Top 10 Publish0x Authors You Should Know About

These are my top 10 favorite Publish0x authors; selected from the 22 authors that I follow on the platform.

Before I go on to highlight my favorite Publish0x authors let me first explain my criteria for “following” an author and the basis for picking my top 10 from the list of authors I follow.

Firstly, I follow authors whom I like to see their next posts either because the first or other posts of theirs that I have read were interesting, informative, or inspirational.

These authors produce quality, unique, and useful content that I find relevant and I want to be the first to read whatever they have to say next.

More so, there’re Publish0x authors I follow not because I really love their post (I don’t mean their content is bad either) but because of curiosity.

Probably because I admire their work or find them controversial, amusing or I just love their “style of writing” or something trivial and I will want to keep an eye on what they’re doing and saying.

The general criterion –along with what I already said above – I use to pick my favorite Publish0x authors for this post is that the authors are consistent with posting and active on the platform.

Not the 1 post a month or 5 posts a year type. I follow some of such but they didn’t make it to the list and remember 10 is the maximum number of authors I can talk about, thus I can’t include all the great authors I enjoy reading and following.


Haven said that below is the list of my top 10 favorite Publish0x authors; hand-picked from the many that I follow:

1.     Igor Tomić and Dan Bainbridge

2.     The Part-Time Economist

3.     CryptoBoomer

4.     BitcoinGordon

5.     MuyAsk

6.     SkinnerCrypto

7.     M87

8.     MarkHelfman

9.     Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

10.   list3r

Except for number one, this list is in no particular order.

I don’t find the last person on the list less-interesting than the second person on the list –I hope we got that?

So let’s get looking at each of them one after another–shall we?


1. Igor Tomić and Dan Bainbridge

In case you don’t know, Igor is the COO (chief operating officer) and Dan is the CEO (chief executive officer) of Publish0x.

These two are the hand, face, and voice of Publish0x and I am an active, interested (shareholder without shares –lol) member.

They share news, latest updates, and progress reports regarding the platform.

It only makes sense that I would want to hear, see, and feel the platform through what they write and post; which are exactly the reasons why I follow both of them.

PS: I paired them because I consider their voice to be one and I follow them for the same reason of keeping abreast of what’s happening with and at Publish0x.


2. The Part-Time Economist

I don’t know why this guy will not just become a full-time economist.

As much as I can remember this guy is arguably the first author I followed on Publish0x around December 2019 (or was it January 2020?).

I came in contact with his profile in one of the Publish0x writing contest results posted by Igor.

He was the winner of the First Prize in that particular contest (Best Dapp Writing Contest) and of course I had to read the winning post –and I liked it.

I got to read some of the other posts he has published and I was like yeah, this guy is worth a following. I haven’t clicked the unfollow button yet since then.

Ok. Good. I just found his winning article I was talking about I Choose Uniswap for the BestDApp

His articles cover both traditional finance and economics to cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology.

He’s good at presenting his thoughts in an organized, easy to follow, and understand format. You wouldn’t doubt the message he’s trying to communicate when you read his posts.

On a trivial note, he’s an “expert” in the use of simple custom post thumbnails and he’s got a good command of English.


3. CryptoBoomer

Hello! Boomer.

When I first started publishing on Publish0x (even to date), I regularly check my readership and earning records to know how well I was doing.

I found I wasn’t doing so well, so I set out to look at all the posts earning “big” (relatively) on the platform with the aim of understanding what they’re doing well that I can incorporate into my work and get similar results (followership, views, and of course earnings —tips).

That is how I got attracted to Cryptoboomer. This guy was always on the front and popular pages, sometimes with more than 2 posts at a time.

I decided to check out his posts and I found he writes some high level, detailed and practical fundamental analysis of different cryptocurrencies.

Reading his posts I see someone who’s both experienced and knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The natural thing was to follow him to see more of his “coin analysis” and I also haven’t hit the unfollow button yet.

He has a “trademarked” headline-style Is XXX (name of cryptocurrency) A Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations.

Though he’s not as active as the first time I knew him, he still posts occasionally.


4. BitcoinGordon

Join me welcome on stage, the king of “crypto satire”, master of “fake news” and comedian par excellence –BitcoinGordon.

Gordon is a co-founder of Publish0x and the lead developer of the Ethereum blockchain. Gordon also has shares in Coinbase, Bitmain, and other major cryptocurrency projects in the space.

In another update, Publish0x is rumored to have acquired Medium for a Guagatum $1billion deal while Binance exit-scams, leaving investors dismayed.

The claims in the bolded text above are false and intended to mimic Gordon’s satirical articles and fake news stories.

That’s the aspect of his posts that strikes me more; though he covers almost all the major angles to cryptocurrency –from crypto trading to Defi, security, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and even philosophy.

