Publish0x Review: Earn Crypto Daily for Reading and Blogging

This Publish0x Review aims to provide you with everything you need to know about the “crypto” based publishing platform poised to displace Medium as the number one destination for top writers and readers.

The number of “blockchain” blogging platforms that allow users to earn free crypto and monetize their content has increased in the past few years.

This shift is mainly attributed to the poor compensation or incentive package and incessant censorship campaigns of the traditional centralized content-sharing platforms.

One such project that’s making waves and disrupting the content space is Publish0x.

In this Publish0x Review, we hope you will get all the essential information about this platform to decide if it’s an excellent place to read, publish, and earn crypto.

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a crypto-based blogging platform where readers and writers earn crypto for reading and publishing content.

Dan Bainbridge founded the platform in December 2018 with a handful of private members, and in less than two years, there were about 100,000 members (at the time of writing this article).

For the record, Publish0x is pronounced as “Publish.” According to the Team, the“0x” in the name is silent. So you Teamt have to bite your tongue to call the name.

Publish0x is crypto agnostic in the sense that it “can” support “all” cryptocurrencies for “tipping” (paying) its users.

Unlike competing platforms that issue their token to reward users for their attention and content, publish0x does not have its cryptocurrency nor an inbuilt preference for specific cryptocurrencies.

The platform rewards its users with some of the best cryptocurrencies in the market, such as the popular Basic Attention Token (BAT), Loopring (LRC), and the DAI Stablecoin, with many more likely to be added to the reward pool as the platform grows.

Publish0x Review: How Does Publish0x Work?

If you are a content producer, Publish0x pays you to publish your work on its platform in return for tips and rewards in the different cryptocurrencies available in its reward pool.

Also, if you are just a reader looking for high-quality content to consume at an accessible cost, the platform rewards you for spending your time and attention on its website.

Unlike other platforms such as YouTube and Medium, where you earn nothing for your attention or are even asked to pay a premium to access more content –Publish0x believes that your time and attention are worth something and wants to reward you for it.

They aim to help people earn their first crypto without buying it with their own money.

Thus, at the same time, contributing to educating people about crypto and the future of money and driving mass adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.


In practice, here’s how Publish0x works:

  1. You create a free account by submitting a straightforward form with your email and chosen password.
  2. Each registered user or member is given a specific amount, say $1 daily, and they can choose which author to split the money (tip) with.
  3. Users can choose to allocate 100% of their tip to an author or take 80% and tip an author with 20% of the tip allocation.
  4. 20% is the minimum a user can tip an author. This was probably designed to keep the platform fair and balanced.
  5. To tip and receive your reward, the user must be registered and logged in.
  6. Each platform member can only tip a maximum of 6 times a day.
  7. You can tip a single author once per day.
  8. An author can receive a tip from multiple readers daily with no limits.
  9. Tips are allocated using a tipping slider that works as below.


Publish0x Review: How to Earn Crypto on Publish0x

There are three ways to earn crypto or make money on Publish0x:

  1. Earn as a reader
  2. Earn as an author
  3. Earn as an ambassador

Earn on Publish0x by Reading Contents.

The beauty of Publish0x is that readers and authors get rewarded –it’s fantastic.

While you get unlimited and unrestricted access to some of the best content on the internet from real users, you also get paid.

According to the Publish0x Team, the tip amounts on Publish0x are gifted to the reader, who then decides which authors they enjoy their content they would like to share it with.

As a reader, you can tip an author the bare minimum of 20% and keep the lion’s share, or you can be more generous by giving the author more or all of it for their efforts.

There’s no penalty or restriction on how you use your tip allocation. There’s no good or wrong way to tip, except you should try and be fair.

However, remember that you have only six tips to use every 24 hours, and you can only tip a particular author once daily

For example, if you read and tip any of our posts on Publish0x today, you can’t tip any of our posts on the blog again until tomorrow, even if you want to.

Earn on Publish0x by Publishing Quality Contents

As an author on Publish0x, your earning potential is limited only by the quality of your posts and your consistency in producing top-quality content.

Publishers earn the most on Publish0x as you can receive tips from thousands of people daily.

The platform promotes and rewards top-quality content. To become a successful author on Publish0x, you must publish high-quality, valuable content that resonates with the users and gets tipped.

Tipping is a way for your readers to show their appreciation for your post; if you publish nonsense,e nobody will tip you.

The more valuable the content you publish on the platform, the more tips and followers you gather, and the more you build up your power to earn even more with subsequent posts.

Earn on Publish0x by Becoming an Ambassador (Referrals)

You can earn passive crypto income on Publish0x by referring people to the platform through their ambassador program.

