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Top 5 Crypto Blogging Platforms That Pays To Write

You can easily earn crypto every day and build up a healthy portfolio by writing and publishing your articles on crypto blogging platforms.

So, if making money is your goal, and you know how to write interesting and useful content, then working with crypto blogging platforms is the fastest way to get started.

What are crypto blogging platforms?

Crypto blogging platforms are websites that pay you in cryptocurrencies to write and publish your articles with them.

They allow almost anyone to create an account and publish content on their platform to earn crypto from their reward pool.

Some crypto blogging platforms are centralized or owned by a company while others are blockchain-based platforms run by code and the community.

Furthermore, crypto blogging platforms have quickly risen to become some of the most popular ways to earn crypto daily for many people.

In this post, I would be sharing with you the best and most rewarding crypto blogging platforms that you can use to earn crypto for your content.

Top 5 crypto blogging platforms

These are my favourite crypto blogging platforms in simple order of preference and how healthy or financially rewarding I perceive them to be.

  2. Publish0x
  3. Blurt
  4. Hive
  5. Steemit

Let’s discuss each of them below, highlighting their unique features, advantages, earning potential and drawbacks.

1. is a blogging platform that pays you in BCH for your content. It’s my favourite crypto blogging platform mainly because it pays better for good content.

If you write interesting and useful content, you will earn a more decent amount compared to what you’ll earn for the same content on other platforms on this list.

How it works

The BCH you earn on comes from a central reward pool which is sustained by donations or sponsorships from the BCH community.

There’s a RandomRewarder bot that reads all articles published on the site and tips them based on how interesting or useful it perceives the content.

Furthermore, other users on the platform can choose to tip or sponsor you with BCH from their own wallet, in addition to what you earn from the bot.

More so, you’ll notice that users on the platform (not the bot) are more likely to tip articles promoting BCH with significant amounts from their own wallets.

Many favourable BCH-related contents have earned thousands of dollars on the platform. Though some non-BCH articles have also earned similar amounts from users. So, it’s mostly about how the content hit them.

Advantages of

  • Your earnings are paid directly into your BCH wallet.
  • There’s no tribalism or nepotism like you have especially on Steemit and Hive.
  • The algorithm and reward system is the most consistent and predictable.
  • If you produce quality content, it wouldn’t take too long for your account to start gaining traction and earning.
  • You can write on any topic (not just crypto) and still earn well. drawbacks

  • There’s little to no ongoing development work going on on the platform. The developers seem to be too busy with other things and many fear it could be abandoned.
  • The site has zero revenue and the current reward money is donated by a single individual which could run dry anytime. Without revenue, the platform may not be sustainable in the long term.
  • The platform is simple, clean, and easy to use but requires more features to bring it up to standards with the likes of Publish0x, Medium, Reddit, etc.
  • There’s little to no support and communication with the dev or team is not smooth.

Check out my review where I covered everything you need to know about the platform and how to succeed blogging there.

2. Publish0x

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic blogging platform that rewards both readers and writers with multiple tokens on its platform.

How it works

The platform maintains a central reward pool which is funded by the team with a portion of their profit as well as with tokens from their partners.

Every user on the platform is allocated a specific amount each day which they can use to tip their favourite authors while keeping a portion for themselves.

The user can choose to give the author up to 100% of the tip, the bare minimum of 20% or anything in between.

So your earnings depend on how much your readers find your articles interesting or useful. It also depends on how much of the tip they’re willing to share with you or keep for themselves.

The more readers you have the more your earnings will be as more people will be sharing a minimum of 20% of their tips with you.

More so, the fewer readers you have, the less your earnings will be, regardless of the quality of your content.

Advantages of Publish0x

  • Publish0x has a robust, feature-rich blogging platform with its advanced stats, multi-blog support, user verification tag, etc.
  • With its multiple tokens support, you automatically have a diversified portfolio with Publish0x.
  • The platform is simple to use, even for a beginner.
  • The team is friendly with great support.
  • Both readers and writers earn.
  • They host regular contests in which you can participate and win great prizes.

Publish0x drawbacks

  • Your earnings are held by Publis0x until you decide to withdraw them. If anything goes wrong with the platform, any unwithdrawn earnings could be lost.
  • You may find it hard to gain traction as a new user on the platform. You need to first build enough followers and readers as your earnings depend on them.
  • Users have a limit on how many times they can tip the same author in a day, regardless of the content. This further limits your potential earnings on the platform.
  • The earnings per post are not encouraging. Imagine earning $0.5 to $3 for a 1000 to 2000 words well-researched, quality article.

Check out my Publish0x Review for a deep dive into the platform, including ideas and strategies on how to maximise your earnings.

3. Blurt (BLURT)

Blurt is a blockchain-based, crypto-powered social media and blogging platform forked from Steemit in July 2020.

Unlike like Hive (also a fork of Steemit), Burt has failed to gain the support of the wider crypto community despite being the most healthy platform out of the three.