If you go through this guy’s feed you’ll find something to amuse and make you smile the stress and boredom of the day out.

What’s more, he’s got some informational and useful content to share too, so depending on which angle you take it, Gordon seems to have a package for everyone.


5. MuyAsk

If you find any article on the front and popular pages with the title: Top Things You Should Know About XXX (name of cryptocurrency), it was written by this guy.

MuyAsk (whatever that actually means –I don’t know yet) also has a trademarked pattern of presenting his posts.

His articles are presented in a list, question, and answer format that covers nearly every aspect of a project he writes about.

His first article TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave is the only post on Publish0x that seems to always find its way back to the front page almost every other week; earning the guy more and more tips months after it was first published.

Very few Publish0x authors are as successful as this guy –in terms of earnings and followings. Every article of his is a hit –and I admire him.


6.       SkinnerCrypto

This guy is an internet a**hole with an opinion of which he’s not scared of sharing with you in the most direct, un-sugarcoated manner (just trying to sound like him).

If you are an easily offended person and do not have a sense of humor, you should definitely follow and read this guy to help you deal with your humor allergy.

I can bet with my DASH holdings (yes, Dash accounts for at least 50% of my crypto holdings) that you will be hooked after reading a few of his articles.

On a more serious note, Skinner is producing some highly authentic, high quality, and practical contents on publish0x.

One aspect of his posts you will easily notice is that he shares a lot about what he’s doing.

Giving detailed accounts of how is going about certain projects he’s working on.

More so, he’s a master at self-deprecating humor, indicative of his willingness to be humble and intelligent enough not to take life “too” seriously.

His Intentional Community of the Future project is something I am closely following.

I follow this guy because I am attracted to people with vision and a commitment to work on their dreams, plus I can always do with some laughter and entertainment.


7. M87

This author is also among the first people I followed when I joined the Publish0x platform in December 2019.

M87 (what does this mean? I don’t know) shares some highly informative and interesting content on Publish0x which is why I follow him in the first place.

He’s also my co-first-prize winner in the Publish0xTutorial Contest –so you can understand why I have to keep my “enemies” closer (just joking about that –I don’t know how to have enemies).

Follow this guy for some practical well-researched piece of information on cryptocurrency projects and blockchain technology generally.


8. MarkHelfman

Mark is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate with a focus on driving cryptocurrency education and mass adoption in his own small way.

I followed this guy from the first day I read one of his posts (I can’t actually remember which one) because I saw that he’s not only passionate about educating people about cryptocurrency, he certainly knows his stuff, having some high level of experience and knowledge to draw from.

When you discover that this guy is a published author –he wrote the books: “Consensusland: A Cryptocurrency Utopia” and “Bitcoin or Bust: Wall Street’s Entry into Cryptocurrency.”

Plus he’s the founder of  and regular writer at Hackernoon –you will understand why he definitely has something to say and worth listening to.

Whether you’re an experienced crypto enthusiast or new to this space, Mark may be a good guy to follow.


9. Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

Ok. In case you don’t know, in the entire cryptocurrency space we have only one professor and that’s this guy (satire).

There’re few people I am compelled to follow after reading just one post and Felix (yes, that’s his real name) is one of them.

He’s the master of airdrops, bounties, contests, staking, and all the cool ways of stacking some satoshis passively.

He’s unofficially the master of shitcoins (please don’t block me for this —lol).

If you’re looking for some actionable crypto investment information and a way to earn some cool money in this space, I recommend you follow and read this guy’s feed.

He’s got some practical stuff in his library there.

Lastly, he’s one guy who’s never afraid of speaking up his mind on anything –which is something I like a lot about him.


10. list3r

This is another author on Publish0x with a “patented” article headline format.

He’s the official and unofficial “keeper of the list of all crypto projects partnerships”.

If you’re writing an article and need information on the partnership portfolio of any crypto project –I recommend you check this guy’s library first and you could save yourself some time.

His signature post headline format: Full List of XXX (insert project’s name) Partnerships, Collaborations & Integrations (2020) are among the most prominent recurring popular posts titles on Publish0x.

What’s more, his work is always fully researched and detailed that you can confidently take the lists as definitive and exhaustive for each project that he covers.


Final Thought on My Top  10 Publish0x Authors

Seriously, I certainly have more than 10 favorite Publish0x authors, but this is the maximum I can cover in this single post.

For those who didn’t make it to this list, don’t take it personally —even I couldn’t make it to my own list for want of space.

Finally, congratulations to Publish0x for yet another amazing milestone of reaching over 100,000 registered members, (this post was submitted into the MyPublish0xAuthor contest hosted on the platform in celebration of this milestone) and for taking the time to celebrate its authors —let’s do more!

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