SyncSwap potential airdrop for active community members and platform users

SyncSwap is the leading decentralised exchange on the zkSync; accounting for more than 47% of the total value locked (TVL) on the chain, according to DeFiLlama.

The platform enables you to trade zkSync tokens, provide liquidity and earn yield from trading fees, and participate in IDOs on its launchpads.

SyncSwap airdrop

They’ve said there’s no official airdrop announcement but their token launch has been confirmed and early users might get some airdrop.

So, this is a speculative airdrop but it has a high probability, as SyncSwap believes in full community ownership and the platform was designed to be owned by the community.

But the community cannot own the platform without owning the governance token.

That’s why I strongly believe they will reward their most active community members and legitimate users with an airdrop of some kind.

So, it’s good to position yourself for it as this is a major DEX.

How to earn the potential SyncSwap airdrop

All you have to do to position yourself for the SyncSwap potential airdrop is to:

Be an organic user of the platform and genuinely contribute to the discussions on Discord and participate in community activities.

1. Trading on SyncSwap

First, you need to transfer some ETH from any chain to the zkSycn Era network using the Orbiter Finance bridge or the official zkSync bridge.

The Orbiter Finance bridge supports several chains such as Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Starkent, etc. But the official zkSync bridge only supports moving between Ethereum and zkSync Era.

Almost all zkSync projects I’ve seen have recommended you use the official zkSync bridge.

I think there’s a hidden message there that using the bridge is a significant consideration for airdrop rewards. Who knows.

So, once you have your ETH on zkSync, convert some of it to USDC or use it to buy any token you like on SyncSwap.

2. Providing liquidity on SyncSwap

I swapped 25% of my ETH to USDC and used it to provide liquidity into the USDC / ETH pool to earn yield.

There’re other pools you can also add liquidity to earn a share of their trading fees but I prefer the USDC / ETH pool as the APR is good enough and it’s safer.

3. Participating in SyncSwap launchpad

You can invest in promising new projects launching on zkSync through the SyncSwap launchpad.

Currently, the launchpad page is empty with no previous or ongoing token sales, but we know that’s going to change soon.


SyncSwap is the Uniswap or Pancakeswap of zkSync and a token launch is guaranteed, but whether there’d be an airdrop and how it’ll be distributed is not confirmed.

Just use the platform as you normally would and hope for the best.

The platform is sleek, you enjoy up to 70%+ fees refund, the APR is very good, and using SyncSwap also qualifies you for the confirmed zkSync coin (ZKS) airdrop too.

The upsides are just too compelling to ignore.

This post is not an endorsement or promotion of any project; it is intended to provide you with information on their potential airdrop only. Please note that the project(s) could fail or end up being a scam for any reason. Make sure you do your own research and know exactly what you’re doing before investing in any crypto project.

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