NFT for 0.1 on the Blur platform and 0.5 on Opensea. This pushes your score up. But listing for a higher price on Blur than another marketplace pushes it down. 

If you bid on a collection at the same price on both marketplaces, this increases your loyalty score on Blur. 

Remember, your average loyalty throughout the season matters, so don’t wait until the last minute to optimize it.

Final Thoughts 

Blur season 2 2023 airdrop presents an exciting opportunity to maximize your BLUR rewards. Fortunately, Blur’s airdrop is not difficult. By focusing on loyalty, bidding strategically, and actively listing NFTs, you can increase your chances of earning higher points and valuable care packages. 

Remember to maintain a balance between risk and duration of bids, diversify your listings, and aim for 100% loyalty for the best rewards. Get ready to make the most of Blur season 2 crypto airdrop and enjoy the benefits it brings.

“This post is not an endorsement or promotion of any project; it is intended to provide you with information on their potential airdrop only. Please note that the project(s) could fail or end up being a scam for any reason. Make sure you do your own research and know exactly what you’re doing before investing in any crypto project”.

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