Promote the platform and receive 5% of every tip amount given by the people you refer to the platform.

Upon registration, you are assigned an affiliate ID and Ambassador Link, which you can refer people to the platform and earn 5% from every tip they generate.

Your Ambassador Link looks like this:, while your affiliate ID is the last part of your link  (highlighted).

One highly creative feature the publish0x developers have incorporated into the Ambassador Link system is that you can easily pick any article from the website, attach your referral ID (?a=K9b6AwQaEv) to the end of the article’s URL, and share it with your community.

Every user following that link to the website and registering becomes your referral. The article you attach your affiliate ID to doesn’t necessarily have to be your own.

This is an excellent feature as you can always have fresh content to share with your audience and have your referral link buried within such content– it’s neat and clean (affiliate 3.0).

For lovers of deep tracking and analytics, Publish0x has got you covered, as you can quickly generate additional ambassador links with Tracking IDs (TIDs), which you can use to separate and monitor the performance of different promotional channels.

For example, you can create separate TIDs for Facebook marketing, Instagram, Twitter, website, WhatsApp, Telegram, and whatever traffic sources you use in promoting your referral links.

Use this tool to help you see which traffic sources work best for you and produce the best result so you can double down on them to maximize your earnings while working efficiently.

That’s not all; Publish0x hosts a monthly referral contest where the top 10 referrers on the leaderboard share $250 worth of crypto monthly.

Be one of the most active ambassadors by referring people to Publish0x and earn your share of prizes in BAT!


Publish0x Review: What You May Not Like About Publish0x

Publish0x is still not a perfect platform –and I doubt if there’s any. Below are the significant things I don’t like about the platform.

  1. Publish0x is NOT a “decentralized” blockchain-based blogging platform. The Team has the power to Teamor (EDIT, DELETE) your content IF they want to. However, there’s never been censorship or other unhealthy corporate behavior characteristic of other centralized platforms. If the platform decides to shut down today,  you will lose all of your articles and any earnings you have have not yet withdrawn.
  2. You can’t earn anything meaningful on Publish0x just by reading and tipping a maximum of 6 times a day. From my observation, the maximum you can make from just reading on the platform is $5 a month. So, if you want to earn more, you must consider either becoming an author or referring people to the platform and enjoying the ambassadorial rewards, or you do both.
  3. Publish0x is primarily a crypto-based platform, but you can also find or publish non-crypto-related content there. However, currently, your audience will be limited as the majority of the members of the platform are crypto enthusiasts. Things might change with time, but Fou will gain better traction by focusing on producing cryptocurrency-related content. for now

Publish0x Review: What We Love Most About Publish0x

  1. You can earn multiple precious cryptocurrencies like BAT, DAI, LRC, and many more that will be added in the future. Of course, if you’re a fan of any of the tokens you receive, you can swap it for Bitcoin or any other crypto using our fast, secure, anonymous exchange service.
  2. The Team is the most critical team factor in the success of any project, and Publish0x has an experienced and competent team, to be honest. WhaTeammore, they connect and listen to their users and are approachable. SHOUT OUT to Igor (COO) and Dan (CEO).
  3. Publish0x is arguably the most user-friendly blogging platform, with a straightforward business model and transparent earning structure. More so, the user interface is beginner-friendly; anyone can start registering and using the platform with a minimum learning curve.
  4. The platform hosts high-quality content and some top minds from different fields –mostly cryptocurrency. Authors on Publish0x are manually reviewed for quality assurance, and the community only favors quality and original content. Anyone can post any crap, but you wouldn’t be encouraged to keep wasting your time doing that, as you certainly will receive little to no tip (earnings) or followership.

Final Thought on Publish0x Review

Publish0x is the only blogging platform that pays both readers and publishers. The platform pays you with multiple high-quality cryptocurrencies such as BAT, LRC, DAI Stablecoin, and others to be listed in the future for reading, publishing, or referring people to the platform.

As much as the platform is open to various topics of interest, cryptocurrency dominates the show. You will make more money focusing on writing about cryptocurrency on Publish0x, as that’s what most users love and want.

However, you can build your niche community; we expect more diversity as the platform grows.

Moreover, the team is experienced and competent, which gives some of us confidence about the future of Publish0x.

For a step-by-step guide on registering and earning on Publish0x, plus some helpful earning tips and ideas, check out our most comprehensive Publish0x Tutorial.

For an idea of what you can earn publishing on Publis0x, please read our Publish0x Earning Report for the past five months.

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Have you used the platform? Are you going to use the platform? What has been your experience or opinion of Publish0x? Share with us in the comments section below.

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