Publish0x vs These 2 are all you need

Today’ we will compare Publish0x vs The only 2 blogging platforms that I am more present on.

I decided to start professional blogging in December 2019.

Yes, I know. I am still very new in the game. But I’m learning fast.

And Publish0x was the first platform I decided to start with, after weeks of researching.

I spent a lot of time researching and evaluating the existing platforms.

This is because I had specific needs, and I didn’t want to waste my time on a platform that can’t help me achieve my goals.

But this post isn’t about how and why I started my blogging journey.

So, let’s save that for another day and focus on today’s comparison of Publish0x vs

Publish0x Vs

I have written a comprehensive review of both Publish0x and

Click on the respective links above to read about what they are and how they work.

TL;DR: Publish0x and are both blogging platforms that pay you in crypto for writing and reading.

With definitions out of the way. Let’s dive into discussing their similarities and differences.

Publish0x vs Similarities

Both platforms are very similar in so many ways:

  1. Both pay you in crypto for writing
  2. Both pay you via “tips”
  3. Both do not have their own token
  4. Both are simple and easy to use
  5. Both have a pool of funds where tips are spent from
  6. Both teams are transparent and fair
  7. Both platform demand original and interesting contents
  8. Both allow members to tip each other
  9. Both have no corporate (head) office
  10. Both have no paywalls. Contents are free to access by all
  11. Both are centralized
  12. Both have upvote and downvotes
  13. I am on both of them. (You didn’t see that coming right)?

Publish0x vs Differences

Yes! Publish0x and have a lot of things in common. But they’re still very much different.

Their differences are not so much as in what they do, but in how they do what they do. As you will find out from the below differences:

1. Anonymous team

The team is completely anonymous.

Whereas, there’re known faces behind Publish0x.

2. Tipping token(s)

On, you’re paid with only Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Whereas on Publish0x you’re paid with Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens.

Publish0x adds and removes tipping tokens from time to time.

So the tokens you receive will change very often, as determined by the team and its partners.

But will always pay you in BCH.

As far as I know, they will not support any other cryptocurrency.

3. Funding

Both Publish0x and have a tipping pool.

But, these 2 pools get their funds in different ways.

The Publish0x tipping pool gets its funds from the team and partners whereas.

And the tipping pool gets its funds from BCH donors.

Anyone, including you, can donate BCH to the pool.

But Publish0x gets its tokens from different projects willing to partner with it or provided from the pocket of the team.

4. Earning

You earn on both platforms through tips on your posts. But the way the tips are dispensed is different.

On Publish0x, all members of the platform have a limited number of tips per day.

You can only give 10 tips per day, after which you need to wait till the next day to continue tipping.

And you need to wait for ten minutes between the tips.

So if you tip me right now, you have to wait for ten minutes before you’re able to give another tip to another author.

Or wait for one hour, to be able to tip another of my post.

And that’s the only way authors get paid for their content.

But, on, you earn in 3 ways:

i. TheRandomRewarder bot

This is a bot that reads all articles on the platform.

And it tips the ones it finds to be original and interesting.

This bot has $500 to share among all interesting posts per day.

The more interesting your post, the more it tips you.

ii. Users.

Users on the platform can tip other members from their own account and with their own BCH.

You can fund your wallet with BCH or USD to tip your favourite authors.

Or tip them from your earnings on the platform, if you have accumulated some BCH already.

iii. Sponsors.

Users on can choose to sponsor other users with a fixed monthly amount.

For this, they get their name and logo displayed under the post of all the authors they sponsor.

You’re doing this with your own BCH from your account.

To make anything tangible on Publish0x, you need a good number of readers.

And this will take some time for you to do.

But on, you can earn even more than a user with thousands of followers if your content is better.

It took me months to make my first $5 per post on Publish0x but I made that same amount on my first post on

It took me a year to make my first $10 per post, I did that in one month on

But note: The quality of my writing was better when I joined than when I started on Publish0x.

Also, anybody can tip any other member’s comment on (the bot doesn’t tip comments though). 

But you can’t tip comments on Publish0x.

5. Post promotions (boosting) allows you to boost any of your posts in other to gain more views.

You can’t do this on Publish0x (yet).

6. Topic

You can write on any topic of your choice on both platforms. But Publish0x is more of crypto.