The tribalism, nepotism, and politics on Steemit and Hive are totally absent on Blurt. Plus the earnings are far better for both new and established accounts.

And that’s why I choose Blurt, over Steemit or Hive, even though the two are more mature and have a larger user base.

How it works

If you had a Steemit account prior to the fork in July 2020 you can login to Blurt with the same credentials.

Otherwise, you have to create a new account and pay a 50 BLURT or $3 (if u pay using another crypto or a bank card) new account creation fee.

Like every other blockchain-based blogging platform, everything you do on Blurt is happening directly and permanently on the blockchain.

Each post you publish on the platform charges a small fee in BLURT which is taken from your wallet balance. If you don’t have enough BLURT you can’t publish, edit, or comment on a post.

Furthermore, users on the platform can upvote (there’s no downvote like on Steemit and Hive), and you both earn BLURT for every upvote.

People who don’t like your content can simply decide not to upvote it instead of downvoting you into oblivion as they do on Hive and Steemit.

Advantages of Blurt

  • You’re almost guaranteed of earning some BLURT on every single post you publish.
  • The overall environment and user experience on Blurt are healthier compared to Steemit and Hive.
  • Earning on Blurt is better than on Steemit and Hive, especially for new writers.
  • The platform is simple and easy to use after you get over the account creation, keys management, etc.
  • The team and whales on Blurt are more friendly and accommodating.

Blurt drawbacks

  • There are not many active communities and tools like you have on Steemit and Hive. Development work is also slow.
  • Major exchanges have refused to recognise and list BLURT as they did with Hive.
  • The value of the BLURT coin is very low, liquidity is poor, and there’s very little trading volume.
  • Like every other blockchain-based social media and blogging platform, Blurt is more difficult to use compared to traditional platforms like and Publish0x.
  • The platform is not popular, and the user base and content quality are low.
  • There’s very little interaction or engagement on the platform compared to the others.
  • Your post would stop receiving upvotes or earnings after 7 days.

Check out my Blurt Review to learn more about the platform.

4. Hive (HIVE)

Hive is a fork of the Steemit blockchain which resulted from the controversial and hostile takeover of Steemit by Justin Sun and Tron in March 2020.

The fork was widely supported by the global community and quickly rose to become the most popular blockchain-based blogging.

Hive has been so successful that its native coin (HIVE) price and marketcap are 2x more valuable than Steemit’s STEEM.

Except for the downvote button, Hive works exactly the same way as Blurt discussed above.

Advantages of Hive

  • Absolutely transparent as everything happens directly on the blockchain for everyone to see.
  • The platform has a larger user base and community support, compared to Steemit and Blurt.
  • It has a wide array of tools and very active communities that make the platform lively.
  • Hive was widely supported by all exchanges that previously listed STEEM. The coin is available on the most popular exchanges.
  • There’re several communities on Hive with their own tokens which you can earn in addition to HIVE. Thus offering you multiple earning opportunities.

Hive drawbacks

  • Your activity on Hive is limited by the resource credits (RCs) given to you based on how much Hive Power you have.
  • Your articles stop earning after 7 days.
  • You can easily be downvoted (censored) into oblivion by whales if they don’t like you for whatever reason. And they’re abusing these powers.
  • The platform is getting saturated and it takes a lot of effort and time for a new account to gain traction, except if you catch the attention of or appeal to the interest of the whales.
  • There’s been so many complaints of strategic censorship, favouritism, nepotism, and other anti-social activities on the platform.
  • Using Hive or any other blockchain-based social media or blogging platform for that matter is complicated.

5. Steemit (STEEM)

Steemit is the first blockchain-based social media and blogging platform launched in July 2016 by Steemit Inc. —a company founded by Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer.

It works in the same way as Hive where users upvote or downvote your articles based on how much they like or dislike them.

Your earnings per post are accumulated and paid at the end of one week and that’s the end of it.

Advantages of Steemit

  • It has a strong network effect, so much so that despite all the controversies, the platform is still very active and strong.
  • Account creation is totally free and simpler than it is on both Blurt and Hive.
  • There’re lots of active communities to join and engage with.
  • STEEM has very strong support among the biggest exchanges, including Binance.
  • All transactions happen on-chain for everyone to see and verify.

Steemit drawbacks

  • They require your email address and phone number for registration to verify that you’re a real person with no alternative account creation process. This is against the idea of decentralisation and anonymity the platform is supposed to represent.
  • It’s hard to gain traction and earn anything meaningful as a new user on Steemit, except some whales support you earlier on with their upvotes.
  • Like every other blockchain-based blogging platform discussed here, Steemit can be considered fairly difficult to use, especially in regard to managing and safeguarding your account keys.
  • Your articles stop earning after 7 days.


I have used all these crypto blogging platforms and I can tell you that they’re the most popular ways to earn crypto for your articles.

Furthermore, you can repost your articles on all the platforms and earn from all of them using the same content.

What crypto blogging platform are you using to earn money with your content? Share with us in the comments section below.

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