Suiswap airdrop for community members and platform testers

Suiswap airdrop at least 2% of its token supply after its main net launch based on a point system which measures your contribution to the Suiswap community.

You can earn Suiswap points by being active in the Suiswap Discord channel, completing tasks on Zealy (formerly Crew3), attaining one of the OG roles on Discord, and collecting Suiswap-related OATs on Galxe.

There’s a total of 1,000,000 points for all participants and 2,000,000 Suiswap tokens  (SSWP) allocated for the airdrop.

So, each point gives you 2 SSWP tokens which can be redeemed when Suiswap launches its mainnet.

What is Suiswap?

Suiswap is a native decentralised exchange (DEX) on the Sui chain that aims to combine trading, swapping, order book, and liquidity into a single trading DeFi system.

How can I qualify for the Suiswap airdrop?

The more points you earn from your contribution to the Suiswap community, the more SSWP tokens you will be able to claim after the mainnet launch.

So, the goal is to rack up all the points you can before the mainnet launch by being active in their community and participating in activities.

First, you need to join the Suiswap Discord server and be active by contributing to the conversation and participating in activities.

The more active you are on Discord, the more points you earn and the greater your chance of becoming an OG.

There’re 3 Suiswap OG roles on Discord you can attain:

  1. Suiswap OG role (2000 points): you get this by participating in regular events.
  2. Suiswap OG booster (4000 points): you get this by boosting the Suiswap Discord server.
  3. Suiswap OG gold (10,000 points): you get this by participating in special events or contributing to building the Suiswap ecosystem.
  4. Suiswap OG platinum (60,000 points): you get this by making a significant contribution to the Suiswap ecosystem.

Secondly, complete all or as many tasks as you can in the Suiswap Crew3 quests and climb the leaderboard.

More XP = more points = more SSWP airdrop. For example:

  • 1 Crew3 XP = 0.25 points (level 1-10)
  • 1 Crew 3 XP = 0.5 points (level 11 and above).

Thirdly, you can collect the Suiswap Galxe OAT token and exchange it for Suiswap points. But there’s no official information about the Galxe OAT token and how to convert them to points right now.

So, I suggest you follow them closely for updates on that.

Testing the Suiswap platform

Now, you need to help test the Suiswap platform with free devnet tokens. To do that, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Get Sui wallet

Download and install the Sui Wallet extension or the Suiet Wallet.

Step 2: Get free SUI tokens

Copy your Sui wallet address, then go to the Sui Discord testnet-faucet bot and type:

!faucet your-sui-wallet-address

The bot will send 1 SUI token to your wallet address that you can use to test the network.

The Discord bot is always overloaded, so you may have to try several times to get the test token.

And you can request more SUI from the bot after every 2 hours if you need more tokens to test the network with.

Better still, click on the Request Devnet SUI Tokens button from your Sui wallet to get some free SUI tokens for the test.

Step 3: Test the Suiswap platform

Once you get your free testnet SUI tokens, go to the Suiswap platform, connect your wallet, perform some minting, swapping or staking transactions and give them your feedback.

You can start by minting some free tokens on the platform and then swap them to SUI to increase your stack of SUI tokens which you can use on other platforms on the Sui network.

You can also provide liquidity to the various volatile and stable assets pools on Suiswap to have a good sense of how it works and share your feedback with the team.

Some aspects of the Zealy quest require a screenshot of your transactions on Suiswap, so, you need to use the platform and provide feedback to increase your points and potential SSWP airdrop tokens.

So, screenshot your transaction history and attach it to the appropriate Zealy quest to earn more points for the airdrop.


The Suiswap airdrop is confirmed, simple, and costs you nothing except time and data. All you have to do is to complete as many tasks as you can on Zealy and be active on Discord.

Doing these will give you enough points to swap for their native token ( SSWP ) when the mainnet launches later this year (2023).

If you find this article helpful, please share it with the people you care about so they too can benefit.

This post is not an endorsement or promotion of any project; it is intended to provide you with information on their potential airdrop only. Please note that the project(s) could fail or end up being a scam for any reason. Make sure you do your own research and know exactly what you’re doing before investing in any crypto project.

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