Non-crypto contents don’t do well on Publish0x. Because most of the people there are crypto enthusiasts.

And since the tips come from your readers and you have a small community of non-crypto readers, you wouldn’t earn much for your non-crypto content.

But on, you can write on any topic (even fishery) and you will earn as much as any other type of content.

This is because the tips come from the bot mentioned above who doesn’t care about topics.

It rewards any post that it finds original and interesting, regardless of the topic.

Plus the community is more diverse.

7. Payment schedule 

Publish0x payout once every month. But on, you can withdraw your earnings anytime you like.

You can even withdraw several times in a day if that makes you happy.

On both platforms, you have to manually request withdrawals.

But one interesting fact is that on, your earnings are actually going into your wallet.

You can choose to export your wallet into any normal BCH wallet and spend your funds from there.

And without having to do any manual withdrawals.

8. Features and functionalities

Publish0x has more features and functionalities than

For example:

  • Your favourite dark theme on Publish0x is not available on
  • You can’t create multiple blogs on from the same account as you can on Publish0x.
  • Your personal statistics page on Publish0x is missing on
  • You can see the people you follow and those following you on Publish0x. You can’t see them on You will only see the number of people following you but not the people.
  • You can join and post to communities on There’re no communities to join on Publish0x.
  • You can write long or short posts (like a tweet) on Publish0x is for full articles.
  • Your account is your wallet. Your Publish0x account is not a wallet. You have to give them a wallet address from an external wallet and request that your earnings be sent there.
  • You can report or delete any comments on your post on Publish0x. But on, you can only report and the content will be marked spam but stays there.


Even from looking at the two websites, Publish0x looks more advanced and superior to

But it’s also older than by 2 years or thereabout.

9. Who can write?

To become an author on Publish0x, you have to apply and be approved or rejected.

If you’re approved, then you can start writing.

But on anyone can register and start publishing immediately.

Everybody is a reader and writer on

More so, you can lose your authorship on Publish0x if you’re found to be constantly violating the platform rules.

But on, the bot will put you in its blacklist and you’re as good as non-existent.

I guess “all die is die”.

10. Who can earn?

Publish0x pays both readers and writers.

But rewards only writers.

11. Userbase

Publish0x has 5 times the number of registered users on

As the time of writing this post, Publish0x has 207, 404 registered users.

Compare that with‘s 44,879 and you will know that they’re not mate.


I have used some other blogging platforms like Uptrennd, blurt, Steemit, Hive, etc.

But I find Publish0x and to be worth more of my time.

More so, I prefer to focus on a few platforms that I can build a good following on rather than spam my content everywhere.

Which, should you use?

Did you need to ask that question?

Use both.

But one thing you must keep in mind is that most of your earnings on will be coming from the bot.

And if you publish content that’s already elsewhere on the internet it will not tip you.

You should publish first on and then republish on other platforms or your own blog after a day or more.

But Publish0x doesn’t have that problem.

You can republish your article from other websites as long as it’s your own original work.

And if it’s interesting and valuable, you have an equal chance of earning with it.

My favourite? I love and respect both equally.

My earnings on both are now on par and both teams are great.

Except that has a close to non-existent support.

They hardly reply to emails. And email is the only way to reach them.

But since everything seem automated there, and your earnings are in your wallet rather than with the team, there’s hardly any reason to want to contact them.

If the bot blacklists you, just go and create another account and try to respect yourself.

There’s nothing you or anyone can do to get yourself in the bot’s good books after it marks you bad.


That’s that about Publish0x vs

Are you on these 2 platforms? Which is your favourite and why? Share with us in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Publish0x vs These 2 are all you need”

  1. Hmmmm I love both of them read. cash and Publish0x.

    You clearly explained both their features. But I started real earnings on a platform onnread. cash.

    It’s like my first love. And I’m so glad that I was accepted too eventhough I’m not a real writer but loves to write and read.

    When I write I always publish it first on read. cash then on Publish0x. I can’t leave them both or choose. I respect both rules and platform.

    But it’s up for our dear readers what would they will choose best or you can have both yeah. On read. cash I was put on spam for a almost one month I emailed them and true there is no reply.

    But I did not quit and I don’t like to use or create another account. I want that account tip or no tip.

    As for Publish0x I’m earning a little and going smoothly there eventhough my topic is not all about crypto. So I’m using both platforms and happy with it☺️

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